Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Moments" 8th Mini Album Review

U-KISS as 6 members are back once again for 2013 with their 8th MINI ALBUM 'Moments'. Original member Dongho left the group a couple weeks ago but U-KISS still trucked on without him. After this promotion period, AJ will be going back to school to continue his studies so how long will U-KISS last?? Maybe this album will be a hit so that their career won't be in jeopardy? Unfortunately they picked, once again, the WRONG TIME TO PROMOTE because they go up against IU, Busker Busker and Shinee who are heavy weight champions. SO does this album set them apart from the rest? Will they win ANY awards??
Intro: This is cute hahaha I liked AJ's shoutouts but the vocals the YEA YEA YEAAAAAAAAAAH was too much haha. But it's a nice little intro.
Mysterious Lady: This track was pre-released last week and it's pretty good! I loved the guitar at the beginning and how it gradually progresses to the pop and r&b section. Pretty good song!!
She's Mine: They've decided to go back the r&b/hip-hop sound again, similar to 'Stop Girl' but this song has more pop appeal. I love Kevin's voice during his part, that's when the pitch changes but then it returns to the r&b. This song focuses more on the rappers, whereas the vocalists only sing hooks and refrains and the chorus but it works because typically with them it's the other way around! It's a pretty good song. But with this being the title track, will it have any public appeal?? To be's a good direction for them to go in however they don't offer anything special to those that are promoting at this time...But it's a really good song! Fun and catchy!
This music video is pretty bad...It's so typical...They have the Rolls Royces everywhere, motorcycles, dancing half naked women, hip hop gestures, constant rubbing of the lips IT'S SO BAD AND UNORIGINAL. I did however like the materials shown in color like the shoes and the bikes, while everything else is in black and white...BUT Infinite H did THE SAME THING with their video minus the awkward hand gestures. And I hate the black cultural appropriation with AJ's cornrows. Why do Koreans feel the need to make idols look like wannabe fools for Hip Hop concepts??? Everything received a major no from me. I do like the choreo, as usual of them...
Turn Off the Light: Upbeat and fun! I like the drums and the piano, good pop song! It's cute!

Hey Man: It's a nice pop song but nothing all that special about it! It's good but doesn't leave that much of an impression, and the use of "hey man" seems out of place even though we know the context of the chorus. It's still just awkward...
Wait a Moment: Love the instrumental!!! SO MUCHHHHHHHH!!! It sounds like there is a real drum playing, not just something from the computer. I love the organ piano with it too! However, I wish they had used the composition of the lyrics better. I feel like they could've made it more jazzy or r&b because it has a simple melody. But it's a really good song and I think it's the best off the album!

Overall: It seems that for this album they let the rappers shine more because the line distribution is totally different from how it used to be when they added AJ. Typically the rappers got a few lines towards the end of the song, but AJ REALLY shines here! His rap skills are pretty impressive! I also don't only hear mainly Soohyun for the vocals so I really do commend the line distribution this time around because it shows their versatility. However, there is nothing all that special about this album. It was nice for them to use Brave Sound but everyone uses them all the songs sound the same. Korea wants refreshing and original music that leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately that does not happen here EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A GOOD ALBUM. 'Stop Girl' is one of their best title songs they've promoted with in years but they just pick the wrong time to PROMOTE!!. ALL THE TIME! Even when they come out twice a year and release sub-units, they don't place themselves apart musically compared to other rookies! They are a talented group but they need to find their niche in pop music. I loved 'Tick Tock', 'Standing Still', 'Stop Girl', 'Bingle Bingle, and 'Man Man Ahni' but when you promote against people who top the charts no matter what, you need to come up with something different! I really do like U-KISS because every now and then they create some real good music and despite all the member changes they still persevere. I really do want for them to win major awards but at this point...I don't know what else they can do...
Rating: 4.0/5 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kim Jaejoong 'WWW' Album Review

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ is back for the end of 2013 with his first full solo album following the footsteps of fellow member Junsu with "WWW." Jaejoong earlier in 2013 released his first solo mini album 'Mine' under the rock genre and he continues with the rock theme. If you weren't a fan of him then well you will definitely be a fan of him now because this album doesn't disappoint!
Light: A fun rock song! A great energetic start to the album and then as he sings the verses it's soothing and we hear his amazing voice beautifully. I'm so glad that he breaks out of the typical kpop boundaries by performing what he does best and works with his voice. It's a great song to dance to as well for the melody is simple and easy to follow along with. Great song! Love his voice by the way ^^
Don't Walk Away ft Junhyung of B2st: I like that the song gives a feeling of hope especially with the opening and even though the lyrics make it sad, I still feel uplifted haha. It's a good song! However Junhyung's rap was completely unnecessary!! He started off with "I want your hot love and emotion" quoting Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home" WHAT. Irrelevant and unnecessary, the song was great without his feature especially with how short it is. But I love the song, Jaejoong's vocals, the string instruments and the timpani! Love!!
Just Another Girl: This serves as a great title track! The melody for this is more pop in terms of rhythm and such but it's still rock themed. It's not too overbearing but it's not boring and subtle, it has just the right amount to keep you interested. Although I don't think this song is as catchy to ME as 'Mine' and it didn't leave that deep of an impression as 'Mine' did but nonetheless it's still a good song!
He is SO BEAUTIFUL AND ETHEREAL. I couldn't even concentrate on the video on how GORGEOUS he is Jesus! And that smoldering stare!!!! GAHHHHHHH. But it's nice, shows him performing with the band then the narrative, nothing all that special. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL JESUS FRIGGIN CHRIST.
Butterfly: This track was released a couple days ago so to some it may not be new but this is a good song! I like the change in keys between the verses and chorus, it keeps you hooked and it sounds slightly haunting too. With the title being Butterfly you wouldn't really imagine this type of song but it works! 
Rotten Love: Wow, I really liked this as soon as it started. With it being so low and gloomy it slightly reminded me of Nirvana in terms of instrumental and composition. (I'm not expert in rock music and barely listen to it compared to other genres so forgive me) I like how it picks up during the chorus so it doesn't stay sad and gloomy the whole way through but it's reaaaaaaalllly good. I like it alot! And I LOVE HIS VOICEEEEEEEE.
A Sunny Day ft Lee Sang Geun of Noel: This lovely ballad was pre-released as well about a week or 2 ago so this definitely won't be new to anyone. It's a beautiful ballad filled with 2 great vocalists!!! Beautiful!
Let the Rhythm Flow: This album is great to have as background music! Even though it's rock, it's soothing and I like listening to it! Good song!
It Is: OOOOOOOOOOOOh this ballad is beautiful....that's all I have to say Just BEAUTIFUL
Now is Good: A mid-tempo ballad and it's also beautiful!!
9+1#: Now this is what I needed!!! The whole album was starting to get repetitive with the rock theme, there wasn't anything extraordinary for me and now he gives us this! I wanted a sort of part 2 to 'Mine' and he turns the album around with this! Good song and those vocals!!!!! Love it!
Luvholic ft Ha Dong QN: LOVE I MEAN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITT! It's so funk and punk and sassy hahaha and I love Ha Dong QN's voice he really compliments the song and vibe well. Right now it's the best song off the album for me.
Modem Beat: This is really fun and catchy!!
Paradise: Love the piano at the beginning but LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD this song is sooooooooo sexy and sultryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He talks and sings in this breathy, cooey voice and just LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWd. Beautiful song and great way to close the album!!

Overall: This is a really good album! Very consistent, extremely consistent!! Not a bad song on here and nothing to really complain about. This album is great for those who like Korean rock or just a fan of Jaejoong in general. Although this isn't the genre I know too much about I do listen to a few American bands but that's it. Therefore, my review is probably not as in depth and have variety compared to my other reviews, but then again since everything was so good I don't really have much TO SAY hahaha. So this is a really good album!! Support JYJ support DB5K support support support so SM can quit blocking them!!
Rating 5.0/5.0

Sunday, October 27, 2013

'Chemistry' Album Review

The trouble making duo Hyuna and Hyunseung are backkkkk! It's been 2 years since their first "debut" if you will and they captured alot of Korea's attention with their sexy and sultry dance moves. Hyuna received sooooo much backlash it was ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped them from coming back again this year with a 19+ rating! They turn up the heat even more in their music video but the album definitely worth listening to.
Turn Up the Volume: For the title, you would expect it to be a dance track or like part 2 to 4Minute's 'Volume Up' lol but it's the complete opposite. It's an acoustic pop song haha. It opens with Hyunseung's lovely voice, followed by Hyuna's raps. It seems that Hyuna listened to what people were giving her flack for, and that is her rap skills. Prior to 4Minute she was the main rapper in Wonder Girls and she was pretty decent. But then as time progressed in 4Minute she stopped rapping and just cutely talked her rap parts. With all the praise Hyunseung got for his voice and talent in this duo, she decided to step her game up this time around. She sounds decent, still sounds like she's talking but she's not bad to listen to, same with her singing voice. The song is cute, nothing amazing or praise worthy.
Now/There is No Tomorrow: This is the title song and like I said, they seem to have gone a different route for this comeback. Upon first listen, I didn't care for it and it didn't seem all that catchy compared to 'Trouble Maker' but it gets better. I do enjoy Hyuna's sultry rap and Hyunseung's singing compared to 'Trouble Maker'. Hyuna has definitely improved and thank goodness. This is a mellow pop song, nothing all that fun and upbeat about it and you won't expect me going around singing the lyrics...but it is kind of catchy. A little too dramatic for me though...
This seems to be a two sided perspective to Rihanna's 'We Found Love' MV. Not saying this is a copy because Rihanna copied her mv as well but it has many similarities...This video isn't original. But we see that both of them are cheating on each other, but still come back home at the end of the day. Hyuna wants love it seems specifically from Hyunseung but he has alot of issues and is violent...So this is like one of those relationships haha. The choreo is good, same sexy groping stuff as 'Trouble Maker' but it didn't seem all that explicit...maybe we'll have to see all of it to judge. But the cinematography for the outside shots are BEAUTIFUL other than that...this is decent...A little to try hardy but good. (shoutout to the fine black man in the video Cube knows whats up)
Girl(The Girl Who Wants to Play) Hyunseung ft Hyuna: This is Hyunseung's solo with Hyuna...I don't understand the need for that but ok. This is a r&b joint and his voice sounds really good, I like it alot! I could've done without Hyuna...this is a damn solo for this duet why they had to include her makes no dang sense.  But the song is good!!
Attention: LOVEEE. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE. That saxophone and the pop beat just workssss. Hyuna's voice at the beginning was the best she has EVER sounded...and then she ruined it with that annoying voice. But this is a good song! Probably the most fun song on the album because everything else was midtempo but this lifts up your spirits! Why wasn't this the title because it is definitely the best song on the album...But whatever Cube WHATEVER. GREAT SONG!
I Like ft Flowsik of Aziatix: I only need for Flowsik for 'WHAT MUSIC WILL YOU LISTEN TO' hahahahaha. This is a decent song for Hyuna, this suits her style and caters to voice. There are some really good moments and then there are some weak moments for the song but it's pretty good. But I see people commenting about her making it in the US with this song...OK keep that dream alive lol. But this song is good for her nothing I love. Although I would like to see her perform this live so I can see the dance ahaha.

Overall: This album is a million times better than 'Trouble Maker' and I guess they just couldn't find the right producers because it was all over the place Hyuna's vocals just weren't hitting it. But this album is consistent all the way through. I'm glad that they both get their solo tracks that cater to their style and ability. And then the songs that they do have together are good too. Great improvement from Hyuna, if she keeps this up then people could stop slut shaming her and Cube will tell her to tone down the sexy and show something more than that. But for those of you who like this duo this album is definitely worth listening to!
Rating 4.0/5

Sunday, October 13, 2013

PRIMA DONNA Album Review

The rookie girl group no one expected to last this long have finally put out their first full album! Nine Muses!! I have loved them since their debut and I have loved all of their title songs!
Prima Donna: GREAT OPENER!!! LOVE IT!!!! It's like I'm really at a show!!! Great intro!!
Gun: Love it! They always find a way to modernize or change up their typical sound with the horns and old school 80's vibe! Very catchy, great choice of title song just love it!!
Love the video! They're sexy and extremely pretty I'm dying of jealousy!! I love some of their outfits from the different time periods! That's interesting! The choreo is decent nothing rememerable but it's a good video!

Rumor: The instrumental is definitely continuing with the show vibe, like I'm at a cabaret or something in the 50's. This song is good! Pop and fun! Sexy too! I love the vocals and Sera haha. My only problem is the bad vocals from a few girls, they are definitely struggling to hit some notes and stay in key but other than that the song is good!

A Few Good Man: Bad english. Can't stand that title. But the song is good! Pop and upbeat, catchy and fun! Vocals are good and the rap is too!

Last Scene: Now AMAZING. I love the slow, sultry sound to it. Their voices are so dark and mellow and the instrumental is great too! This song suits them! I don't know what that first song was but THIS is amazing. LOVE IT. The vocals are on point too! Love the jazz feel to it and the guitar!! Love it!
Rock Women: For the title, we're met with mediocre vocal performances from some girls who can not stay in tune. But Sera sounds great all the time. The song is nice and the guitar is soothing and the raps are really good but unnecessary. The vocals are mediocre and so is the performance...It's a decent mid-tempo ballad but nothing all that great.
미스 에이전트: Loving the 80's pop here! It's fun and upbeat! Very catchy and I like the lyrics! Good song!
Time's Up: A nice upbeat and modern song. At this point of the album we have kind of left the whole showtune vibe and crossed into modern territory with some 80's refrains with the use of the strings and trumpets. This is a good song, nothing amazing but fun!

Don't Know Don't Know: It's a cute song, a little too much for my tastes but it's not aegyo filled. Nice song, pop and cutesy.
Around/Dizzy: This is really good! It too could have served as a title song or a nice follow up for promotions. Very catchy the melody is good, I love the raps and the lyrics. It was put together very well! Good song!

Do Not: I don't really like this mainly because vocals are the problem. I think it would've been a good song if they didn't sing it so nasally it's annoying. Other than that the song is decent.

Overall: It is now starting to show that this group is made up of a bunch of models with mediocre talent save for a few girls. Sera, the rappers and a couple of other vocalists are really good but the others that are just "there" they bring down the group vocally. There are a lot of good songs. Actually this entire album is good in terms of consistency because everything is straight up pop for the most part. They don't go out of their territory because not all of the girls are great vocalists, which is good. They do songs that cater to their voices. However, if I have to point out how bad the song is because of their vocals, then it's a problem. Apart from that, like I said, the album is really good. Consistent all the way through and they deliver the concept well. Those that are fans will love this album. I on the other hand will continue to wait when they deliver something epic again. So far I only like their title songs (Last Scene is the exception) so I will wait for when the girls progress!
Rating: 3.0/5

Everybody Mini Album Review

Shinee's back!! SM is on a roll this year with their male groups! Shinee are back again after just releasing their 3rd album earlier this year and the repackaged album during the summer! Now they have their mini album release! I believe that SM is pushing for a hit since their title songs didn't do so well this year. I think that's because SM keeps choosing weak songs for them to promote. 'Dream Girl' was good but 'Why So Serious' wasn't allat. Same here with 'Everybody' why choose that dubstep infused chaotic mess when there are much better songs on the album?! Either way, Shinee never fails to disappoint!
Everybody: The song came out a couple days ago along with the MV so it's no news to anyone how this song goes. It's filled with unnecessary uses of dubstep but it's a fun and catchy song. The problem is all the different sounds going on, there is constant noise in the background which distracts from those singing. Since the choreo is SICKENING I think this song is only meant to be promoted with the idea of entertainment instead of showcasing the song itself or the vocalists. It's mediocre, nothing new and that's odd coming from Shinee especially this year when their album had such interesting genres and sounds. It's a weak title song and not something I can jam to all the time because of all that noise.
I like the creepy beginning of the video, although I don't really understand this concept. I understand the toy soldiers thanks to the choreography but I didn't understand the people with masks and what not. I just know that everyone needs to wake up. LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. IT IS SICKENINGGGGGGGG.
Symptoms: I was looking forward to this song when SM released a 2 minute lyric video for the song. WHY WASN'T THIS THE TITLE SONG? It was even produced by The Underdogs, they've worked with a lot of r&b artists so it explains how amazing this is. Ugggh this song is so sexy and their voices...just. I can feel the emotion and passion. Can SHinee just go back to their r&b days?! SM can I please just get a full album with r&b from them?? Song is amazing and everyone agrees. LOVE IT.
Queen of New York: I don't...understand this title But the song is good! I found myself jamming to it in the background. It's a fun pop song and really catchy. Those harmonies are amazing! I could have done without the random english though but it's still a good song.
One Minute Back: This song is so amazingly perfect. It's weird and unique with all the different sounds and genres put together to create one song with one melody. This is what happens when you infuse so many sounds together and rhythms and it comes out perfect! Love it! GREAT song!!
Destination: A good 90's pop song with modern beats too! Very simple and catchy! Onew wrote this song too so kudos to him!! Great song!!!
Close the Door: A mid-tempo song with great instrumentals, I love the use of the organ piano and the synths! The melody is simple and soothing, their voices are GREAT, very calm. I love it! It has an old school r&b rhythm to it because of how easy it follows the rhythm of the piano. Great song!
Colorful: A fun and colorful song haha! Love it! Upbeat and uplifting! Reminds me of an OST for a Japanese drama or anime ending or something! Cute and fun!

This was a great mini album! I have never heard a bad Shinee album! I do think this comeback was random and it could've waited until next year in my opinion. I feel like the comeback was rushed because SNSD aren't coming back yet nor is there word on them. So as a filler, they chose to go with Shinee again although it would've been nice to hear HoMin again...But anyways the album is good! It has a nice balance of pop, r&b and mid-tempo ballads which is typical of Shinee. They're capable of crossing genres so I love their extreme versatility!
Rating 4.6/5

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Who Are You? It's Me' 2nd Mini Album Review

Kahi is backkkkkk finally!!!! Kahi first released a solo mini album back in 2011 which didn't fair to well on the charts nor did the album leave much of an impression so hopefully this time around Kahi gets the attention she deserves and showcase who she really is as a solo artist and not just a graduated After School member.
Boys and Girls ft Swings: A fun mid-tempo, upbeat song with a mellow melody's still catchy and fun haha. The English lyrics sound ridiculous and they were randomly placed everywhere....Swings' English is good of course haha. But it's about the difference between females and males and how they act. Swings obviously represents the male point of view and how they just want to party and sleep around whereas girls want love and want men to change. The song is nice.
It's Me ft Dumbfounded: This is the title song and it's pretty lack luster. Very underwhelming. I'm sure the song will grow on me if I see the choreography. However, this won't cause much of a stir if she's going up against IU and Busker Busker, that's a HUGE MISTAKE she def picked the wrong time to promote...But the song is ok. Also mid-tempo pop song. I like that so far Kahi hasn't delivered typical pop like everyone else. Also Dumbfounded's rap is a plus, I had never heard him rap in Korean hahaha. I think his rapped left more of an impression than Kahi. 
Hey Boy ft Dok2: I like this song. Continuing with the use of synths and basic melody, not alot of sound in the ears which is good. Dok2's feature is a plus, the song is sexy and fun and I did enjoy Kahi's little rap haha. Nice song.
Sinister ft Bekah: I had been looking forward to this song just like everyone else. And it delivers. So far this is the best song off the album. Her voice is great here, the melody and composition is GREAT. It's catchy and driving and bad ass I love it!! I was afraid Kahi wouldn't have much vocal technique but she sounds great here and is using everything she's got! Love it!!! Having Bekah feature is great!! Alot of us were wondering if she would ever come back to the entertainment world and apparently she's preparing for something so this feature could be the beginning. I'm excited!! Anyways great song!
Colorful World ft Yoon Do Hyun of YB): I like this, it's got the old school vibe going on. The guitar and drums and melody are great. Reminds me of something Lee Hyori would've added on her 'Miss Korea' album. It's a nice song!
Slow: I'm glad she made this a ballad and didn't have anyone feature on it because we get to see who Kahi is as an artist. It's a good song and it suits her voice!

This album was better than her first mini album mainly because we can see she has matured as an artist and I think she worked more on it, more hands on. It doesn't seem like she came out with something that her company pushed so that's good. However, it won't fair well against the huge competition that's out right now. She should've came stronger with something different which showcases who she is as a solo artist. She abandoned the pop and went with a sound that's different but still doesn't make her distinct against the others. But the album wasn't bad at all! My favorite song would be Sinister, definitely a download. I just wish there was more to this album because it was slightly boring.
Rating: 3.8/5

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kara to DISBAND are the Wonder Girls Next?

Kara's Jiyoung and Nicole will NOT BE RENEWING THEIR CONTRACTS WITH DSP!! Last night hot on the rumor mill was Kara disbanding after their Japanese Tour. DSP denied it at first, but now, since this has become a huge issue, they released this statement. Jiyoung has expressed interest in furthering her studies and wants to study abroad. There is no word on Nicole however, just that she will not be renewing her contract.

So this leaves the other 3. Whether or not Kara will continue with other girls, we don't know but I doubt it. The agency says they will continue as a team but that sounds like a load of bs. The last 3 could definitely go solo and still stay relevant in the entertainment industry. Seungyeon will continue to act despite her inability to act which netizens agree on. Hara will continue to act as well and continue to date men within the entertainment industry; she will always stay relevant. And Gyuri will continue with her radio show and continue going on variety programs to tell it like it is like Ice Queen she is haha. So the other 2 did not really have much going for them anyways. Nicole who is my favorite of the group is beautiful and probably has the most talent out of all of them but she hasn't stamped her ground down as someone who could make it solo. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for her! She could go solo under another agency and showcase her talent!

Kara, Wonder Girls and SNSD all debuted in 2007 and all of their contracts end in early 2014. We now know the situation with Kara but what about the Wonder Girls? Their last album was summer 2012 with 'Like This'. After that Sunye got married and is expecting her first child. JYP has not released any info about his plans for them in the future, but he won't come out and say that the Wonder Girls will disband. Unless they plan on throwing Summi back in to replace Sunye, that's it for the girls! They haven't had a mega hit that the public recognized since 'So Hot' and that was before JYP decided to jump ship and throw them into the American market, hoping they would succeed. Unfortunately they didn't. Wonder Girls were THE TOP GIRL GROUP IN KOREA during that time period. They were better than SNSD. That's right. They were OVER SNSD. But then they disappeared and SNSD came out with 'Gee' and that sealed their fate. 
Without Sunye the girls really don't have a future together unless they put Summi back in. Yenny could definitely go solo because she can sing and she composes. Sohee will continue to model and act because that's what she was casted in JYP for. Yubin could continue to guest feature on other people's songs but she hasn't made her stamp in Korea at all nor are her rap skills anything special. Lim will continue with her radio show and that TV show she's on, but she too hasn't made a stamp on Korea, just that people have sympathy for her.
So. What will it be?
Either JYP puts Summi back in and they continue as 5 or they disband altogether.

2014 will be very interesting starting in January. Be on the lookout for my predictions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

[RUMOR] Kara to Disband After Japanese Tour UPDATE

Hot on the rumor mill, Kara is expected to virtually disband after their Japanese Tour.I don't know where this rumor came from and there hasn't been any official statement from DSP so just take this with a grain a salt.
However, if they do disband, it makes sense.
Their contract ends this year, in 2014 they will either renew their contracts or split. I'm sure everyone remembers the contract issues that happened with them 2 or 3 years ago and how the group was split in half. Do you think that the girls put aside their differences and stuck it out despite hating each other?
Kara haven't had a huge hit in Korea since "Mr." I believe. Yea everyone liked 'Jumping' and 'Step' but they weren't huge hits. They're more popular in Japan than they are in Korea. So that can be taken into factor.
With the controversy recently surrounding them because of Hara and Jiyoung's behavior netizens don't really care for them at the moment. So right now, publicly they aren't shown in a positive light, only Gyuri is.

So is this rumor true? Alot of things point to it as true. They debuted in 2007 so 6 years in the kpop industry nowadays is a long time. They're more popular in Japan than they are Korea, haven't had a mega hit that the public recognize, and their contracts end.

Once again there is NO CONFIRMATION only rumor and like I said I have no clue where this rumor came from or why it started. So what do you think? Is this the end for Kara?

A Tokyo News Report released an article saying that they will disband. However, they did not receive any permission to create this article from DSP. DSP is denying the rumors however there is still no official statement.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Very Good' Mini Album Review

BBC!! BLOCK B ARE BACK!! After the all their trials and tribulations, Block B are back under a new label, but with the same sound! BBC!!!
Although I wish this was a full album, I'm content with a being a mini album or just having them back all together. And of course they don't disappoint.
Very Good: This song is not my favorite from them, nor is it their best but I STILL LOVE IT! Pop and rock together, Zico's awesome flow and raps, Taeil's amazing vocals I just it's so FUN! The lyrics is just about having fun, be reckless, don't act just be yourself. The MV definitely fits the vibe.
Even though I love this video alot, you can not NOT compare this to Big Bang!! There are too many striking similarities! I like the bank heist job, that suits them along with the song. However, Zico is definitely channeling Taeyang from the 'Fantastic Baby' mv seriously the EXACT COPY
Taeyang is revealing his tattoos on his naked body from the neck down whilst wearing a big fur coat

Zico is also revealing his tattoos on his naked body from the NECK DOWN WHILST WEARING A BIG FURRY COAT
The similarities are clearly evident. Don't get me wrong I'm a HUGE FAN OF BOTH GROUPS but come on, seriously? I know that Big Bang didn't create this look obviously and they don't own it, however this similarity is too obvious to pass up.
Apart from that I love everything else I love how funny it is, it suits them to a T. Even though the bank robbery story line seems a little iffy and gets jumbled up in between the members solo shots, I still love it. Very fun!
Be the Light: This song was pre-released last week and I thought it was a very interesting song for them to mark their comeback with. Of course this isn't the title song but it's different from what I expected. Even so, it's still a Block B song, a mid-tempo ballad. Very sad love song. Taeil and B-bomb's vocals were so painfully amazing evoking so much emotion I love it! Good song!
Over dramatic haha it made no sense why U-kwon was getting beat up and at the same time have everyone at the top of the building standing and singing. And we don't know why he was getting beat up the entire time. But that's fine. I'm glad this isn't a 30 min drama ver of something that didn't need to be done.
When, Where, What, and How (Kyung solo ft Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zapaka): ABSOLUTELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It's jazzy and sultry. I love the female vocalist, she compliments Kyung well. Even though I really don't like Kyung (he raps using the n-word) I love this song alot. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it's perfect. Immediately downloading!
Nice Day: Once again I will praise Taeil's voice. His skats are going to kill me.Ok now this is a good song. Has the old school hip hop instrumental, then changes to pop, then it changes to sounds from a band like the piano and drums. LOVE IT. At first I didn't like it, but as the song progresses I start to like it more, mainly because of the use of instruments and the composition. Good song!!

Overall: Honestly, I have never heard a bad Block B song nor have I ever hated a song or album from them. Therefore I have nothing bad to say about any of the songs or album at all. It's great. If you're a BBC you'll love it and even if you aren't it's still a great album and you'll love it. Variety of genres but it's still in Block B fashion. Love it!!
Rating 5.0/5.0

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