Monday, November 25, 2013

Love & Hate Album Review

One of the top female idols with a powerful voice, Hyorin of Sistar has finally released her first solo album!! Unfortunately the rest of the group doesn't get much attention because her voice overpowers everyone so it was only right for Hyorin to grab dibs on the first solo album. With much anticipation of how she will deliver, it's filled with soothing pop ballads but lacks ferocity.

Lonely: This is not the title song but the music video for this is released first. Everyone was expecting a powerful, fierce debut but instead she starts the album off with a mid-tempo, soothing ballad. Instead of relying on her loud raspy vocals, she cooes her way through. Very soft song which conveys being lonely. I like the song alot, it's nice to hear this side to Hyorin, although I do enjoy her powerful ballads and upbeat Sistar songs, this shows her versatility. Good song!!
I love it! She shot it in London, it shows her beauty and quirky side! She tries to mask her loneliness by acting silly and smiling but then it shows how lonely she is as well. Very fitting music video, I really do feel the sadness now haha.

One Way Love: Once this song got the chorus, it sounds like another typical Bravesound song even though it's good but too typical. It reminds me of Teen Top's songs haha, like a slowed down r&b version of 'Miss Right' hahaha. Unfortunately this is the title song and alot of people were expecting Beyonce' to come through. I like it alot but I think her upper register kills it for me...It's kind of lack luster but it' still a good song!! It just needed a pick me up, I wasn't slayed...I think the highlight is her rapping but even so it ain't allat...Slightly disappointed...

Don't Hate Me: It's a beautiful song and she's singing in her lower register!! Lovely ballad!!

Stalker ft Mad Clown: I was REALLLLLLY looking forward to this song especially after Mad Clown's song with Soyou (called Stupid in Love LISTEN TO IT) and this song doesn't disappoint although I think I like Soyou's duet better. This song didn't touch me as much but it's still a really good song and I love the lyrics!! Anything Mad Clown is on it's a masterpiece so of course his rap was everything.

Massage ft Dok2: LOVVVVVVVVE IT!! It's hip-hop/r&b but it's not ratchet like what I was expecting with Dok2 lol. I enjoy it alot!! I would've enjoyed this live, I wish this was the title song instead...

Closer: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSs this is what I wanted!! TAKE US TO CHURCH!! It's jazz/r&b and I just loveeeeee it. HERE FOR IT. It's a ballad but with so much soul!

Red Lipstick ft Zico of Block B: I was anticipating this too and of course I enjoyed Zico's rap. I love the dramatic parts to it, it gives this song pizazz! It's really catchy I love the chorus!! Good song!

O.M.G. ft Lil Boi of Geeks: I love it!! It's funky pop music, very fun and upbeat!! The melody is simple so it's catchy, I like it alot!!
Falling: It's a lovely ballad song! What I like about it is the choir in the back to kind of reassure her that it's ok to fall in love hahaha. It's a nice song!!
Tonight: Ohhhhhh no that whistle is alllll K. Will's 'Please Don't' which is my favorite song...But it's still a nice song hahaha.

Overall: Hyorin and Brave Sound went a completely different route no one was expecting. We were expecting full out r&b, upbeat pop, slaying material. We didn't get it. Unfortunately. But that doesn't mean this wasn't a good album. There isn't a bad song on this album, each song has their strengths and weaknesses. My problem is that I think the producers could have gave her more material. We already know that Hyorin has an amazing voice, why not give her songs that showcase that and not just with ballads! Ailee always has a title track that slays and removes edges, but with Hyorin's album we were let down. Apart from that, it's still a good album. I just wanted more from her production team. I don't think 'One Way Love' needed to be a title song but I agree that 'Lonely' is a good pick along with either her song with Mad Clown or Dok2...I'm just slightly disappointed...
Rating: 4.5/5

Sunday, November 24, 2013

VOODOO Album Review

Rookie group Vixx have just released their first full album called 'VOODOO'. It seems that going for the supernatural concept works well in their favor because of the attention they receive from it. This group has caught my eye given their potential and weird concepts haha so I have been anticipating this album. They are met with favorable reviews (although their company isn't) in Korea so here's to hoping for longevity!
Intro: Of course it's fucking creepy. Jesus why. But there is a hint of sadness with the orchestra which is beautiful. This is one of the best intros I've heard in a while because it does what an intro is SUPPOSED TO DO. It fits with the concept and it sets the tone. With the horror and sadness mixed in, it seems that this album will try to tell a story...Hopefully the whole album is consistent in theme...
Voodoo Doll: This is the title song and it's very fitting hahaha. The song is about becoming a voodoo doll for the person they love, they will do whatever it takes for them. Intense haha. It's powerful and creepy, it definitely sets them apart from other songs and other idols. I like the song, it has its catchy moments though it doesn't leave that huge of an impression on me like 'On and On' and 'Hyde' do, but that could be because those were generic pop songs. The melody isn't simple which could be why but it's still a very good song. I enjoyed Ravi's rap the most because his raspy voice brings the intensity this song needed given the concept. But it's very unique and creative so kudos.
This was too much. For those that can't stand graphic images, I suggest you find the clean version. Very intense. Again, kudos for their creativity, I LIVE FOR THIS CHOREO, it matches the song to the T which is what I love about Vixx. They stand out because of these concepts and pull it off well which catches Korea's attention. It won't be long till they win awards...
Beautiful Killer: Ohhhhhh I like it!!! This song could definitely be a title song, they should follow up promotions with this. I like it alot!!! Pop, funky, really catchy melody, I like this song alot more than Voodoo to be honest. I want to see this live just for the choreo haha. I like the hint of r&b infused with the pop it's just I LOVE IT. Good song!!!
Someday: Yassssssssss!! A mid-tempo, r&b ballad. I like the acoustic sound too it, their voices are veryyyy soothing even Ravi lol. His voices is too live, sometimes it doesn't suit the song because of that, but he was able to tone it down, very sexy. I love their voices, great song!!
Only You: This was pre-released and I love it. Love. I love the composition, instrumental, it's really good, unlike anything I've heard in a while love it!!!
This video is fitting. If only they had filmed it at night and made it more dramatic, but other than that nice video!
B.O.D.Y.: This song is very upbeat and fun! I like the instrumental alot, my problem is the composition. The lyrics and lack of lyrics isn't that great haha, but I still like the song. It kind of reminds me of an alternate version of 'Hyde' just with different lyrics hahaha.
Secret Night: I was afraid that we would lose the concept since we strayed away from the creepy but we have returned back to it. Song is amazing and Ravi definitely shines here. Reallllly good song!!
Say U Say Me: This so cute and fun!! I really like it, and it's so catchy!! Title makes no sense but it's a good song!! We deter from the weird and resort back to the upbeat pop. I really like the instrumental!! I could hear it being played on the radio here it's good!!!!!!
From Now On You're Mine: This is pop ballad and it's upbeat! I like it! Not my favorite off the album since it does not suit my tastes but it's a really good song!!
Thank You For Being Born: This is a lovely ballad!! It kind of reminds me 90's r&b but with a modern touch. 
Super Hero: A good way to close the album I like it alot!! Upbeat, pop, catchy, unique instrumental it's really good!!

The rest of the album is 'Rock Ur Body', 'On and On', 'Hyde' and the instrumental for Voodoo Doll

Overall: I am very impressed. It's a consistent pop album, but none of the songs are boring. I really do wish that they had continued with the dark concept throughout or to at least tell a story, like how Shinee did with their 'Misconceptions' album though.. Their music is refreshing especially since alot of pop songs sounds the same today, so it's nice to hear it produced differently. The producers are amazing, whoever they are, kudos to them because this is a really good album!! With each comeback, Vixx are trying to make me become a fan. I'm close to adding them to my group of faves hahaha. They have great concepts and choreo which helps them stand out alot so I will continue to have them on my radar. I really loved 'On and On' and 'Hyde' haha. I think the weakest song off this album would be 'Voodoo Doll' but even so, it's still a really good song! There is not one bad song off this album!!!! I will definitely add this to my ipod!!! I KNOW that Starlights will love this album, and other people as well! Congrats to gaining a new fan!!
Rating: 4.9/5

Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 MAMA Review

The 2013 MAMA took place in Hong Kong again this year, awarding not only Korean artists but American and Chinese as well. For those that are not aware, the Mnet Asian Music Awards is a Korean award show started in 1999, one of the biggest events in Korea. It awards those that are currently active in Korea as well as foreign artists. This year, we have performances from Ylvis, Crayon Pop, Paris Hilton, Stevie Wonder, 2ne1, Big Bang, EXO, Hyorin, Aaron Kwak and many more...
For the past couple of years, ever since they made the awards outside of Korea, it's been quite boring. Artists tend to save their creativity for the end of the year awards in Korea so they treat this as another Inkigayo or weekly award show. In particular YG (not trying to be biased) generally give great performances with overflowing creativity. Facts. Every once in a while other artists do give good performances however this year...was REALLY BORING...
These are my top 3 performances:

I REALLY enjoyed TOP's performance of 'Doom Dada' haha. Everyone was anticipating this stage even though he will not be promoting it in Korea so it was nice of him to perform. He SHUT IT DOWN. Like. KILLTTTT THE STAGE. I loved his chair, the outfit, the baby, the dancers and the dance it was a really good, charismatic performance. AND he rapped fast live, it wasn't lip synched. No TOP is not the fastest rapper in Korea but he can definitely do it. With this performance, he was able to showcase once again he is really talented. TOP in my opinion is a better rapper than GD because of his lyrics and wit. If you haven't already, look up the lyrics to Doom Dada! Even though he barely gets lines in BB, he had to remind everyone HE IS STILL TOP.

Rain made his comeback after being away for 3 years from serving the military!! I wasn't expecting him to be there because it's so random nor did he have any new material but I STILL ENJOYED IT!!! He performed my top 3 songs from his 'How to Escape the Sun' 'It's Raining' and 'Hip Song' He didn't perform much haha I can tell it's been a while! He looked tired and didn't have as much energy as he' used to having. But I'm sure he'll get it together by 2014 with his new album. Alot of people were fangirling including A Pink and EXO hahahaha AND SO WAS I I KNOW THE DANCE TO IT'S RAINING THAT'S MAH JAM!! Good performance and great stage presence...with his fine self.

Stevie Wonder, the LEGEND performed this year as well with Hyorin of SISTAR and Aaron Hwak. He sang 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' 'Lately' 'Isn't She Lovely' and 'SUPERSTITION' that's MAH JAM!! Everyone was jamming and everything. He also received the Global Ambassador award!! Good performance of course WHEN WILL YOUR FAV DO A DUET WITH STEVIE WONDER haha Hyorin sounded really good hahaa.

There were other notable performances but honestly it was pretty boring. EXO's performance was really good actually. I liked their change in dance routine and the fight sequences and how the majority of 'Growl' was shot in 'One Take' which they DID NOT INVENT so crazy Exo stans stfu they didn't invent anything. I also liked Kai's opening performance. 2ne1's performance was nice but since it was their ballads there wasn't much to offer in the first place. All of Big Bang did well! GD, Seungri and Taeyang had their solos as well then they all came together with Daesung in a peptobismal suit lol. Despite all that it was still pretty boring and I would like to think it's because of more budget cuts this year. There were alot of sound problems, music wasn't together, pyrotechnics weren't together, alot of mistakes it was a mess at times. Hopefully for the Gayos in December, everyone will bring their creativity!! Stick around for my reviews of those awards and maybe next year the MAMA will be better.

Monday, November 11, 2013


I stopped following Allkpop in the summer of 2013 because they released personal info about the creator of Netizenbuzz because she used to work for Allkpop. Johhny Noh who is the CEO of Allkpop is an asshole. He does not apologize or repent from his wrongdoings. Stirring up controversy about Ailee's nude photos IS NOT A NEWS ARTICLE. You had the choice just like everyone else not to run the story, but you all showed your ass. Apparently, Ailee was 15 years old in the photos (unconfirmed) but if that's the truth, that's child pornography. Also this is public defamation of character. So I all I have to say to Allkpop and Johhny Noh is to LAWYER UP.

Kpop stars have unfollowed Allkpop on Twitter as a result, Min of Miss A, Amber of f(x), Siwon of Super Junior, Kevin from UKISS, Jay Park and G.Na. Other artists have showed their support for Ailee and I suggest you do the same. Everyone makes mistakes, we were all young once so I can understand. I don't blame her for taking the photos at all. WE ARE HUMAN. That doesn't make her a slut or a whore. We find the ex-boyfriend and we boycott Allkpop from further exploiting more stars. Stop giving Allkpop, stop tweeting them stop referring to them just STOP GIVING THEM ATTENTION. Use Soompi, Netizenbuzz, E News World, Kpop Starz, Asian Junkie ANYONE BUT ALLKPOP.
Tablo said it best. 
Fuck em.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Hush' Miss A Album Review

Essentially this is just a mini album or a repackaged version of the 'Independent Women Pt 3' album and 'Touch' because this album only has 6 new songs and the rest are songs from those 2 albums. What's the point in that JYP?? Just call it a mini album or for once give us a full album! He did that with their 1st full album too by including songs from their mini albums. It's ridiculous. If you wanna repackage them, just make the album come out like a month after that like with SM. Duh.
Anyways, this is miss A's comeback after a last year from 'Independent Women pt 3' That song wasn't really a hit, but I thoroughly enjoyed the album. Working with E-tribe for their title track, we hope that this song will be a hit to place miss A at the top to rival other girl groups because they deserve it!
Come On Over: I really like the sound of this! I like the old school pop vibe going on, it's very chill and laidback and sexy. Good song! Vocally no one is giving me anything however so it doesn't really strike me much. But I really really love the instrumental. It seems that the theme of this album is sexy and mature, now that Suzy is of age they're ready to talk about sex! As for me, that tactic doesn't work for me especially since this concept has been done a trillion times in the kpop world now so they don't really set themselves apart...
Hush: At first, I didn't really like it and I still think it's mediocre, however it'll grow on me. Again this song too is mid-tempo, throughout the whole song I was expecting there to be a climatic moment but nothing really happened. The melody is very consistent and so is the rhythm. It's very repetitive and the lyrics are simple. The translation is easy to figure out, they want the boy to come and kiss them or rather to have sex. The sexual connotations are evident. I was expecting there to be more to this concept and the lyrics are a major disappointment. It's so simple like a child came up with it. I do appreciate that there is no rap. It's all vocals here and maybe a change in pitch with a rap to spice the song up...but nothing at all. With this being produced by E-tribe, not JYP we were all expecting a HUGE fell short. He produced 'GEE' and other popular songs...but his magic touch didn't happen here. I do like the song, it's just not awesome, it is really catchy and the melody sticks in your head but that's because it's repetitive.
I realllllllllllllllly love the choregraphy!! I think it caters to the song well and could actually help it more. The video is sexy but I don't understand where they are lol. What does it have to do with the song?? It's like they're in the same house as where 'Touch' was just in a different room lol. Nothing special, just an odd setting haha but I really love the choreography from them which I've never not liked from them.
Love is U: A completely different direction from what the first two songs conveyed. It's pop and upbeat and cute and all that. It's not that great to me. It's a nice album filler but it's nothing all too special. The lyrics are too simple as well. I did enjoy Jia's rap but everything else is basic. It's repetitive and cliche, not really interesting but if you like this type of cute then it's for you.
Spotlight: Too much cutesy pop here. Too much aegyo for my taste. It builds off the pop genre from the previous song and the melody is very catchy so it will leave an impression on the listener. I like the instrumental during the chorus because it gives something creative to the song however without it it's rather boring.
Hide&Sick: This is a really good song!! I love Jia's rap and the hip hop beat during her solo. The melody is catchy, consistent, and for the most part the typical elements of a pop song. I think that the guitar gives it an edge which works nicely here. I think the highlights are Jia's rap and that little breakdown works good for her voice. Good song!
MAMA (I'm Good):  I love the instrumental!! The band consistenting of the trumpets, piano, saxophone, I love it!! The lyrics are really weird but it's unique and catches your attention haha. It's really fun and upbeat, very catchy and the melody stays in your head. I like it alot!! 
Like U: I like the instrumental here, that pop and r&b feel with the sultry, mellow lyrics, it works cohesively well.  
Hush (Party Version): This version is exactly like what it says, electro pop and house infused together as opposed to the acoustic undertone of the original version. I do think that both versions work well together and that they can promote with both. I think I prefer this one better because it has more to the instrumental than the original because it doesn't just stay in one range the whole time. It's climatic and leaves something to the imagination instead of being a let down in terms of musicality. But both are nice. 

Overall: This album is set into 2 different parts, mainly genres but it still works together for this album. The theme is event and once in a while it reveals that the girls are sexy and sophisticated. Last year they went to saying they don't need a man, this year they WANT and NEED a boy and kissing and all that stuff. That is clearly present, but then the album switches to the pop and cute stuff which throws off the vibe. Therefore, I think the best songs on the album are 'Hush' and 'Come On Over' whereas the other songs would be good for a different album altogether. Nothing really stood out that much on this album and it wasn't great all the way through. I think that my favorite album would be 'Independent Women pt 3' because it's so consistent all the way through and stuck with the concept presented. Here, it's slightly all over the place, but then again this is Miss A's specialty. Just when you think that you can accurately place the genre they belong to that caters to their voices, they switch it up. It could be a positive and a hindrance. I think it's great to appeal to everyone with every genre on an album however if it's too much it gets boring. All of their albums have been like this but they're still good songs. I'm just tired of being let down and I want them to come back with a fierce concept and crush the competition...
Other than that, my other complaint is the vocals, no one really stood out except for Min but I think that's just line distribution.
This is a good album with a few songs that will be on my ipod, I know that my fellow Say A fans will enjoy the album too.
Rating 4.0/5

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