Sunday, July 13, 2014


I will still occasionally come back to this blog, but for now I want to experiment on Wordpress. Check out my new website!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Sera of Nine Muses has "graduated" from the group now that her contract has ended. Personally, this is a shocker to me because it seemed that she cared the most about this group. However, she might be happier now and too be honest, she def has better potential as a solo artist. Even though Nine Muses is starting to get more public recognition, they never had a huge hit. I've been following them since their debut because I liked all of their title track songs but since they have CONSTANTLY had member changes, it's time to let the group go.

I wish Sera success with another company!

PS Sera made her own Youtube channel for uploading covers about 2 months ago...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

20th Anniversary Dream Concert Review

I decided to review this and actually watch it for Bada lmao. Das it. There was no particular performance I cared about seeing except Got7 but once I saw the lineup of artists, I immediately retracted my statement. It was filled with TOO MANY NUGU IDOLS. I remember when the concert had Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, B2st, Kara, 4 Minute, After School, mainly idols that mattered. But now, apart from the usual artists that always perform, there are people I have never even heard of!! How could they perform at a special concert known in Korea for idols that have relevancy and are actually known to the public?? Then I realized this was taking the place of the weekly show Inkigayo so I feel like they asked for idols that would be promoting at the time to be a part of the line up. But that also wasn't the case because Rainbow has been performing the same song for the past 2 years...Anyways here's my review:

Not much to this...I enjoyed the opening I like that Dynamic Duo always allow other idols to perform with them. From Big Bang all the way up to Vixx. They give them a chance, even if those idols don't get much camera time haha. I loved Block B's rock version performance, they always get the place jumpin. I enjoyed Bada and Eunji's duet (I would've preferred just Bada since it was HER SONG), 4 Minute's remix and I liked that all the members came out from various places of the stage, I liked the rap between BtoB's Ilhoon and Vixx's Ravi and the dance battle, Exo's performance was decent. They all danced really passionately simply because they were lip-syncing lol but that doesn't matter (nor is that anything new) since we wouldn't have heard them singing anyways because of the screaming girls. Everyone else isn't worth mentioning because it's the same performance you see from a weekly show...boring.

So basically, nothing to discuss here. I just thought that since it was the 20th anniversary they would've done something special besides bring out Bada and the small tribute to past idols that would slay a few artists today.

Good Luck Mini Album Review

B2st are back!! The talented boy group is back this time with a mini album after last year's 'Shadow'. I wasn't a fan of last year's album because it seemed catered to Junhyung's breakup with Kara's Goo Hara. Hopefully, they are out of that funk to release new material that will put them back at the top like their song 'Fiction'. 
We Up: This is a really fun opening song. It's funky, upbeat, catchy with pop synthesizers it's great, their vocals are good it's just great.
Good Luck: This is the title song and it is rightfully so. Great song. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE Junhyung's part because the lyrics matched with the tone of the song and the instrumental was amazing by itself. Great song. It will have to grow on me because it's not simple and catchy, it has alot of elements in the song but it's really good. Good job to Junhyung because his composing and producing skills are definitely at the top.
Love the quality of the video, I'm sure I will watch again to catch everything because alot of B2st videos have some type of symbolism going on. LOVEEEEEE THE CHOREO. The only thing I'm not here for is the wannabecoon collection for Hyunseung's attire. Not feeling it at all.
Dance With U: These heavy synthesizers seem to be the theme for this album and it's really good. It's giving every song so far a good dramatic touch. It's like at any moment there will be a dubstep breakdown but thankfully we don't have to resort to such cheap measures. I like the song alot!

No More: This was released last week. A beautiful r&b ballad. 
I LOVE how creative this video. It's pretty and the promotion of the members on Instagram is great. Again, I'm not here for the foolishness on Hyunseung's head. Everyone else looks nice and clean cut while he looks like he's gonna go clock in for work at janitorial services.
History: YASSSSS. R&b slow jam!! HERE FOR IT!!!
By Your Side This Night: I really like the vibe for this. It's so chill and jazzy during the verses and then it picks up during the chorus but it's still really beautiful. It's a mid-tempo ballad song but you can def jam to it. Great song!
Sad Movie (Korean ver): This is my first time hearing this, I did not here the Japanese version so I am loving it. LOVE ITTT. 
Overall: This was a really good album start to finish. They have a more mature, darker sound but it's still pop and you can dance to it too. I applaud the producers for the songs and the composers including Junhyung and any other B2st members that contributed to this album. Really good. Nothing negative to say at all!
Rating: 4.8/5

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rise 2nd Album Review

FINALLY! Taeyang is back with a full album! His last album 'Solar' was released in 2010 it has really been 4 years since Taeyang gave us any new material (except for Ringa Linga). Disrespectful YG, just DISRESPECT. Taeyang's much anticipated album 'Rise' is digitally released today while the physical release will come later.
Intro(Rise): This was used in his teaser video released a week ago. It's a nice intro, I like the instrumental alot and I like his voice alot. I can hear the maturity. And it's sexy haha. When he cusses it's sexy to me hahaha because you don't really hear that coming from him. Anyways it's great. I almost wouldn't mind it being a full song because it's really good! He also sings the entire song in English.
Eyes, Nose, Lips: This is the title song and it's a beautiful r&b ballad! We weren't really expecting the title song to be like this but it's a really nice song!
It's nice to see Taeyang naked. Always a pleasure. It's just Taeyang singing to us in a one take shot and then a billboard of the girl he's singing about burns in the background. Nothing much to it, very simple. I'm sure for the other title tracks Taeyang will give us more quality in his music videos.

1 am: Upbeat, piano and drum heavy, more pop. It's a nice song, I like when it builds up to the chorus, good song, nothing memorable to me though.
Stay With Me ft G-Dragon: I believe Taeyang produced alot of this album because of the piano and consistent beat that is evident in all of the songs thus far. I like that it opened with G-dragon he added a nice touch to it. It's a nice pop song and I can see it being high on the charts and the public liking it.
Body: This has a little soul and funk to it. I really like the beginning and I like CL's voice too. It's a fun upbeat song, I don't really care for it because the lyrics are a little lame. I really like the instrumental during the verses!
Ringa Linga: We all know this song. I didn't like it at first but I grew to love it.
This Ain't It: This is a beautiful ballad!
Let Go: really like the melody for this, it's mid-tempo and good. The rhythm is very catchy, I like it.
Love You to Death: My favorite song off the album and it's not produced by Teddy. I love it.
Overall: Almost every song off this album was produced by Teddy...and I don't like it. This album doesn't really seem Taeyang. It's not really r&b or pop, but the sound does suit him. Taeyang can make anything work. I like that he went for something different with his sound, but I honestly don't like any of the songs except for 'Love You to Death'. I love Britt Burton for this. Taeyang's best songs on this album are from other producers. Sorry Teddy. Almost every song here sounds the same, there's no range, it's honestly kind of...boring. I wanted more and I'm disappointed. Good album,'s not what I wanted to hear.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm in France!!

I am in France for 4 months so I will not be ble to update this blog I will try Often aim to leave reviews for artists I really want to hear from (2ne1, Big Bang, etc.) so sorry if It Seems empty.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tense Album Review

For starters I am loving this album cover it's pretty creative and simple at the same time. Well this album has been released as a part of their 10 year anniversary as TVXQ...but...not as the 5 they started off with. But I won't go into that, it's too sad. I'm just gonna say Keep the Faith.
TEN (10 Years): YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. It's that sexy sultry r&b I always love from them but it's really subtle and serves as a great opener. The lyrics pretty much sum up their 10 years they've been together by naming the titles of their lead singles and saying thank you. Love it!!
Something: This is the title song off the album which was released early last week so everyone should've heard it by now. It's jazzy swing and it's the first time they've attempted this genre and they've pulled it off. It's refreshing to hear something different from what's currently being played on the radio. It immediately sets them apart...apart from them being TVXQ haha. It's catchy and fun and through time it will stick in your head since the song doesn't have extremely memorable moments apart from the instrumental itself. But, it's still a good song! The choreo def makes this song.
YUNHOOOOOO gah he's so sexy...unf. ANYWAYS, I lived for the choreo, video is pretty cool great concept, not here for all the white women though. It's getting annoying kpop. We need some diversity. There's nothing wrong with having white women in your video, nothing wrong with that, but there's more to the world than only them. Rain had an abundance and I'm not just saying that because I'm's just THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE KOREA USE THEM. Or Hispanics, Mexicans, use EVERYONE. Not that hard.
Your Man: This reminds me of something from a Japanese drama! It has that happy, lift your spirits type feel! I do like the use of the horns, we're still continuing with that jazz feel we had in the previous song. The song is decent but it didn't really do much for me. 
Moonlight Fantasy: I really liked the beginning of the song, I thought it was going to be a ballad haha, but then it became upbeat. I enjoy the chorus alot!! It's really fun and again we have subtle, underhanded jazz moments so I'm glad that theme is recurring. 
Beside: Ahhh I love this instrumentallll!! It's good r&b and I'm always here for TVXQ r&b. Love this song, as soon as it started, it just hits you in the r&b/soul heart haha. I love it! 
Double Trouble: This instrumental is very strong and grooving and HoMin portray it great, I just wish there was more to the composition. I didn't like the way it was arranged but there are some really good moments. Especially during the hook and Changmin's long high notes. Good song and I wish I was here for it but I can't like it all the way. Love the instrumental.
Off-Road: I love how dramatic it sounds at first then it goes into this mid-tempo r&b/pop ballad. I love this song. At first I was skeptical, but nah I'm here for it. I love the instrumental!
Smoky Heart: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. THAT DAMN R&BBBBB. WHOOOO. LAWD TAKE ME NOW. They need to stop with this baby-making music I'm WOOO. Love it. Dead and gone.
Love Again: They've gotta chill with the baby making r&b.
Steppin: Jesus. Love it too. This is that old school r&b with Uncle Junebug on that mean bass and yo cousin on the electronic piano. HERE FOR IT.
Rise: A beautiful ballad!!
Always With You: Japanese drama ending!! Great way to close the album!!
Overall: I liked this album more than their previous one because it wasn't all over the place. However, I feel like they should've just made a greatest hits album and included 3 or 4 new songs and call it day. I feel like they just put this together because it's been 10 years and they haven't made a comeback in a year, might as well package it all together. But that being sad, it's a great album. I would've gave them my coins if it was straight r&b. Seriously. I'm still waiting on that day but we'll get there. The r&b done here is impeccable, 'Something' is great and the upbeat Soundtrack songs are good to, they do that alot so if you're a fan of that you'll love this.
Rating: 8.9/10

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