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CCM Entertainment and Bullies

It seems that the company is actually filled with bullies apart from the CEO. Rookie group that probably is never gonna come back 5Dolls from CO-ED, has also experienced bullies. Apparently Soomie or however, left the group because she was bullied. Hmmm. And now, people are telling me that there has ALWAYS been a bad riff between Hwayoung and the other members. There has been jealousy amongst them because Hwayoung was the first member to be chosen. I don't know if that's true but if so, those other girls should've stepped their cookies up! Step ya game up! Although, I don't see how they could be jealous because the ones that get the most screen time is Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, then Hwayoung and so on. I don't even know who the others are. I could see if Qri or Soyeon had a problem. So, it seems this company is filled with bullies. I know that everyone cannot live together in harmony. Females can and will act like bitches. However, if you have a problem, sort it out! I don't get how you could live with someone for so long and keep all that tension inside.

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Allkpop's Article About the Hwayoung Issue!

Allkpop recently posted an article about a bunch of silly rumors regarding T-ara. If you haven't seen the article, I'll sum it up. Remember the nip slip incident? Apparently that was a publicity stunt. Why? Because former idol group SeeYa also had a nip slip but as you can see, that group no longer exists. Now, Allkpop put two and two together. According to foolishness, Hwayoung was told to do it. CCM Entertainment is the only company to do nip slips. Coincidence? Maybe, but there is some truth to that. Allkpop says that since Hwayoung agreed to sell her soul, issues began there and that's when Boram unfollowed Hwayoung. Ok. So then, Allkpop brought up Jiyeon's strip cam incident. I didn't know about this. Apparently, CCM leaked it and then removed it as a way to teach her lesson. They will ruin you completely. So perhaps Jiyeon is going home too. Doubt it. Mind you, this is all stuff Allkpop probably got from tumblr so just take this as a grain of salt. Or maybe there's some truth to it. I find it interesting that CCM is the only company to have nip slip incidents. But as I recall myself, I don't remember any members sticking up for her during that time. It was just swept under the rug. And about Jiyeon's strip cam??? What type of foolishness is that? I'm seriously upset with the CEO. He is almost as bad as Open World's CEO. What a douchebag. At the end of the day, it's all about YG. Let's just wait for the announcement then we can speculate on foolish rumors.

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More Updates on the Hwayoung vs T-ara Issue

This is outta hand lol.

But, this has been brewing for some time because during the Idol Olympics, the members wouldn't talk to Hwayoung, she had to talk to other groups. 0__________0 woah. Not even your own group will talk to you, like outcasted. Damn. That's sad. The Olympics were filmed a couple of weeks ago.

Also, it seems that it's somewhat been confirmed that she's left the group. NO OFFICIAL SOURCE YET, but according to my sources and I'm not official, she's left the group. But like I said, if we just wait a couple of more hours, it will be officially announced that she's left the group.

Update for the Hwayoung vs T-ara Issue!!

Hyomin has changer her profile pic to a sunset -____- and Boram isn't or probably never was following Hwayoung on Twitter, but Hwayoung is following her. Coincidence??? I think not.

Honestly, this drama is childish and entertaining. This is first time since I've been into Kpop that I've seen something like this unfold!!! Everyone is shown this image that girl and boy groups get along when in reality, it's fake. Just like the Disney Channel Stars(old). They put on this front like it's real but behind closed doors, it's ugly!

It's becoming more and more evident that Hwayoung has been bullied into either announcing herself that she's withdrawing from the group or the CEO is cutting the strings. We shall find out tomorrow!!


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The Hwayoung vs T-ara Issue!

If you haven't already heard, shit is about to go down with Hwayoung vs T-ara vs CCM Entertainment. If you don't know, then here's the story:
During T-ara's first Japanese concert at Budokan(which is amazing, Budokan means you're almost big time) Hwayoung, the rapper of T-ara was in a wheelchair. She hurt her leg or something so at least she was able to be on stage. I don't know when the accident happened but everyone in the group had to quickly get it together and change formations and what not before the concert. I can understand how tacky that would look, performing in a wheel chair while everyone else is doing their thing. Honestly, they should've blinged out that chair and created a special chair for the stage or SOMETHING lol. But, it's not her fault you get hurt. If you're dancing and giving it your all, of course there are injuries! That's inevitable!
Anyways, immediately after the concert, the members of T-ara started tweeting about determination and something like that. Nothing mean or bad, just tweeting about determination. Well it's been retweeted and members started adding to it and then Hwayoung responds. It's something different, but not bad though. However, it does appear that it's become T-ara vs Hwayoung. Also, her twin sister from CO-ED/5Dolls stepped in for Hwayoung. So it actually kinda looks like the members are bullying Hwayoung. Now, when I saw the article on Allkpop, I was like, this CLEARLY isn't a fight or whatever, it's stupid. Yes members fight, but whatever.
Then, more is revealed, when it's announced that the CEO will make a major announcement in a couple days. 0.o, oh?????????? Whatever could that mean lol. Everyone in the Kpop world knows that shit is about to go down when a CEO makes announcement, good AND bad. So that's when it becomes evident that there's gonna be some member changes because clearly it's not gonna be a comeback lol.

And THEN, another article came out via Allkpop(we can only take things like a grain of salt with them) that Hyomin, uploaded her profile pic that says, 'There's a reason for everything' 0.o oh??? So it's pretty much evident that Hwayoung's leaving. No doubt now.

At first it didn't seem like a big deal, but put the pieces together people!!! Earlier this year, CCM decided to add 2 more irrelevant girls to the group. And why. Like every promotion period, there's new members coming in and old members going out. For no reason. And then, I find this extremely dumb, every year a new person becomes a leader............why. If someone CLEARLY doesn't have leadership skills, why would you make them a leader. I'm sorry, but everyone is not meant to be a leader. Some could be bitches, some could be wimps, some could be leaders. So I'm sure there's always been bickering in T-ara. And also, people seriously only know 3 members in that group, therefore, vicious competition. So, I already knew, that someone was gonna leave, when they announced 2 more members would join. That's how it is, get rid of 2, add 2 more.

I actually like Hwayoung, I don't think she deserves to be bullied but then again we don't know the situation for what goes on behind closed doors. I just don't understand how this could happen out of nowhere. Like could her being in a wheelchair really upset the other members that much? It seems like there was an argument building up and they took to twitter to send subliminal messages. Not cool.

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BoA 'The One' 7th Album

The Queen of Kpop is back!!!! Seriously, she's the Queen of Kpop! She's started it all, the first to lead the Hallyu wave, the first to be extremely successful in Korea AND Japan! Since her last album in 2010, BoA's been on hiatus but now she's back! YAY!!!!
Only One: This is a soft ballad and it's pretty good, not gonna lie! I was expecting for her lead single to be more upbeat, but she might promote multiple songs like she did in 2010. But the song is nice. She has 2 different music videos, the Dance Version WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and the drama version featuring one of my baby's daddys Yoo Ah In. Check 'em both out:

The Shadow: This is a pop, sort of dark and mysterious, sexy song. It sounds like something Michael Jackson would do!! It's really good!!! She's improved so much vocally, this is the best she's ever been.
네모난 바퀴(Hope) Square Wheels: It has a Kelly Clarkson vibe to it! It's really good, a ballad, her voice sounds realllly good in those high notes. Also, her low notes are pretty solid too. But this has a Michael Jackson/Kelly Clarkson vibe. Does this make sense lol.
Not Over u: This has like 4 different songs in one, a typical SM hybrid BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD! It starts off with an acoustic sound with the guitar, add in the upbeat background, but when she gets to the chorus, it has the electronic build up. IT'S AWESOME! All the while, she still stays in the ballad, crying vibe. Really good! Who produced and composed this it's awesome! Did BoA compose everything on this album?? Leave a comment and let me know!
The Top: This is like a back in the day pop song. Like end of 90's early 2000 era but still has a modern twist to it. It's ok, the chorus is really good, but what makes this song is when she raps. Or rather just speaks the part hahahaha. I like how in kpop, you have actual RAPPERS, and then you have people that are selected to be the rapper in the group because you can't sing all that well, or you have people that just speak their part. Rapping isn't for everyone but BoA sounded decent. Stick to singing hahaha, love you though.
Mayday! Mayday! (너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다): 'Shout out to you eagerly reaching' I think is the translated part. This is another ballad. She sounds very mature on this album and like I said, vocally, this is the best she's been! Her voice is amazing in this song!!
One Dream ft Henry of SJM and Key of Shinee: This was for the Kpop Star theme song once it was coming to an end, a collab. It's a nice uplifting song.
The last 2 songs are instrumentals so it seems that she'll be promoting 'The Shadow' as well.

Overall: This is a good, solid, mature album. I've never been a huge huge fan of BoA's kpop stuff, I jam her English album all the time, but I do respect her as the Queen of Kpop. I'm going to thank her because if I wasn't into her Japanese stuff when I found it, I would not be into her English stuff. And if I wasn't into her English album, I would not be into Asians right now at all. I mean Utada and Namie Amuro started it all for me, but BoA is the first Korean I was into before I even knew she was Korean hahaha. So I've only been following her since 2009 and I'm not all that familiar with her hits but I enjoy what she's put out in the past 3 years. Vocally, I always thought she was mediocre, I loved to watch her dance, that's the only reason I got into her! Because I saw her music videos, I was impressed with her dancing and found her songs for Inuyasha and eventually found her English album. But vocally, she sounded ok. But now, she's improvedddddd sooooooo much! She sounds amazing!!! Like she has that fast vibrato when she sings it's awesome. Good album, not much upbeat fast stuff but it's still good, very mature sounding!!

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Midnight Sun 5th Mini Album B2st

B2uties!!!! The boys are backkkkkk!!!!!! I'm not a certified B2utie to be honest but I do believe they are incredibly talented and I always have nothing but praise for them!! So now, after their return from 'Fiction and Fact' from last year and Japan, B2st is back and everyone is excited!!! Here's a review:

Midnight: The song came out a week ago along with a short music video or whatever, making everyone go crazy with excitement. At first, I didn't really like the song, it was ok. But after hearing it, I really like the intro and the little dubstep, electro beginning. It's a nice song, Hyesung sounds really good, his voice has improved greatly! Everyone sounds good, Junghyun's rapping sounds reallly good, I love his deep voice. I just wish the song had more of that dubstep, electronic section because it makes the song more interesting in my opinion. It's nice that there's a distinct contrast in the song, but it's too tame for me. But it's good nonetheless.
Beautiful Night: The lead single off the album and it's really good! They too released a music video teaser for it and what not, stirring everything up but we'll get to that later. The song is upbeat, I love Junhyung's 'Something good, nothing bad' rap lyric haha. It's all over tumblr!! It's fun, nothing all that special about it in terms of sound, but it's still good! Hyunseung is clearly the main vocalist in this song. He has improved alot!!

Ok, so there was a lot of controversy concerning this video for the casting call that was posted on Craigslist 2 or 3 weeks ago. The casting call said only white females allowed for the party scene in New York and boy did tumblr blow up! Alot of people were mad because that's racist. And so was I!! I was mad, that even Asians couldn't be in the video?! I was disappointed that you would go to America to film a video knowing that America is the melting pot and you specifically only want white women in your video. What does that mean. But that has nothing to do with B2st, just the director. So I gave them the major side eye. However, once the filming actually took place, alot of the models and extras took to Twitter and said that's not true. Not only were white people there, but so were black people. Oh? And apparently that Craiglist post was fake, set up by some troll. Really. So I was like, lets just wait for the video to come out and then we can judge. 
Well now the video is out and WTF. You have cars with hydraulics which show case the Black and Mexican community WHICH IS TRUE, there were BLACK AND WHITE skateboarders, black dancers, and in the infamous dance scene, there black females!! I saw it! Even though the camera focused in on the white females, it still showed more black people! There was a mixed audience. Case closed. 
Apart from that, I hate Hyunseung's red hair, like it's horrible I'm sorry. Not everyone can pull off Cherry Red nor does everyone need to. Doojoon is fine as fuck, Dongwoon is sexy, Junhyung can get it too, Kikwang is always fine as hell I just hate that hair and Yoseob is forever cute even though he's not the maknae. Great video.
It's Not Me: I loved it the second it came on. It's got the Oriental flavor mixed with r&b. Junhyung's rap is really good!! Again, I seriously only hear Hyunseung. He's not the main vocalist, but in this album he's all of a sudden extremely relevant.

When I Miss You: A ballad and they all sound really good as usual.

The Day You Rest: This was used on the teaser for Beautiful Night mv, it's extremely funky and 70's ish LOL. It's very interesting, I've never heard this in kpop before. They sound really good, it's fun and what not! Kudos!!!

Dream Girl: R&b based, slow and what not. Very sexy. Oh and Junhyung is singing LOL. They sound really good. Kudos!! And whoever was hitting on those high,  Mariah Carey notes is amazing. I'm just gonna assume that was Yongseob.

Overall: This is a good album. All of B2st's album are good to be honest. However, I'm not a HUGE fan of B2st because their music isn't necessarily my style. But I don't deny them of their talent, because they are incredibly talented. Junhyung wrote almost every song on this album. Kudos. Hyunseung has improved alot! I've been following him since 2010 because I watched the Big Bang documentary when he was supposed to debut with them. Now, is he my favorite person? Not really, but he has a great voice. I don't understand though why I mainly hear him in this album. Yongseob is the main vocalist yet I only catch glimpses of him except for 'Dream Girl'. It's nice that they're giving people more lines, but it's not evenly distributed now. Whatever. This is a good album, it's not my style, but it's a good album. Really. I love B2st, my favorite song from them is 'Fiction Orchestra Version' but that's irrelevant right now lol. I will post the videos later once they are PUBLIC! Cube freaking privated the videos all of a sudden so we'll have to wait. Also, feel free to leave a comment!

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No Mercy Mini Album Review B.A.P.

The boys are back again!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 3rd time this year! I love that they are in our faces sooooo much, they only take a month off and that month is spent on preparing for another comeback! Jeez. I have never experienced this in kpop before! Usually someone will come back twice a year and spend the rest of the time abroad. But not BAP. They promote in Korea, spent a little time abroad touring, then came back! I love how resilient and talented they are!
Goodbye: I already did a review for this song.
No Mercy: Lead single obviously and it's awesome. Like seriously. It's once again like 'Power' and 'Warrior' with the hip-hop/rock sound, very powerful and in your face!! It's good, however, they've established their theme so early in the game that it's almost predictable. It's really good that they are going in a different direction with their sound, but 'Power' and 'Warrior' already sound alike, why put 'No Mercy' in that bowl?!! I like that when an artist has a particular sound, it's good that they stick with it, but that doesn't mean they can't venture into something different! But, since they just came out and they still have room to grow, hopefully I will get to see a different side to them musically. 
This song, has followed the same format they've been doing which is annoying. Opening with Youngguk, followed by Zelo, then the chorus with the Daehyun singing those same high ass notes lol. I think that since these songs are so powerful, they shouldn't have any singing at all. Like 'Warrior and Power' are pretty much the same. But Daehyun's singing in this is so awkward. He has such a great voice but it's not a powerful, manly, eat your face voice. It makes no sense to keep randomly putting him in there. You know how Big Bang and 2ne1 successfully put Dara and Seungri in their songs, it flows right? Here, the vocalists that don't sound so gritty don't flow right in this song. Sorry. That's the only flaw here.

Awesome as usual. It's not as amazing as 'Power' was and it's not as in your face as 'Warrior' was, but this video is definitely still in your face! The choreo is AMAZING, as usual. It freaks me out how good all 6 of them are at dancing, like there's not a weak individual. They can go toe to toe with B2st and Infinite because ALL of their members are talented. All. The outfits are blah. Very hip hopish as usual. But great dancing, they have soooooooo much power and energy it's incredible. I have NEVER seen a kpop group this POWERFUL. Kudos to the choreographer and Jongup bc I know he choreographs some of their stuff.
Voice Mail: A r&b ballad, verrrrrrrrrry good. I love it. It sounds sad and powerful thanks to the rapping. I think that the producers can't transition the members well. We don't always need to start off with a rapper then awkwardly transition to a vocalist. Once they get this down, the group in my standards would be considered flawless like Big Bang and DBSK. Seriously.
Dancing in the Rain: Lame. Why would you do such a girly weak song for a very powerful boy group?? I don't understand. Not needed. It's not a bad song, but it's so irrelevant.
What My Heart Tells Me To Do: A ballad. Which doesn't make sense in this album, but it's really good of course.

Overall: here's the problem with the production team for B.A.P. You have a very charismatic, powerful, badass boy group with amazing talents. When their image is to be extremely powerful being 'Warriors' who have 'Power' that show 'No Mercy' it makes no sense to include such lame ballads showing their hearts. Yes, boys can fall in love and sing ballads, but it just doesn't fit the groups image!! BAP's image is so strong, that it makes no sense for me to listen to ballads from them because they are a hip hop group. I know they are experimenting and they have to have songs about pain and love, but it doesn't cross over well. You have the amazing Daehyun with amazing BALLAD vocals, but that doesn't mix with the powerful RAPS of Yongguk and Zelo.
It's hard to explain. I'm just saying that ballads don't suit them. Now, when they tone down their image, eventually, I will like to hear songs about love and pain like 2ne1. But with all that in your face hip-hop, it doesn't cross over well.

Sorry, this review is long. I have nothing but love for B.A.P. they are incredibly awesome and talented. Their skills in my opinion are almost up to Big Bang's , DBSK, B2st, and Infinite. They are the best rookie group I have ever seen since Infinite debuted. They constantly improve and I'm always looking forward to them. If they don't win Rookie of The Year at MAMA, there will be hell to pay. Because they seriously deserve it. Like, they are INCREDIBLE for rookies.

Monday, July 16, 2012

'The Original' Brown Eyed Girls Digital Single Review

The amazingly talented girl group is back with a new digital single! I actually wanted perhaps a full album because the 'Sixth Sense' mini album was AMAZING, I wanted moreeeeeeeeee~. But anyways, these two songs will do for now haha.
A Midnight Summer's Dream: I like how the kpop world seems to be taking from the enchanted world alot lately. Tarantallegra...Wingardium Leviosa...whatever. This song is completely different from anything I've ever heard in the kpop world. This isn't even kpop. This is classic r&b, this reminds me of their first album with the old school r&b vibes. This has a jazz, r&b, swing feel. It's probably one of the best things I've heard from Korea this year, topping Big Bang's 'Monster'. Yea I said it. And the way the vocal composition's irregular rhythm is AMAZING. Very sexy and sultry...extremely chill. I like how it builds, they don't stay in that low tone the whole song. Jea's voice and Narsha's is AMAZING. I'm glad they are still around because their music is so different it's not like typical kpop. Now, there was that album before 'Abracadabra' and during that time where they sounded just like an idol group that was extremely basic. 'Abracadabra' isn't my favorite and that's not the song that got me to like them. Yea I jammed to it, but I didn't care for it. I like when they are REAL. Also, kudos to Jea.
Come With Me: A ballad, it sounds really sad. They sound amazing of course, but I think this song would do better as the lead single because the other one is just way too different. But anyways, this is a great song!!

Overall, this is good. As usual. I was hoping for an album, something upbeat, an addition to the 'Sixth Sense' Album because I love that album start to finish. But I'm content with this for now. Now for the solo stuff!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

PSY 6th Album Part 1

PSY is returning after 2 years since his last album and I'm soooooooo excited for it! Like PSY's music is very upbeat, his performances are ridiculously energetic for someone his age lol. His performances are more energetic than kpop idols!!! That's wrong! But anyways, this is just Part 1 and it's featuring many celebrities so here we go:
Green Frog ft G-Dragon: Rock, pop, typical PSY song. It's fun, gets you moving and everything as it builds up to the chorus. G-dragon's part is good too when he starts rapping. I love when it gets to the end because they are doing a type of screamo, metallic sound. It's awesome. Good opener!
Passionate Goodbye ft Shung Si Kyung: I love the instrumental. It's got a sort of 80's roller skating rink party! Hahaha, it's nice and fun!
Gangnam Style: The lead single! AND IT'S AWESOME!!!! I love it! Club, pop, electronic, synths, it's so much fun, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the 'Oppa Gangnam style' And the 'AYYYYYYEE~~~ SEXY LADY' I just love this song! Oh and the mv teasers are awesome, I can't wait for the video. PSY, I love you and your music. You are the coolest ahjussi lol. What is Gangnam Style anyway?? Hahaha
Seventy Seven 101 ft Leesang and Kim Jin Pyo: I love the rapping style, the singing, Kang Gary! I love it!!! Nice old school Hip Hop feel to it.
What Should Have Been ft Park Jung Hyun: A slower song but not necessarily a ballad. I love his rapping and I like Jung Hyun's soothing voice. It's a nice addition to his rapping.
Never Say Goodbye ft Yoon Do Hyun: It's beautiful! It's a GREAT ENDING even though it's not the end since this is just part 1. But it's a good uplifting song. It starts out slow with the piano, but then it picks up with the guitar and PSY's rapping. Great song!!!!

I love the album so far, which is typical of PSY. I've ALWAYS loved his stuff. Can't wait for the music videos and live performances! It's gonna be so awesome!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Going on Review Hiatus

Since I have a job that takes up a lot of my time, I won't be able to constantly update, however if there's an artist that particularly interests me, I will do a review.

But I'm ALWAYS on tumblr so just check my blog out at or tweet me at

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'Goodbye' B.A.P. Review

Help me understand by leaving a comment(you don't have to have an account to leave a comment) and explain to me how this works. I thought that 'Warrior' and 'Power' were mini albums! So they were just singles with extra songs on them lol? I don't understand. But anyways, B.A.P. has come back AGAIN with a new song from the first actual mini album called 'Goodbye'. The song is nice. It sounds like it belongs to an anime soundtrack because it's rock and their singing and what not. If you've watched anime and hear the opening and closing themes, you would know haha. But yea, this is actually a really good song! B.A.P. has remained consistent with their genre. 'Warrior' was hip-hop based sort of and it was awesome. Then 'Power' had rock infused with it and now this song is fully rock. I like it, this style suits them!!!

But seriously help me understand lol. So they are coming out for the first time with a mini album with new songs? Really??? Jeez, they've been in our faces the whole year which is a good thing. I have never experienced this with kpop before! They debuted in February, came back with a new song in May, and now they are back again!! You can never forget them!! That's a good promotion technique however, the boys must be sooooooo tired because all of their performances are extremely powerful. I hope they seriously rest after this promotion period!!

'Like Money' Wonder Girls ft Akon

Wonder Girls have teamed with Akon for a collaboration at the Green Groove Festival. I wasn't expecting this collab so I was very interested in seeing how this could help the Wonder Girls' advancement into the US market. We still don't have the English album from the 'Wonder Girls Movie' which came out in February so I'm gonna need for JYP to get it together. BUT, at least this is a step.
Song: It's a basic Westernized song, which I was clearly expecting. I knew it wasn't gonna have much of the kpop flare to it which is fine. The song isn't bad. However, we only got to hear from Sohee(whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy), Yenny, Sunye and Yubin. That's 4 out of 5. Sohee opened with the first verse, Yenny and Sunye took over the chorus, Akon rapped the 2nd verse, and Yubin rapped the ending. Nothing much too it. Yubin's rap was AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE her charisma and deep husky voice, it's so awesome. Yenny's high note was amazing at the end as usual. And that's it. Lim didn't get any lines. Typical. Vocal level, Lim and Sohee are about the same, however for some reason, JYP keeps putting Sohee at the beginning. I mean it's a song in English!!! Lim can speak fluent English! Why not put her instead of Sohee!!! Jeez. But other than those flaws, the song is alright.
Video: Interesting concept. I thought the beginning was cool. I wouldn't match love and money with being robots but hey. They had to do something new. Very cool
Choreo: Awesome as always. I don't think I have EVER hated choreography from JYP's company. For real. Every single artist that's on there, from Rain to JJ Project, I have loved the choreography. Love it!!

This is a nice collab, I would never have guessed Akon to work with the Wonder Girls, I like JYP's little cameo as the doctor. I love the outfits and concept, I just wished every member had at least 10 seconds of the song. Other than that, good job Wonder Girls!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wooyoung's '23, Male, Single' Album Review

2pm's Woo Young is the first member to come out with a mini album and it's highly anticipated on my end. I am looking forward to see if any members apart from Junsu have creative juices and let me tell you, Woo Young DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Check out the review:

2Nite: He premiered this song at the Mnet 20's Choice Awards and it was pretty lacking but I knew that he tried his best given that's his first time on that stage as a solo artist, plus the STAGE IS ALWAYS LATE. I hate that. Anyways, now that I get to hear the song clearly, IT'S AMAZING. The quality is MAGNIFICENT lol. You need to hear this song with high quality headphones because it is BRILLIANT. It has the old school, jazz, feeling that you would go to the clubs in the 50's to hear. It's great. This style suits him however, it reminds me of something JYP would do. Once again, JYP's sound is infused into one of his artists' album. It's gotta stop. But other than that IT'S AMAZZZZZZZZZINNNNNNNGGG. Great job!! The band, the saxophone riffs going on in the background, the way he stacks his voice and his falsetto!! It's very much like Justin Timberlake but that's ok. THIS IS AMAZING. Great opener, I love it!!!
Sexy Lady: The lead single off the album and it's not that bad. Since I'm listening to it again, I'm liking it more and more. It is pretty basic though, like a typical kpop song. I don't really like his voice in this, I normally love it because he has passion in it, but not that much here. I really like the chorus part because it's catchy, but it's something I've heard before.
The beginning bored me, like I wasn't really paying attention WHICH IS SOOOO BAD! But I'm sorry! How many times do people have to be in a car, dancing in an oddly lit room, it's nothing surprising here! It wasn't very eye opening. HOWEVER, when it got to the club, he turned things up a little. He's an AMAZING dancer. The things he can do with his waist is impeccable lol, I'm serious. Look up his dancing on Youtube and you won't regret it lol. I love the slow motion, matrix camera that's been overused in kpop thanks to SM which has started this trend. It's great that he did it, however it was used to many times. WE GET IT. But apart from that, his dancing is amazing, I loved the break it down part.
DJ Got Me Goin Crazy ft Jun. K (Junsu of 2pm): I wasn't really expecting it to be a dance song because I love when Junsu composes things, but then again, he composed a dance song off their 'Hands Up' album. So did Junsu compose this song??? Leave a comment and tell me. This song is basic and catchy though. I love the 'Stop and go' and Junsu's voice. I like the rapping but I'm confused. What is the main melody here lol. Are we singing, rapping? What lol. But ohhhhhhhh my goooooooood when there's the break, that was PURE GENIUS. It was a switch up that always does, he's like the king when it comes to switch ups lol. They did it again at the end, that was cool!! But other than that, this song had too much noise and was all over the place. I like the random switch up though, kudos to that.
Be With You: We slow it down here, it's like a ballad and it's seeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyy. MANNNNNNNNNNNNN Woo young baby.  Yesssssssssssss. It's r&b, like the typical 2pm stuff that I used to love. Ohhhhhh, his voice. It's lazy and slow and SEXY. Go head Wooyoung baby go head!!! I love it, I need to see the lyrics lol. I wanna see this performed live!!!! Perfect! Then when he starts rapping, oooooooooh Lorddddddddd, help me. Just DANG. It's amazing!! But for some dumb ass reason, people are disliking it on Youtube. The morons.
Falling Down: More upbeat but it's still a sort of ballad. His voice sounds really good here, I love his falsetto. I love the composition!
시작도 없던 것처럼(As They Did Not Start): I think that's how you translate it hahaha, if not, leave a comment. This is upbeat but still has the sad ballad vibe. It's nice. Not much to it but very uplifting.
Only Girl: The last song and it's a ballad. It's a great closer, I love it!!! He sounds amazing, it's a great song to fall asleep to.

Overall, this album has it's high and low points. It's not great but it's not bad. The highlights in my opinion were '2nite' and 'Be With You' everything else sounded really typical. But this is a great starter album and hopefully he'll get better!!! Good job Wooyoung!!!!


Friday, July 6, 2012

2ne1's I LOVE YOU MV Review!!!

CL: Homegirl was KILLING IT, like jeez, WERK BITCH WERK! Man. I loved everything about her, from the weaves to the bandana, and when she was POPPIN IT?? GO HEAD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was SLAYING. I mean dang, she switched that attitude to sexiness in 0.5 seconds hahahahahaha. WERK.
Minzy: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEDDDDDD HER HAIR! I loved every single style they put her hair in and booooooooooooy was she sexy. Man she was WERKING.
Dara: I freaking love her hair, she's so gorgeous she could pull anything off and I like that she decided to shave it. Normally I see her as kinda weak and sensitive, but this proved she got some BALLS! Anyways, I LOVED IT WHEN HER HAIR WAS PINKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I literally squealed when I saw it hahaha. Gorgeous.
Bom: She was really pretty, but I didn't get much from her compared to the others. I'm kinda sad. But still, she looked really pretty hahaha.
Choreo: We got a sneak peek of the dance at the end and I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING DAEBAK!

2ne1 has outdone themselves, like I don't understand how they can just keep getting better and better?!!! Man. I love the song, I've been jammin to it 40 times a day, and now, I can't wait to see the choreo to it!! 2ne1 SARANG FREAKING HAE, loved the video!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'I Love You' by 2ne1 is PERFECTION

Yea it's still growing on me, but the production, composition, the tonation, it's PERFECTION. CL sounds AMMMMMMAZZZZZZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. With all of that in mind, this is 2ne1's best song, however, that doesn't make it my favorite 2ne1 song. Do I wanna be singing about love to boy? Hell no, I would rather bump 'I'm the Best' and 'Hate U' but I can still jam to 'I Love You'. I can't wait for what else is in store 2ne1!!! Teddy you frickin GENIUS.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

'Day By Day' T-ara Mini Album

The digital sales queens are back!!! With much, much anticipation, T-ara is back after their last hit 'Lovey Dovey'. I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD 'Roly-poly' and 'Lovey Dovey' so I thought maybe their would be some type of continuation of that. 'Cry, Cry' wasn't necessarily a hit but it was a good song and it wasn't filled with foolishness. Also, I don't need anymore of these movie music videos but we'll get to that.
Day By Day: Great. Really basic and like a sped up version in my opinion of that collaboration song they did around Christmas time with Davichi. Anyways, it's not a dance track. It's just really sad and they lyrics don't make sense to me, but I'm used to it LOL. I really like it and the flute part is extremely catchy.

This video....yea.  I think this video was the best in terms of their movie music videos. 'Cry, Cry' and 'Lovey Dovey' were somewhat confusing because I clearly didn't have subtitles and they didn't necessarily make it easy to figure out. From 'Cry, Cry' I knew what was going on, but 'Lovey Dovey' made no dang sense. Anyways, T-ara needs to chill out with the story lines, it was cool at first with 'Roly-Poly' and 'Cry Cry' was awesome. But the 4 mvs for 'Lovey Dovey' is taking it too far and now we have the same thing with 'Day By Day'. However, I knew what was going on! They made it very evident and they had very little monologues so I got the gist of everything. It took me a while to figure out the new girl was blind haha. I was like, 'She never looks at Hyomin' lol. Anyways, great video. OH AND JIYEON LOOKED LIKE A BAD BITCH!. Maaaaaan she was WERKING that blonde hair!!! GO HEAD GIRL, WERK! I mean she looked FIERCE! She could've been in 2ne1 looking like that!!!! LOVED HER!

Love Game/Keep Out: This is the Korean version so there's nothing new here, but it's still a nice song. I especially like Hwayoung's rap in this. Other than that, it's ok, nothing all that special about it.

Hue: I don't really know the meaning of this, but the song is basic. It reminds me of older T-ara, there's too mcuh going on here. BUT I like the guitar going on in the background, but other than that, a basic song.

Don't Leave: This was in the video and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was a slow version of 'Day by Day' and it sort of is! Honestly, this is daebak! The two fit together so perfectly. I like how it started, then it slowed down, unexpectedly. It's really dramatic and I'm sorry that I don't know who the main vocalist is but she sounded amazing!!! And I'm starting to love Hwayoung more because she doesn't have 1 stupid irrelevant line. Plus I heard she wrote the raps in this so thumbs up. She sounds really good!! I think the main vocalist and Hwayoung should just do this song together, everyone else is...yea. LOVE THE SONG THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday: It's ok, nothing much though. I think I'm getting sick of these 'Hoooooooooo~~' songs. First it was SISTAR with 'Alone', then Teen Top's 'To You' and now T-ara. I can't tolerate repetitiveness. And the title of the song makes no sense. But whatever, this is T-ara lol

Overall: This album isn't bad!! I only like Day by Day and Don't Leave. I like the direction they've been going in lately!! Yayaya and Roly-Poly were ridiculous but I loved it. Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey are great and now Day By Day. I'm glad they can do serious songs and do silly club songs!! T-ara definitely isn't my favorite group, but their songs always find their way to my ipod :)

'Don't Go' -Thunder Review

This isn't bad!! I like that sorta old school vibe GO and Mir went, and now Cheondong's single works well too! And he has a good voice!! I'm glad he's singing now instead of doing the 'Kanye' thing where they sing/rap. It's a really good song. I like the opening and main melody, and I like how it slows down and becomes low key in between the verses. Great song!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sexy Free and Single Album Review Super Junior

This was a really good album. Better than the 'Mr. Simple' album in my opinion. I think this album was produced with much care and it felt genuine. The 'Bonamana' and 'Mr. Simple' album were made simply as a follow up to create a new hit single like 'Sorry, Sorry' was. That album was really good and the best one! I can feel the sincerity in this album, it wasn't just put together. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way. Maybe it's because everyone is going to enter their army duties, but it feels like the last album, but I'm sure it's not. I think the members produced and composed this album to make it seem like it's their last, that's why it feels really sincere. They are just being free and doing their own thing. Not trying to prove anything, just having fun. Now, this album isn't perfect mind you, but it's not bad either. This album has a new sound for them which I like. It's called simplicity lol. When they aren't adding all those bells and whistles, and hybrids, and all that other foolishness, you have simplicity with uniqueness too!

Overall, this is a great, sincere and simple album while being memorable too. Every member poured their all into this as if this could be their last album, not having to prove anything anymore. Everyone sounds great, I'm glad that Kangin is back and hopefully his going to the army changed things for him so that he can gladly promote with his members before the leader leaves. YAY ELFS!!!!

'Sexy, Free & Single' MV Review- Super Junior 6jib

Woooooooooo the video is finally back and Super Junior has returned!!!!! I've decided not to do an album review and just leave that up to the hardcore ELF fans on tumblr, but I'll do a MV review!
The video is once again in oddly lit rooms. No story line. Just dancing which is fine, however, you would think that throughout their career, Suju would have an actual story line to their videos except for dancing in oddly lit rooms but, 'No One' is an exception. I guess. 
The Song: I really like it! For the first time, they aren't trying to actually produce a hit. Like Bonamana and Mr. Simple were just created for hit purposes as a follow up of 'Sorry, Sorry'. However, this isn't the case. This song is catchy and low key. I reallllllly like that, compared to the past songs from other SM artists this year. This song sticks to one theme, there's no hybrid thank goodness. However, there is that ridiculous mono tone sort of rapping/singing thing going on again which is annoyingly consistent. I'm sick of chanting SM!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR CHANTING UNLESS IT'S A GREGORIAN CHANT. Which it's not. Anyways, this is a great song to be honest. I liked all of Suju's lead singles, but this one is different. It's really good and genuine. And low key. No techno, electronic all over the place foolishness. It's just there. I LOVE IT.
The Dance: AWESOME. Seriously. Suju has always been about their choreo ever since their last huge hit back in 2009 with 'Sorry, Sorry'. I love it, I love it, I really want to do it, but I'm not athletic like that. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual. They are just dancing here, there's no emphasis of trying to portray actual choreography.
The Outfits: I'm gonna have to pass on that. With all those ridiculous looking concept photos, it isn't evident here. Just like with f(x) but they always dress weird. Anyways, this is just street wear, and then they are naked, and they're wearing space suits or whatever. It's not making much sense to me.
Overall: Great video, we can do without the oddly lit rooms and the clothes, but other than that, GREAT AND KANGIN IS BACK!!!!

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