Monday, April 29, 2013

"Letter from SECRET" Mini Album Review

A week after 4minute and T-ara's releases, Secret are back to go head to head with the female idol groups to start off the summer! Who will win!!
Yoohoo: The title song, and it's really cute!! Which we all knew was happening. They're going for the summer cutesy theme that they're good at pulling off, taking a break from their sexy image. The song is decent. It's not AS memorable as "Shy Boy" or "Moonlight Starlight" in terms of catchy hooks. Same with the dance. 
Cute and colorful!! They're acting was good when they were in the jungle!! Those aegyo voices...oh too much for me ahaha. Choreo is cute, but not too memorable in my opinion. But who knows, maybe it'll be a hit!
Daddy Long Legs: I really like the r&b vibe for this song! It's a ballad, the guitar helps alot and their voices are really relaxing and chill. I like it.
Only U: It's kind of weird to start calling Zinger as her real name I'm just gonna keep it as that haha. She's my favorite anyways. I love her rap at the beginning, luv her!! The song is mid-tempo, still continuing the chill vibe going on here. I love that they are focusing more on Zinger for this song, I love when she gets her time to shine! She's an amazing rapper, and she's not a rapper the company made her become because she didn't have any skill. No. Homegirl can rap!
B.O.Y.(Because of You): I like the title!! The song is mid-tempo, their voices sound great! I like their cooing and what not, fits the vibe perfectly, and Zinger man she's talented. I like the song!!
Overall this mini album isn't bad at all! It fits the vibe of Spring and Summer very well, so their company did good at making them promote for this time period. I'm not a huge fan of any of the songs, however it's a good album if you like Secret. It's very consistent, I'm glad that they didn't put a random upbeat dance track to throw off the vibe so kudos to that. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Country Side Life" T-ara N4 Unit Single Album Review

T-Trash I MEAN sorry, T-ara is back and this time as a 4 member unit consisting of Eunjung, Hyomin Jiyeon and Areum because sub-units are all the rage in the kpop world. I am not anticipating this release nor have I ever liked T-ara's music but I do love "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey" but that was before the scandal and Hwayoung got kicked out. ANYWAYS, I decided to review this and I will try not to be so negative about it. Don't bash me for my opinions. If you don't like what I post, don't comment however you are free to disagree with me.
Country Side Life: The song is a bit all over the place. It has the accordion, the saxophone and the electronic pop beat that is normally used with T-ara. There are certain parts of the song that I like, primarily the chorus. Everything is a bit...meh. It might grow on me. Maybe. If they had Hwayoung she might have been utilized effectively...or they might have bullied her more. The lyrics and vocals are boring, the instrumental is what drives it. Very basic song, nothing special about this sub-unit...normally sub-units bring something different from the actual group...but they didn't. So what was the point in this??
Drama ver. It was cute although I didn't get it at times. I liked all the actors they used!! I know them from dramas!! I love the choreography, that's probably the only reason why I would this on my ipod, to try to learn the dance.
Dance ver. They look extremely awkward in those clothes, they don't suit this style at ALL!! There was no purpose in dressing like this when the song doesn't fit the vibe of the song. When I saw their photo teasers, I thought they were going for a hip-hop, fierce vibe and I actually cared what the song would be like. But after hearing the song and seeing the other teasers, I just thought WTF. Eunjung looked REALLY awkward at moments during the dancing, Jiyeon didn't look fierce at all, Areum didn't get any air time until her solo which was about 10 secs long, the only one that matter was Hyomin. I'm not a Hyomin fan, I prefer Jiyeon, but Hyomin was giving me life. She was selling it to me, she was very charismatic and had personality. Everyone else couldn't sell me those clothes. I know everyone's talking about them being 2ne1/D-unit/Whoever the fuck has a fierce concept copycats, but they're right. This look doesn't suit them. 
As for the choreo, like I said I like it alot!!
Can We Love? ft Double Kick: More calm and chilling compared to the other song. Their rapping is quite bad...that's because they don't have Hwayong anymore. Way to go guys. It would've been better if they just sang their parts.
Country Life Electronic Mix: Nothing different.

Overall, this sub-unit was a waste. I think they did pick the right time to debut this song because summer is on it's way, they've come up with a fun song accompanied with fun choreo to make it a hit. I'm interested to find out with the Koreans think of the song. As for me...I will keep jamming to 'Roly-Poly' and 'Lovey- Dovey', sorry T-ara, just didn't do it for me.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me" Part 2 Album Review

Shinee is back once again to provide us with another amazing album, part 2 to their "Dream Girl" Album! So excited!! After listening to the highlight medley, I'm gonna love this album!!

Nightmare: I love how this coincides with "Dream Girl" because the vibe is darker, it's a nightmare and they're still asking if she could still be their dream girl. Apart from that, I love it!! This song is AMAZING. Let me tell you how Jonghyun amazingly accents what he's needed to accent. I love the dark vibe, the lyrics, the chorus, the instrumental, the composition. If you listen to EVERYTHING on this song, it is pure genius. It's amazingly creepy and dark which is a great direction I wanted to hear from Shinee. I wish it was the entire concept for the album. Taemin sounds amazing....He can almost compete with Jonghyun if he wanted to. Immortal Song did him well hahaha. GREAT SONG!!!
Why So Serious: For starters, this song has Jonghyun's voice in it...they cut that ninja out of the mv even though he couldn't participate. That's cruel ahahaha. Now for the continues with the genre we were exploring on the "Dream Girl" album. It's rock/pop/electronic which I like, but I don't care for the song THAT much. It will probably grow on me. Once again Taemin sounds amazing. I loved Minho hear too!
SHIne (Medusa 1): Very interesting title!! I'm expecting dark vibes! We get an orchestral instrumental at the beginning, and then it starts kind of dark. Then as the song builds it gives a different feel when it changes key. It's a great song!

Orgel: The minute I heard this song I fell in love with's sexy, r&b/pop, sultry. And those harmonies are giving me life. AMAZING. Just freaking listen to the song I don't even have to review it. And the title means "weird feeling." Koreans use it to describe a weird moment.

Dangerous (Medusa II): I love the concept for this album!! It's clearly telling a story! Like it's split into plays and that's amazing! I love the song, it's classic 80's/90's electro pop. I love it!!!
Like a Fire: More 80's pop here but it gives me the disco, Prince vibe and I'm 100% here for it!! Great song, very upbeat and fun! I love the disco going on!!

Excuse Me Miss: I am in complete awe. The MINUTE it started I freaking fell in love with it!!! It's r&b done right!!!! Like Zion T r&b!!! SM WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?? FINALLY you are giving me quality music I would ACTUALLY BUY!!! GREAT SONG

Evil: Love it!! I like how it begins all soft to throw us off despite the title of the song, then it goes dark and I love it!! Loving Minho!! Love the breakdown part, I love the chorus! Lmao but that "ebol" or "bieber" is killing me. But other than that it's a great song!! Love it!! Love the instrumental!!

Sleepless Night: A ballad which we haven't heard from them in a while and I love it of course. Beautiful!!

Overall: Ok, I am quite speechless, I don't have a single flaw with this album. Even if "Why So Serious" is the weakest off the album, it still fits well and I love the other songs. I love that it's split into parts and it tells a  story. This album was very consistent which I love and it also gave us something different each time. Great album, I would freaking buy it! Seriously! It's the best SHINee album ever created and it's the best production from SM I've heard ever since DBSK albums. Go listen to it, buy it, put it on your ipod. You won't be disappointed!!

"Name is 4Minute" 4th Mini Album Review

4 Minute is back to start the much-anticipated slew of girl group comebacks for the spring/summer! I've been anticipating this alot myself but I was let down with the song...I hate it this most out of everything they've EVER put out.
What's My Name (Intro): Honestly, this intro is wayyyyyyy better!!! This should have been the actual title song!!! WHAT THE BALLS BRAVE SOUND!!!???!!!! It's got the grungy hip-pop sound too, fierce and more compelling!!!
What's My Name: Ok I don't hate it that much, there are moments that I really like, butttttttt, then I hate it. The instrumental is really good, I just think it was composed poorly and the lyrics aren't that great...It's just weak to me. It's not as fierce and stuff as 4 Minute used to be! It won't be going on my ipod that's for sure...
Music video is...dumb haha. I thought it was cute with them being in the room and what not, but the zombies made absolutely no sense. The choreo is decent, nothing all that memorable except Hyuna of course....
Gimme That: Started off exactly like Keri Hilson's "Way You Love Me" and "Get Ur Money Up" so that kind of put me off...BUT I LOVE IT!! This is the 4Minute I love!!! Hip-hop/pop, very upbeat and fun. Twerkable haha. Hyuna sounds GREAT rapping, and so does Seohyun.
Whatever: Very similar to the style of genre Shinee has been doing lately with the acid/funk/pop and I like it!! The song isn't bad at all!!! I like it!! I LOVE THE SWITCH UPPPP!!!!! GREAT!!
Domino: This honestly should have been the title song, it's upbeat, fun and Brave Sound....

Overall....I love every song off the album except "What's Your Name?" It's been a while since 4Minute has came out with something this good, but the title song is really weak. Catchy, but weak.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Should Have Treated You Better" uBeat Mini Album Review

U-Kiss is just so desperate for a win and recognition, that they've decided to hop on the sub-unit train like everyone else, and released a mini album a month after the released of their latest album. Excuse me, but what??
Here is the review of their 1st mini album comprised of members Kevin, Eli, and AJ, the English speakers of the group. That's what this sub-unit should've been called to be honest....
Intro: I could do without the ratchet intro, no one had to talk. I was fine with the instrumental.
Should Have Treated You Better: A midtempo pop song. Nothing all that interesting compared to "Standing Still". The song is ok, I'm just glad that they're leaving all that autotune mess behind and giving me quality even though the song is boring.
It's Been a Long Time: I really like the instrumental for this song, it's nice and chill. I like the band feel they've been bringing, like the drums and stuff, it could actually be performed live. Their sexy low voices work, I like the song!!

The rest of these songs are from their "Standing Still" album along with other remixes so this is so irrelevant. I'm sorry but if u-Kiss want to separate themselves from the plethora of rookies, they need to stand out more. "Standing Still" was a great song and I'm glad that the album charted really high, but...this sub-unit brings nothing new the table. APART from the fact that they STAY making comebacks against the bigshots...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Gentleman' PSY Review

PSY has returned after the mega-hit 'Gangnam Style' and the world is holding their breath to see how well "Gentleman" will do mainly in America. No one cares if it's a success in Korea, as long as he maintains his popularity in America he can prove he is not a one-hit wonder...but this song...
LMAOOOOOOOOO, this video is EVERYTHING. Not as awesome as Gangnam Style, and there are a lot of references to Gangnam Style, but this video is more hilarious in my opinion. I loved that the "Infinity Challenge" members were in the video this time, not just Jae suk and Noh Hung Chul. Haha is being his retarded self, I loved Myung Soo hahaa. Great humor in this video, Americans appreciate stupid things like this. When I first heard that the "Abracadabra" dance would be used I was like "WHYYYYYYYYYY" even though Americans don't know the dance, I already know it, and now millions of people will keep doing it. But the dance fits with the song, I guess I can keep doing it some more haha. I loved "Ga-in" she had more presence and activity more than Hyuna. This will make more people go watch "Brown Eyed Girls" stuff so I appreciate that! I still hate the song though. The comments on Youtube are changing every 2 seconds so I can't catch them all like I'm on Ustream hahaha. Some love it, some hate it, same as before with "Gangnam Style" but now the takeover will ensue and we shall see how well this song does. It's already high on the charts and climbing all over the world and I'm sure that the video will make it even more popular...

The Song: The beat is very electro-pop, Swedish House, synths and everything, somewhat similar to how Gangnam Style was created, but this sounds more Americanized. That's mistake #1. I agree that it's addicting but, it lost it's new fresh appeal that Gangnam Style had. I was hoping that he would stay true to himself, but I can tell that pressure got to him. The lyrics are horrendous and stupid, like a typical American song. I do like the "ALLANGAMOLLA" part because it's fun to say...and I like the "I'm a mother father Gentleman!" But those lyrics are contradictory. I feel like his original song "Arrassabia" or whatever might have been better...he had to change it to suit American tastes. Again mistake #2
But I do see this song being popular, but perhaps not as popular as "Gangnam Style". I'm more excited for the music video than anything, but with the pictures I've already seen, it will be similar to "Gangnam Style"
I do know that this song will be popular in the clubs, it has radio appeal, similar to LMFAO and I know that Americans will keep comparing him to them...

I think eventually I will love this song, but I won't buy it. I legit bought "Gangnam Style" because it was amazing, this song on the other stupid and too Westernized...

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