Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Loving U' Summer Special Album Review - SISTAR

The girls are back with a new single titled 'Loving U' and I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! I love the video, I love the choreo, I love the song, I love SISTAR. Now, there are alot of hater comments on youtube, saying that they're sluts, and the choreo is still pushing sex, and their songs aren't' meaningful. HOL UP. They do have meaningful songs and they have amazing vocals!! Unfortunately, yes, they do push the sexiness factor alot, but they've been doing that since they debuted. It's the role they took on to be sexy. If they wanna be sexy, let a girl group be sexy, they aren't sluts!!!!

Anyways, 'Loving U' is great, the other song on the album called 'Holiday' is a nice song. Not as good as 'Loving U' but it's pretty good. The rest of the songs are just remixes of their lead singles.

Hyorin is amazing. She needs to go solo and let the rest of the members stay as a group.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

G.O. and Mir's 'Wild'

So G.O. and Mir of MBLAQ decided to form a little unit and created the song 'Wild'. I like this unit, they took the main vocalist and the main rapper together and made a great song. G.O.'s voice is soooooo amazing, I love it with MBLAQ and I love Mir, I wish he had more rapping opportunities and he finally gets it in this song! I admit, this wasn't what I was expecting, but it's definitely MBLAQ song. It's not as badass as I wanted it to be, but it isn't bad either! It's a throwback, retro, groove, and a little modern pop. It's catchy and they sound awesome! And there's breathing in the song. Of course lol. They're under Rain lol.
The fact that it sounds really different in the kpop world makes this song special, but that's also it's flaw. I'm all for uniqueness, but there isn't much to this song. We all know GO has great vocals and Mir is extremely charismatic when he raps, but I was expecting something different....

But still, it's a great song!!! Is there gonna be a music video or any promotion? Or is this just for touring purposes??? Feel free to leave a comment

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jo Kwon's I'm Da One Album Review

The album is finally here! Jo Kwon from the ballad group 2am is the first to release a solo mini album. Fitting since he's been under JYP for over 7 years!! I was highly anticipating this album so hopefully it doesn't disappoint!!
Awesome Girl ft Yankee?: Electronic, club, dance track. It builds up great but it doesn't climax. Which is fine, but it's ok. I was expecting an amazing dance break with all that build up but then it goes back down. It's very catchy, I like it! Good opener to the album. It sounds like something I could hear in America and that's a compliment!
Animal ft someone I'm not translating that Korean lol-Jung Ho Suk: Love it. THIS should have been the lead single. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Another dance track, electronic. His voice suits this genre of music too, I'm glad he can crossover from ballads over to faster songs. Love it. Why couldn't this have been the lead single? All the photos and what not, I would've loved to see his kkab in this. Amazing, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Da One ft Zion T: It didn't have to be ghetto. I'm Da one. Not needed. ANYWAYS, this song doesn't flow after coming after Animal, but I guess we had to tone it down after the two electronic songs. At first, I didn't like it while I was watching the mv. But after hearing it again, it's really nice and catchy. Not what I expected from him, but it's still good. The auto-tune wasn't needed AT ALL. I have no clue what he's saying. But not bad, I don't think it should've been the lead single in my opinion because it's way too basic and happy.

This video...was all over the place. I understand the storyline, but since it just seemed rushed and all over the place. I think the song would've done just fine without the story line of the video but Jo Kwon looks fabulous. Work it honey!
Lipstick: Great transition after 'I'm Da One'. It's really nice, it's upbeat, has a happy feeling, snyths. Sounds familiar though, but his voice sounds nice. I like the production of it! Really good!
Who's Loving You Now?: Slow, but not quite a ballad. Mid-tempo, I like the drums. I was expecting a ballad, but this is good too!
Wingardium Leviosa: I'm gonna need for these Harry Potter references to stop. Tarantallegra. Wingardium Leviosa. Like, don't say it in the songs. BUT, the song is really good. Upbeat, synths, electronic. It's fun!! I don't think it's as catchy as Tarantallegra is but I would still jam to this. I can bump it in my car, it's a really fun song!! Love it!
Something 'Bout You ft Jinwoon: Love it. Like old school rock, modern pop, swing. LOVE IT! I love Jinwoon's voice in this he sounds sexy! Love it, love it love it love it.
Heaven ft Misoo of GLAM: Nice, lowkey song. They both sound really good!! I especially like Misoo and I'm really anticipating the new girl group. I like the chorus and lyrics. Really good!!
Just a Kiss: Yes, a ballad! Very beautiful, and it's in English. Beautiful!!!

Overall: Honestly, this is a really good, solid album start to finish. I admit, I was a little skeptical at first after seeing the video, but the album is really good. Nothing bad to say to be honest. Seriously nothing! I'm glad that his voice can cross over from ballads to up tempo stuff since 2am doesn't really do pop songs except on the occasion. But this album was all pop which is good! I'm glad he's versatile!! This whole album was consistent which is good. It wasn't all over the place, the composition of some songs were really genius! Great album. This should def go on your ipod. My only complaint is that I don't think I'm Da One should be the lead single. Just saying. Because this album has alot of other good songs. He should promote all of them. LOVE IT GOOD JOB JO KWON!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flashback 5th Maxi Single- After School Review

The girls are back, minus Kahi. Sad face. But I think they can still kill in the game without her, I'm glad she will get her chance to shine going solo, it's about time. 
Anyways, a random comeback because they were still having concerts and promotions in Japan and then Kahi's departure. Everything is happening quickly, but the girls are back with a sexy concept with their new song 'Flashback'

Flashback: Electronic, dubstep, the instrumental isn't bad at all. However, the girls vocals don't really match with the song, a lot of people are giving mixed reviews because of this. But it's not bad, it just doesn't fit right but I like the song so it's on my ipod because it's After School.

It's weird not seeing Kahi and her fierceness but whatever. Jungah is now the leader and her vocals are amazing. Everyone looks sexy, fierce, flawless, beautiful!!

Rip Off (Korean Ver): This was on their Japanese mini album from last year, the 'Rambling Girls' one and I liked it then and I like it now. Not bad at all, the drums, the weird affects, the bells, it's really good!!

Eyeline: Electronic, low key, it's really good, it builds up, Nana's voice sounds really good, this is her solo. She sounds really good, I like it, it reminds me of Kahi's solo mini album she kinda sounds like her. But, she clearly shines in this, I don't really like Nana, but this is a really good song!!!!

Wristwatch: This is a ballad, it's nice, but it seems that Nana is like a main vocalist but Jungah and Raina sound really good.

Overall: This isn't a bad mini album or maxi single, whatever. It's electronic, club, techno style. I feel like After School has been searching for themselves after the hits 'Bang' and 'Because of You' because nothing has lived up to those expectations since then. However, that doesn't mean the stuff they've put out isn't bad. I actually have at least one song from each album, including their Japanese stuff. What I like about After School is that they are constantly changing, they don't put out the same stuff over and over. I wish they had like a real theme for this comeback, like they played drums for 'Bang' and tap danced for 'Shampoo' so I was looking forward to something different. But since Kahi graduated and they've been in Japan, I feel like this was suddenly put together. I think they were forced to comeback because this just came out of the blue. With that being said, this isn't a bad mini album, I like everything, but since when has Nana become the main vocalist??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boyfriend's 'Love Style' Mini Album Review

I'm in Love(Intro): Nice intro.
Love Style: The song isn't bad, I don't care for it though, but it really isn't bad!! It's really catchy!!

Those freaking suits LOL. Nothing much to the video, except them bright, pink pastel suits LOL
Super Hero: Good voices, nothing special about this song except it's soothing.
One Day: More upbeat but still a sort of semi-ballad. It's ok, their voices are very soothing, nothing special though.
Wonderful Girl: Not bad, kinda catchy, their voices are nice.
Do: I don't know exactly what it's called because I don't feel like translating it. Nice 80's pop I guess, cutesy sorta, def Boyfriend style.

I've never been a fan of Boyfriend because I like manly kpop boy groups. When they first debuted I was like 'BLEH!' but they've improved. Props to their main vocal, he sounds really good and the harmonization of whoever is singing is really good! I don't care for anything in this album but I just wanted to review it. For those that really love Boyfriend, this genre suits them and this is a good album for you!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Electric Shock MV Review

Watch the video here

Nothing special about the video. Everyone looks really pretty, I love the choreography actually. f(x) is always in strange places and oddly lit rooms, consistent SM, very consistent lol. I've always hated f(x)'s style to be honest, I've never liked their clothes, sorry. There's not much to say, as usual with f(x) videos, there is NOTHING going. But it's nice, I love the song, love the choreo and everyone looks pretty!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Bang Tour Update

So, as I predicted, Big Bang is coming to Los Angeles and New York. duh.. Now the the problem is, we don't know when they are coming. Well, according to the countries list that has already been released, it is in chronological order. We have Japan in June, nothing between July through early September, then the tour resumes from September through December. Now, the time gap is going to be used for TOP's filming of his new movie, and G-Dragon's solo album. That is the solo time period so the tour would be put on hold. HOWEVER, that doesn't necessarily mean we are safe. Big Bang could still come during that time period but it is highly unlikely. Therefore, we are left with November and December. Possibly. But, those 2 months will be spent back in Asia. Sooooooo, Big Bang will not come to the US until 2013 or late December.

But, isn't this the Alive Tour 2012?? That means, Big Bang could continue the tour throughout the month of December. I'm 70% sure Big Bang will come in December, 80% sure the tour will resume in 2013.

That gives us VIPs 6 months to prepare. Since I live in Texas, I'm gonna have to fly to Los Angeles. Since the tour is in the winter for us, I won't necessarily have to worry about finals..........I hope not, because I can't miss school. But I can't miss the concert -____-. Anyways, I need to buy the actual tickets before they sell the freak out in 10 minutes. Then, I need to buy the plane tickets which will be about almost $500. Then, I need a hotel. And I need to buy my lightstick. And a tour t-shirt. *Sigh* the life of a devoted kpop fan.

The major problem right now, is when the tickets will go on sale. They can't go on sale now because I def don't have the money to crush the crazy fangirls. The server cannot crash. I refuse to lose to them. I WILL get those tickets. I'm praying to God that YG will give me 1 month to come up with the money. PLEASE CHAEBOL~~~~

f(x) Electric Shock Album Review

Out of the blue, last week SM released a statement that f(x) would be making a comeback with a new mini album. I was like 0.o really, I wasn't expecting that. Like we had a week to prepare for this and I was excited. They started releasing teaser photos and I was like 0____0 this looks weird lol. It's like they went the hippy route mixed with Donnie Darko. WTF.

Anyways, the album has finally been released!!
Electric Shock: Synths, monotone, clapping, typical f(x) sound. I really hate that now, they can never switch it up. When they first came out, they sounded really versatile and different from SNSD. They are more hip hop and funky. But now, they sound too typical. It's fine that when an artist finds a particular sound that suits them, they will stick with it. However, I'm starting to think they don't have vocal range. Can they not start out with monotone vocals. Freaking Pinocchio, Nu Abo, and now Electric Shock. It's not necessary. But it's their style. Whatever. Now the song, once again with SM, has 2 themes going on. We have the opening which is the main melody, but then in the hook it gets low key and builds up to the chorus. It's catchy, and I like the song, but it sounds like a fusion of Pinocchio, Nu Abo, and Hot Summer. But this suits them so it's good. Put on your ipod. Also, Amber doesn't rap, she's singing -___-

Jet:  Monotone again.mixed with the cutesy stuff like in Chu. And Amber did the cutesy stuff too. The chorus is fun. I like the fly ta da ta da fly~~ and Amber's rap. I like the make you loose control part. I think this could've been a lead single too. It's not bad, I just don't care for the cutesy part which is also similar in Nu Abo. I feel like we aren't improving.
Zig Zag: They really can't stay away from opening a song with monotone vocals can they. It starts out pretty bad to be honest, but it gets better. I like the 'zig zag' part, I believe that's Krystal. And I think Amber's added monotone part fits well. But the song is just.....But I like that 'Ji gi ja gi zig zag!' But other than that, what is this song lol. Like what is going on.
Beautiful Stranger: This is just Amber, Luna, and Krystal and it's the best song off the album. Amber's rap is really good, there's no freaking monotone, they are actually singing. It's a good song. However, the minute I saw it was called 'Beautiful Stranger', I thought of SNSD's Japanese song 'Beautiful Stranger' But the song is really good. Seriously. But there's nothing "special" about it except for Amber. She sounds awesome, finally she gets more than like 20 seconds of a song. She is definitely needed in this group because everyone sounds the same, Luna used to have a very distinctive voice, she's a powerhouse, but now she blends in. I'm sorry. And she was bias too. BUT AMBER IS DAEBAK IN THIS SONG. It should've just been her singing and rapping. Everyone else is irrelevant. Best song off the album though.
Love Hate: Versatile, finally. No freaking monotone, they switch their vocals and flip out of head voice and middle voice. It's really good. It's a nice song. It's catchy, the 'I love you, I hate you' is annoying. Wasn't needed. I love the singing in the verses, finally f(x) freaking finally. Amber's singing sounds really good. The instrumental is really cool, it has alot of stuff going on, it's great.
Let's Try: It's a "ballad" I guess, but not really lol. It's upbeat, I like it, Amber sounds reallllllyyy good singing. And once again they flip out of head voice down to chest voice so it sounds really nice. Versatile. I like the beat. It's really good!! It has a reggae theme to it sort of, it's great.

Overall: This is not a bad album. It's not amazing either. The clear person that shined in this album is Amber. Seriously. She sounds amazing, SM is making her sing and her alto voice is a great addition to the group. The reason why I won't put this entire mini album on my ipod, is because f(x) as a group, their vocals sound the same. There is no versatility except for the last 3 songs. It's not their fault. It's the producers. I'm not saying they should switch up their singing style completely, but it's nice to hear some vocal range. Luna is  really good, but you don't hear it at all in this album. I want the Nu Abo and La Cha ta Luna back. I want to hear more from Krystal and I want to hear the difference between her, Victoria and Sulli. I never know when Victoria sings except for when I see their mv. I want to hear her, and Sulli improve because I like everyone in this group. EVERYONE needs a chance to shine now, they debuted in 2009, they are idols now. They need to have their own say now. But once again, this isn't a bad album, I like all the beats in every single song, but their vocals don't make it special to me. I don't feel anything from them except for Amber. Electric Shock is the clear winner from the mini, but all of the songs seriously have a chance at being promoted, none of the songs are particularly weak. If I overlooked the vocals, this would be a really good album. If you're a huge fan of f(x) this is a great album for you. Better than the Pinocchio album.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2ne1's 'Be Mine' MV Review

2ne1 has recently teamed up with Intel Ultrabook and they have been promoting their laptops for a couple of months. About a month ago, Teddy (their producer) and the girls decided to create a song for the collaboration and they let us fans vote on how the song should be. Each week starting in mid-May, there were choices that we could choose from. I honestly wanted all three, but I know I didn't like this one in particular. I didn't mind another ballad from 2ne1, but I was hoping for something more upbeat you know? Like I'm endorsing computers, and if I want you to buy a laptop, I want to get your attention by a grabbing song with some fun lyrics! Especially if it's coming from sassy 2ne1!
Anyways, so it came down to composing this song. We had a mid tempo version, an r&b version, we had sad lyrics, we had fun lyrics, and then we had the final lyrics. Last week, it finally came down to choosing the bridge. CL was singing it and she had so much emotion in it, so I was like "Bridge 2 better freaking win!" And it didn't. And Minzy ended up singing it. What the hell. And Dara seriously only got 2 lines. And the mv is boring as fudge even though it's not necessarily meant to be a real mv. I mean everyone looks gorgeous don't get me wrong and Minzy's voice improves every day....but this was a major disappointment.

I mean, I like the 'So just shut up and be mineee~' but I don't think it really fits them, like it seems awkward. Yes, 2ne1 has done some sad ass ballads (Lonely, It Hurts). But now we want a man?? I'm use to the men bashing, independent, girl power, booty shaking 2ne1 so that I can forget about being forever single lol. Now I want a man?? HECK NO. Like who the hell voted for these lyrics????????????? And how come CL didn't get to sing the bridge????????? WHO VOTED FOR THIS SERIOUSLY!!!!

I'm really disappointed. Like for the first time, I don't want a 2ne1 song on my ipod. *GASPPPPPPP* I can't believe I just said that. Like tf! Idk, maybe I'll grow to like it, but I highly doubt it. Man, why is it just so awkward, it seems really awkward to me. Why.

Dal Shabet's 'Mr. Bang Bang' Album Review

Every song on every single one of their albums is better than the song they are currently promoting. ALWAYS. I'm not exactly a 'fan' of Dal Shabet, but I always tune into them because they usually have songs on the mini album better than the digital song, except for the 'Bling Bling Bling' era. That was HORRIBLE. Anyways, here's the review of their full album 'Mr. Bang Bang'.
Come to Me ft Nassun: Amazing. Love it. Hate the, 'hurry up hurry up' part, it's annoying. But other than that, thoroughly enjoyed this song. And of course I love Nassun, he never fails me with his songs and features.
Mr. Bang Bang: What the heck is up with that failed english at the beginning of the song!!!!! Definitely wasn't needed. Apart from that, the song isn't all that bad. I'm glad they kind of left that annoying cutesy image. 'Bling Bling Bling' sucked ass lol. I'm serious. But Hit U album was good, and I don't necessarily mind this song. Not that bad. All of the voices sound really good, everyone has improved. I don't know much about the new member so I can't judge her yet. Unfortunately Viki is no longer with them, but whatever. This song isn't too bad, it's sort of different from the typical kpop route right now, it kind of rivals Hello Venus, but not really. But like I said, not that bad, but not good enough to put on my ipod. Sorry. Once again.

The, I like the concept and theme, it's different. But still retarded. Would you go into a bank dancing all around and throwing money and waving guns all cutesy like? Heck no. And the police wouldn't go after the money. Hello.

Girls, Girls, Girls ft Maksutle: The beat from Seo Young's 'Oh My Gosh'. Noooooooo. But thankfully, that's just for like the first 30 seconds and it transitions to something different for the chorus. However, I have 'Oh my Gosh' on my ipod soooo, this is a no go. I'm sure the beat has been used multiple times, I'm sure they didn't necessarily take that one part from Seo Young....let's not accuse anyone...
Without You, I...: It's a nice ballad. The beat is nice, but it didn't really touch me. But it's nice and catchy sort of. Not bad.
Many Boys: Not bad!! Upbeat, pop, club. I like it! It doesn't make sense to me though, and the melody reminds me of a Big Bang song...I can't put my finger on it....
Disco Time: Ahhh yea! I love that Korea seems to be undergoing an evident time machine moment! Extremely catchy and cute. But I don't care for it, it's not bad though!!
Mirror: Another ballad, but it doesn't really feel like a ballad because it's fast. But I really like this one compared to the other one. It reminds me of After School's 'Because of Me' because it's slow and fast, but it's still a sad song. I really really like it to be honest. It might end up on my ipod!!!!
Love Shake: -_______________- Just no. The second it started, I wanted to plug my ears. It's annoying, cutesy, whatever.

These were just the new songs off the album, the rest came from other mini albums. This album....I mean, it's Dal Shabet, this style fits them. I'm glad they didn't venture too far out of their realm. If you like this kind of cutesy stuff, then this is the perfect album for you. I might take 'Come to Me' but that's it. I'm ready to start loving Dal Shabet start to finish.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wonder Girls 'Wonder Party' Mini Album Review

R.E.A.L.- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this is 'R.e.a.l' good!!!! Yubin sounds so awesome and sexy! Hyelim's rap skills are hella good too, props!!! The beat is realllly good, bumpin, I could blast it in the car. The production is done really good, the instrumentation, the vocals, the staccato, the sexy, impeccable. Seriously. I think it's the best Wonder Girls song that is brillaint. JYP is a genius. I don't think it should've been an opener, but it transitions well before 'Like This'
Like This: The beat. The beat. The bass. Heck. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!! If you have good speakers, bump this song and jam!!! It's a good summer song, I can see what they are trying to achieve. I don't care for how they sing in this, Hyelim didn't sound that good to me in this. I liked Sohee and Ye eun's harmonization. But, I think the lyrics and the beat don't match. But like I said, it's summer catchy, it'll get you grooving, it's meant for doing the dance they describe. Yubin's 'rap' is good lol, I found myself actually pointing to my body parts lol.

This video is so basic, I'm sorry LOL. They kept boasting about the production and all that stuff, but it has nothing compared to Big Bang's 'Monster'. Like all I saw was the crane camera to show the 'flashmob'. I really wanted more for this video. I didn't want a flashmob and for them to look basic. But I understand what they were going for. The choreo matches the song as usual in JYP lol. Fun fun.
Hey Boy: Reminds me of Beyonce's 'Work Out' the beat doesn't really fit them. It's nice, but the song is really basic. BUT YUBIN SINGING!!!!!!!!!!1 YEA!!!!!!!!!!! The way JYP and his producing team is really good! Like the stacking of voices and harmonization is brilliant. It makes me pay more attention to what's in the background. But other than that, this song is pretty basic. Nothing amazing here compared to the first 2 songs which is fine, it's slowing the party down so you can dance with your man. Haha.
Girlfriend: I feel like this is a continuation of 'Girl, Girl' from their last album. It's really pretty, the guitar adds to the somber tone, I like it alot. Ye eun and Sunye's voices are crazy good. They have the best voices in JYP, hands down. Sohee has improved alot in this album, and Hyelim sounds basic as usual. I fucking love Yubin. Have I stated that before? Well I do. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE her. This is a good song though, two thumbs up, but not a good follow up to 'Hey Boy'. We go from trying to get a man, to finding he has a girlfriend. I shouldn't be worrying about that while I'm at a party, I'd start drinking out of sadness lol. Anyways, I love the ending.
Sorry: Another slow, JYP-esque ballad. I don't need this at a party lol!! Dang. Yubin's singing is a plus. That's it. It's a nice r&b JYP song, a song that JYP should sing.
The DJ Is Mine: This was from the 'Wonder Girls Movie' soundtrack, so there's nothing new. I'm not reviewing it. I hate Sohee's english LOL, I just can't deal.

Overall: To be honest....this album is good because it's a different sound for the Wonder Girls, however, that's the flaw. I feel like JYP is getting way too experimental with his artist. I didn't like miss A's album because the sound didn't suit them, same with JJ, same with Wonder Girls. It's fine that he's experimenting with them, but, the sounds don't suit the groups. I feel like if you're gonna change an artists' sound, it has to suit them. Everything just sounds thrown together or that it belongs to JYP himself. Now THAT is what I'm getting annoyed with. I can tell (except for miss A's recent album) that JYP puts his hands on his artists' work. Apart from him saying, 'JYP~~' its too evident he produces stuff. It needs to change. Like at least in SM, they switched up their r&b/pop with EXO finally. And YG's music NEVER sounds the same to me. So, now that JYP has successfully established his artists, he needs to step away and let them do their own thing. I'm sick of his stuff and Brave Brothers sounding the same. If you're gonna do something different, make sure it works. I just felt awkward listening to a mashup of stuff from miss A, JJ, and Wonder Girls.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyways, I think you should buy the album if you must. It's pretty solid to me. I didn't want the JYP leftover ballads on here though, I wanted the party. 'REAL' and 'Like This' are the best songs. Clearly. Girlfriend gets kudos too though.

BIGBANG'S 'Monster' MV Review

Where to begin. Well. It's demonic haha. It's the most demonic kpop music video I have ever seen, but that's ok.
G-Dragon: He didn't necessarily scare me all that much. It would've been best if they kept him in the red hair, because I just can't get past the mushroom hair LOL. I mean, could he even see??????? LOL. I think perhaps with the changing of the hair, it has to do with whatever power he has. I'm trying to analyze the video and assign powers to whatever demonic attributes they have. I'm drawing a blank with GD lol.
TOP: He creeped the fuck out of me. Seriously. Even that Kentucky Derby hat freaked me out. Jeezzzzz. The eyes, his shiftiness, the dark side of his face, his movements in the old lady attire, like it freaked me out!!!! Well freaking done TOP. Simply brilliant, he captured the essence of the theme beautifully.
Taeyang: Scared the crap out of me. He had the best scariest look. The eyes made him look sexy and scary lol. Like I actually don't want to be afraid even though he is a monster. Anyways, the Micky Mouse, buffalo hair is a no go. No. Go. Never again Bae, never again. But yea, his facial expressions, the make up, I truly felt that he was a monster crying out not to be afraid. Oh. Just freaking brilliant.
Seungri: His eyes creeped me out too. The one thing that I will forever love about Seungri even though I don't like his personality, is his voice. His voice is very somber, sorrowful, and it portrays impeccably in Big Bang's songs. He doesn't have the strongest vocals like Taeyang and Daesung, but his sorrowful touch is the icing on the cake. His voice was so brilliant in the 'gajima~' translating to 'don't go'. Wow, they really made me not want to leave them even though they are monsters.
Daesung: His body was awesome, that creeped me out, the way it kept changing and adding shapes and what not. Scary. His voice makes this song special too. 

This video was so impeccably done. I could tell it was big budget. The HD, the freaking cameras, the explosions, it looked awesome!!! I thought 'Fantastic Baby' was my fav kpop mv, but now, 'Monster' easily takes the cake. I have never seen anything like it, so beautifully done except for Brown Eyed Girl' metaphor filled music videos. This is brillaint YG, impeccable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now someone help me analyze it, I can't wait for Eat Your kimchi!!!

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