Tuesday, December 10, 2013


One of the original members of the Wonder Girls, Sohee is choosing not to renew her contract with JYP. It seems that Sohee wants to focus more on her acting career and was spotted going to an acting agency. Sohee was not known for her singing or dancing, but rather for her witty personality and unique looks. After receiving praises from her short drama that aired a couple months ago, Sohee is planning to make it her full time career. 
We all know that the Wonder Girls' career has been on a downfall ever since JYP shipped them off to America. They were the number 1 girl group in Korea and now SNSD has taken their spot. On top of that, Sunye just got married and had her baby girl. There is nothing left to the Wonder Girls now...

Sunye, Yenny and Yubin have agreed to renew their contracts since their contracts end at the beginning of January 2014 but, they're still holding on. For what??? We don't know...And no word on Lim.

So are the Wonder Girls over??
Is Kara next as well??
The 2007 debut of girl groups are slowing coming to an end with only SNSD remaining...

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