Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'First Love' Lee Hi Part 2 Album Review

The last part of the album has been released and the music video for the title song will be out later on tonight. AMAZING ALBUMMMMMMMMM

Rose: This is the title song this time around's completely different from what she's been singing before. The actual lyrics and composition itself is sad and ballad like and AMAZING, but the upbeat pop instrumental doesn't necessarily fit together. But after listening to it a 2nd time I like it! I like it more than 'It's Over'...I think I see why they split the album up because this is a completely different vibe than the other album, but it still works for her. YG wants to show her versatility and showcase that she's not just a r&b/jazz singer however she sounds stronger on those type of songs.
This music video is PURE ART, it is amazing, beautiful, it can be interpreted in many ways. I like how they really make her a rose that's dangerous because roses do have thorns, I like this analogy. I love how they made her a wolf and everyone is hunting her down. I love the dancers surrounding her and the blood and roses, it's hauntingly beautiful. Once again YG proves it's supreme.
Fool: We return to the old school r&b/jazz vibe for Lee Hi, this song is amazing. Flawless, enough said. I just hate that they stacked her voice, not everyone sounds good on that that but her harmonies are everything. Love the song, so chill and laid back. When she sings in the upper register she doesn't overbear us with it. Very subtle. Love it.

Because: I love how she starts off the song with just her voice, then they add the piano, then guitar, then other sounds. It's so freaking perfect.

I'm Weird: Such a cute title, the song is perfect, subtle, acoustic and chill. It's just Lee Hi and her voice without all the extra sounds with this part of the album. It's great.

This album as a amazing. It's the best thing from YG since Gummy in terms of r& I'm amazed. I was worried after seeing the list of producers that they would make it sound too modern, but I'm glad they kept it very balanced. It's r&b/jazz/pop/ballad and it works perfectly. I love this album and I love her voice, absolutely flawless but I'm worried about her age. She has the voice of someone way older but she's 16, she doesn't have much experience so the lyrics would be empty since she's singing about love and all. But she pulls it off with emotions. She's not an amazing singer, but she can only grow from here. I can't wait to hear more from her!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'New Challenge' Infinite Mini Album Review

Infinite's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk T___T I love them soooo much but I think their comeback was too soon. I'm STILL jamming to The Chaser and Infinite H's stuff soooo it's nice that they're coming back but I needed a longer break from them haha. And it doesn't help that they went back to their lighter fluffy cutesy image again. I DON'T WANT IT!! Even though 'Nothing's Over' was great...I...didn' it haha. Anyways...
Welcome To Our Dream (Intro): I've always LOVED Infinite intros...but this...doesn't...It's just carnival, Disney World Kingdom Hearts music lol...It doesn't set the tone for the album unless it's about carnival music which it isn't so.....I could do without this.
Man In Love: Of course I was expecting the 80's synthesizer theme because that's what they're best at...but...this song seems kind of recycled. Every Infinite title song always had something new to the genre and kept me interested. But this song...just doesn't do it for me. The instrumental is good and I like it, but it's kind of getting repetitive for me...They do amazing with this genre and they shouldn't change but it feels kind of bleh to me...I LOVEDDDDDDDDD 'The Chaser' and everything else they've done...but I'm not feeling it. But it's a good song, however I'm not a fan of  some of the members singing so high, particularly L and others like I prefer them to sing low...but other than that the song is great! I just don't care for it...
It's cute, super bright hahaha creative and not creative at the same time hahaha. BRIGHT haha. I could do without the last 2 minutes of the video though because they just replayed the song hahaha. But nice, love the choreo as usual.
As Good As It Gets: Continuing with the light hearted upbeat pop music, I enjoy this song though, I really like the composition of it during the chorus. It's different and I love the background music love it. I ALWAYS love the raps in Infinite like it's not so random and weird, Hoya and Dongwoo always pull off the vibe perfectly even though the song it so upbeat and pop haha. But I do like this song, it's fun and cute!!
Still I Miss You: Sooooooooooooo soothing and chilllllllllll. Perfect!!! Their voices mesh so great and I love their harmonies!!! It doesn't have all that noise at the beginning you just hear their voices and I love it. I do think Woohyun's voice was a bit overbearing given the vibe of the song during the chorus, too emotional hahaha, but other than that it's perfect. I love Sujong's voice he offers the lightness compared to the other members and his voice fits perfectly for this.
Beautiful: Upbeat 80's pop hahaha, Woohyun composed it and this is his first time so kudos to him, the song isn't bad. More soothing music but upbeat compared to the previous song. Not bad!!
60 Seconds: All of the 7 members for Sunggyu's solo haha. It's nice that they did this however it's to be expected. They've done this switch before but it's fine. I prefer only Sunggyu though, I liked Woohyun's added emotion to it but the other members didn't add much to it. But nice.
Inconvenient Truth: Omggggggggeeee they purposefully went for the 80's for this song because it just screams 80's pop, it's almost overbearing but the song is amazingly put together I can't hate it hahaha. It's a great song and sooo upbeat and catchy.

Honestly this is my least favorite Infinite album and title song. I feel like they went overboard with the 80's theme this time or maybe it's just me getting tired of them recycling themes haha. It is a good album however, Infinite continues to comeback with a different sound for kpop even though it is 80's pop. I can understand their growing popularity because their music makes you reminiscence about the 80's and that's great! They offer something different to the kpop world each time...But I'm starting to feel recycled stuff although it's not bad!! Don't hate me!!! I love Infinite I really freaking do, but this album just doesn't do it for me. I don't feel anything like I normally do with with their music, their last mini album was gold haha.
BUT this is Spring Time!! Their album fits perfectly with the season so I can understand why they came out now and with this bright concept, but hopefully maybe at the end of the year or something they can give me dark/emotional Infinite back.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"2nd Evolution" Mini album Evol Review

Evol are back!!!! My 2nd favorite female rookie group of 2012 was Evol and even though their company is having some major problems with Block B, the CEO was able to give them a 2nd chance at making a comeback. If you don't know who they are, they are the sister group to Block B, what 2ne1 used to be like when they first debuted only Evol is more edgier. Now they are back with their 2nd mini album and I'm sure it will impress just like their 1st album did!!
Get Up: Ummmm apparently this is for real the title's soooo short. It seems more like an intro because it does not have much appeal for a title song. It's repetitive not striking chorus although it is catchy...but it's missing the rest of the song...I like it...but it could've been more!! And they definitely won't chart with this song for sure!!
I like the video but it felt cheap because there was nothing to it, although I like that they are pushing Jucy and J-Da more! But like I said everything was lacking big time!!!
Love: A more calmer low key song but still upbeat. Nice and pop with a touch of hip hop in it. But nothing all that amazing like their first mini album was...Stardom...what happened???!!!

I'm so freaking disappointed Stardom!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Life' Mini Album Heo Young Saeng Review

I always try to keep up with all of the members from SS501 just because you never know what good material they have. I'm a fan of all of their music and I have all of their solo works when they first went solo. The 2nd time around some disappointed me and didn't live up their their first works. But I've decided to especially give Young Saeng another chance mainly because I think he can redeem himself after his 2nd solo mini album. I will forever jam 'Out The Club' lmao
Life: Pop upbeat, I think it serves as a great starter for the album. I like the instrumental and the sounds going on, I like the guitar riff repetition, I think his voice is a little to high during the verses but he sounds perfect in the chorus. His amazing vocal skills help alot with this song because the song is not THAT interesting but he makes it work. I like the way he stacks and his voice and harmonizes with himself and his falsetto is great. I like the composition of it and I like the random change and the drum beats accompanying it. I don't think is supposed to be all that GREAT because it's meant to just be a starter and introducing the album even if it isn't an actual 1 minute long intro. Great song but it's not amazing...
The Art of Seduction: At first I wasn't feeling the song...BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD!! It has that 80's disco modern kpop, Justin Timberlake vocal arrangements feel to it. It's great!! Fun and catchy! Very catchy actually haha. I can jam to it, doesn't beat 'Out The Club' but it's good too!
I love the video, it does the opposite of what the song is about, the girl does what any logical fangirl would do if her number 1 oppa showed up at her house. Haha, it's cute and quirky, I love the choreo, I love that Young Saeng is trying the role of the playboy even though it doesn't suit him and us SS501 fans know that but he does have his sexy moments. MMM. 
That's Me: The minute it started I fell in love, a mid-tempo ballad with pop/r&b Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake vibes here. Very chill, his voice is amazing with these types of songs because that's what his voice is made for. He excels in ballads and slower songs because he has amazing vocal talent and I love his falsetto!! Love the song, very lowkey and relaxing. I'm imagining being on the beach with my man( I don't have a man T__T) on a hammock swaying during the sunset. It's that type of song. It's so good!! Love that a song can give me imagery. Great job!!
I Know All: I knew that he would close the album off with an upbeat pop song, it's fun but not as great as the other songs, it's the weakest song off the album but his voice is great!!

Overall, I love this mini album, it's really good and I know you fans of him will love this. I love it better than his other stuff but like I said 'Out the Club' is my ultimate jam and nothing shall replace it lmao. I think it's safe to say that Young Saeng doesn't have much of a clear presence as a solo artist with pop. He's good don't get me wrong, I think he's best at ballads and if he attempted that genre as a solo, he would do really good!! Same with some of the other members of SS501 except a few of them...particularly Kim Hyun Joong, I ALWAYS anticipate his stuff but the other members have good albums too. I just can't wait for them to return as 5 again after the military services...I'm ready now.
But this is a great album!!

'Expectation' Girl's Day First Album Review

I've always had my eye on Girl's Day ever since 'Nothing Lasts' came out and I've liked a few of their songs here and there, but since there's a lot of hype about the album and their sound/concept change I've decided to review their first album!!
Girl's Day World (Intro): Ayeee, you can twerk to it!! The intro definitely sets the tone for the album especially with the sexiness theme. They seem to be pushing sexy and maturity this time around to hopefully get more attention. I like the intro, I'm always game for a little twerking in the kpop world so kudos to this intro. It's really good!!!!
Expectation: Unfortunately I read Allkpop's review of the song so I already had a pre-conceived notion of what the song would sound like...and it definitely had Nicki Minaj's 'Pound The Alarm' and there...Luckily it's not redundant so you can't yell out PLAGIARISM but it almost made me want to cut the song off. I listen to 'Pound the Alarm' almost daily so this song did kind of turn me off. The instrumental however is really good, very westernized BUT they didn't deliver for me. It has ALOT of potential, the instrumental is really good, but because it's not special and because this genre is overplayed all around the world, it's a let down..They don't deliver. The song isn't very memorable but it is good even for
Typical video, nothing to it. The choreo is REALLY sexy, they have definitely upped their game for attention, I like it, but there's nothing special. Bland song, bland music video.
I Don't Mind: They slow it wayyyyyyyyyy down, it's a little r&b ballad, very sultry. Their soft voices are great it's a really good song!!!
Easy Go: I could do without the intro, it sounds really basic but the 'Easy Go' repetition makes it catchy, I love the guitar thing going on with the voices but their voices don't fit it, they sound off. It doesn't match with the instrumental. It's quite weak, it's a song that could've been kept in the vault. It's fun and catchy but very weak and basic, even with the lyrics. I only really like the instrumental...Whoever produced and composed this should be fired because the lyrics and their voices don't fit this...just....they sound all over the place and WEAK.
Don't Trust Her: I can't review this song because it's not out yet...
White Day: It's a nice soft pop song that was released a couple of weeks ago, but today is White Day in Korea!!! Cute!!! I wish we had something like that here in America but Valentine's Day works both ways for us. White Day in Korea is when the guys give the girls chocolate and gifts where as for Valentine's Day only the girl gives candy. This song fits the mood, it's cute and soft!
Cute, pretty, nice video and fitting!
Oh Great: Once again I can do without the English intro, they return back to their cutesy selves which they've been pushing for a couple of years. It's alright, just cutesy and upbeat and pop. Typical Girl's Day song...I like the music break electro thing during the rapping part, but that's it only because it offered something different...I honestly would've preferred that actually...

The rest of the songs are their old songs from years back excluding Nothing Last and that other irrelevant song they debuted with lol

Overall this album...yea...I don't care too much for it, it's weak, nothing memorable. If you're a fan of them, cool this album is great for you I guess. I don't understand how they would push the sexy concept and everything but then the majority of the songs on the album are TONED DOWN AND POP. The only song I honestly love is the freaking should tell you something...I don't think that's ever happened to me only like the intro song and not care for everything else on the album...I thought the 'I Don't Mind' was really good but not amazing. I keep hoping that Girl's Day would give me something like 'Nothing Lasts' and 'Twinkle Twinkle' but everything after that has just been...meh. Their other title songs are decent, they just don't appeal to me. But if you love Girl's Day, this album is for you!! There were alot of expectations...ha...but they didn't deliver on everything...just the title song...

'Beautiful Kisses" G.Na Mini Album Review

The beautiful songstress of Cube is back with an even more sexier and mature concept with the title song 'Oops'. Hopefully this mini album gives me more than the album she came out with last year...
Oops ft Ilhoon of BtoB: This song is more of a duet with Ilhoon because we hear him alot along with G.Na. His adlibs were a tad bit annoying, I prefer that he do his rap and them move on. I LUH HIM, but come on...this is G.Na's song. As for the actual song, I like it alot!! At first I didn't care for the chorus but the repetition for "oops oops oops oops oops" made it really catchy!! The song isn't amazing and it doesn't do anything for me, but it's a nice chill pop song, not so in your face as 2Hot was.
The video is really pretty, I like the all white and bright backgrounds and the pink curtain silhouette but I could do without the story line. I was fine with the choreo and what not, but the storyline is a little confusing with the whole cat thing. I like the little pop it twerk choreo, even though G.Na doesn't have anything down there to show off, the choreo is def sexy! Decent song decent video.
Mind Sync ft Huh Gak: Once again the person that is featuring starts the song off instead of G.Na!! Anyways I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Huh Gak and it still shocks me that he's apart of Cube!! But the song is good and chill pop/r&b midtempo ballad. The transition into this song fits since "Oops" wasn't all that upbeat. I'm not that big of a fan of G.Na's nasally voice in her lower register. I love it when she belts and sings higher which she hasn't been giving us in a while...But the song is decent, I love Huh Gak!!
Oh, Good: We pick things up here, upbeat pop, it sounds like a typical title song from G.Na, it reminds me kind of of "Black and White". The song is cute and decent, I like the lyrics!
First Kiss: Softer and slower pop a little mid-tempo, her voice sounds good here!! I love it when her voice isn't so nasally it's annoying. With this song it shows off her vocal ability again that I was afraid she was losing...
Hate It, Can't Stand It: Her voice sounds amazing on this song!! It's a ballad and it's soft and she coos along up until the chorus with the climax and brings out her voice and let's go of that nasally voice. I love this song and she sounds amazing!!!

I'm not a huge fan of G.Na I just always loved 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live' when she first debuted because she always brought a western feel to her songs which set her apart from other solo artists with pop in Korea and she has a great voice! But ever since then, I've slowly lost interest in her and she has continued to disappoint me ever since. I continue to hold on hoping that she will return to that first style but now she doesn't offer me anything. Granted, I really do like "Oops" but it's not strong enough to love her. The mini album is consistent and it's better than what she has released previously. For fans of G.Na I'm sure you will love this album but her vocals and albums haven't touched me or done anything musically for me...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ladies' Code

Listen to their mini album. Seriously. They are VERY talented!! I normally don't pay attention to rookies because of the influx of them for the past 2 years in the kpop world. But after the hype for this particular group, I watched their 'Bad Girl' video and fell in like with them...then I listened to their album, I fell in love with them. They have AMAZING vocals, and their dancing skills aren't bad at all.
I will continue to follow them and hope for their success so they can stand out from the other kpop artists!!

Listen to their album it's really good!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Collage" 3rd Album U-Kiss Review

U-KISS is back again!!!! Hopefully this time they will get recognized and win an award or something, but they keep coming out AT THE WRONG TIME!!! Seriously!
Step by Step (Intro): Dubstep intro, kind of useless 
Standing Still: Their title song and....IT IS THE BEST U-KISS SONG EVERRRRRRRRRRRR, it's is AMAZINGGGGG. It's not the typical pop song they usually do, it's different!! It's pop with guitar melodies and it's just AMAZING!!! It's GREATTTTTTTTTTTT. Seriously, I am VERY impressed with this song, it's REALLY FREAKING GOOD!!
Nice choreo, I could do without the eye makeup, brings back horrid memories lol.
Can't Breathe: The goodness continues, but they went back to the pop, electronic sound they normally produce. It's good, not my favorite and kind of a let down compared to just listening to the previous song, but it's REALLY good, just not ipod worthy on my ipod haha.
Missing You: I'm glad that Kevin no longer has that childish, teenage voice, like he can hold his ground with  Hoon and Soohyun. I love the harmony here, it's chill and but still uptempo, but a change a vibe compared to what we've been hearing.

Bad Person: I love their acapella beginning, a midtempo r&b/pop song. I love the start and stop to the chorus, it offers something different in terms of composition. The song is really good!!!!!

More Painful Than Pain: This is a duet between Soohyun and Hoon which I ALWAYS look to, the main vocalist of the group. It's a ballad of course and their voices are AMAZING, I wouldn't expect anything less. Great singer I LOVE their voices and they fit each other so well.

My Reason: This is Kevin's solo!!! He still has a youthfulness to his voice but he has improved SO MUCH since he debuted, he always had nice vocals, but now he's REALLY GOOD!! This is also a ballad and it's nice!

Party All The Time: Rappers duet between AJ and Eli minus Dongho though hahaha. Their vocals are decent too with AJ singing to match Eli but the song is kind of weak and the chorus is weak too haha. But it's  a fun get drunk party all the time song hahaha.

Sweety Girl: I hate the name that is NOT word so I don't know why Koreans use it in their songs but APART FROM THAT, the song is cute and fun. I like it! Their voices are chill but the song is very upbeat so I can't feel it all that much, I need more life in their vocals for this song but other than that it's a nice song.

Cause I Love You: I like the song, it's good! I love the composition of it!! They sound really good and lowkey and the rapping is really good!! Good song!

Overall: This is the best U-KISS has ever sounded, this is their best album and the best title song would def go to 'Standing Still' I'm not a huge U-Kiss fan but sometimes they have some really good songs! But for you die hard U-Kiss fans this is a great album and their best!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

'First Love Part 1' Lee Hi Album Review

Yasssss!!! My new Queen is back!!!!!!! And her album is GREATT!!!!
Turn It Up (Intro): I reviewed this earlier and I loved it.
Special ft Jennie Kim: The song was great, Lee Hi sounded amazing it's r&b I LOVEEEEEEEEE ITT I can bop to it in the car LOVE IT. But I could do without Jennie. In my opinion she didn't have any feeling and it was so random. She didn't give me anything. She needs more practice, and I'm tired of YG constantly focusing on her instead of the other members. Why not used Minzy?!! Other than that GREAT SONG!!!!!!

It's Over: The title song for this part of the album and she sounds 
AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. She's improved since the Kpop Star days, she has better control. I love the jazzy pop feel to this, it's different from the Kpop nowadays, it's refreshing. And I already know it's going to be a hit because this style appeals more to the older crowd, but it's really catchy too!! LOVEEEEE IT!!!
SOOOOOOO CUTE AND FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's more age appropriate compared to the other video. She has EXPRESSIONS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the little G-dragon reference!! Cute!!!!
One-Sided Love: AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Not a single flaw with this song. Sister Lee Hi took us home!!!! Jazz and r&b it was PERFECTION.
Dream: A ballad!! Beautiful voice!!! She has improved so much and just!!!! LOVE HER!!!

Overall: AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I could do without Jennie Kim but this is AMAZING!!! I can't wait for the rest of the album!! Tablo, Lydia Paek, Kush and Teddy are the dream team. PERFECT MATCH. LISTEN TO THIS FREAKING ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

'Affirmative Chapter 1' D-Unit 2nd Album Part 1

I'm so glad that they're back!!! My favorite female rookie group of 2012 is back but this time with the added member Janey from GP Basic. My anticipation for the album fell DRASTICALLY when I found that out but I think my opinion of her has changed now.
Live Until The End: This track was pre-released a couple weeks back and I was IN LOVE with it then and I'm in LOVE with it now. Zico produced this song and it's AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Great way to start the album it's AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I freaking love it!!!
Talk To My Face: This is the title song and it's more cutesy and upbeat compared to what they've always done. I don't really like Ujin's upper register here, same with Ram but I really liked Zin (she's my favorite) and Jney surprised me!! She doesn't have that squeakiness in her voice anymore and she's definitely improved! Her rapping is good and her low voice adds more color to the group however her age still bothers me. She can't relate to any of the songs, the youngest member Zin is the same age as me 20 so it worked. But throwing her in there just...makes it weird. And she barely got any lines in this song!! But you can tell that they need to appeal more compared to their other stuff so this song is really good, I don't love it but it has appeal and could get them attention!!
I love the choreo!! As usual haha. They've switched it up they have colors!! However, they still kept their style so even though it's not so hip-hop and grundgey it still looks cool. Love the choreo!!! JNEY barely got screen time...
Lockdown: I like the instrumental alot!!! But the chorus is too cutesy and shit hahaha. I could do without it. But I love Zin's voice, she's getting more shine this time around!! I can hear a little bit of JNEY in the chorus too! The song is ok, not my favorite.
Alone: More slower, this song is mid-tempo, I can feel the sadness, they sound really good but I absolutely HATE Ram's upper register!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so sqeaky and high it's ANNOYINGGGGGGG. She can sing really good I just hate her VOICE. It's so weird because when she speaks in her normal tone, her voice is soooooo deep, I don't understand. Anyways good song!!
Sleeping In pt 2 ft Taewan: This was released a couple of months ago which was completely unnecessary because they weren't promoting it or anything. Part 1 was on their first album and I kind of prefer it over this newer version although I like the instrumental. But apart from that it's a GREAT song!!
Scarecrow: I actually really like this song because it's different from what we normally hear from them but I love the instrumental because of the sadness and mid-tempo of it. Zin is a really good singer and she offers more than the sounds of Ram's squeaky high register. I mean Zin is really good and her voice stands out from the others.
Luv Me: I reviewed this when it came out and I love it!

Overall: JNEY isn't really relevant for this album, all of that media play for her being added to the group was unnecessary...did she even take part in the album??? Because a couple of these songs were made months ago...And then with the songs she is featured in she gets like a line...I think she was added last minute last minute for real...A part from that part 1 of the album is decent, nothing really stands out that much except for the Stay Alive song and perhaps their title song. All this hype with Zico and Jney was unnecessary but Zico is a good producer!!! I wish there was some hope for Block B...
Anyways, decent start, I want more from part 2 though because I'm not as impressed compared to their 1st album.

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