Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teen Top Comeback Album Review!!

Teen Top has returned with their 4th mini album, 'aRtisT' with the title song 'To You'. The music video has not yet been released, but I will post it later when it is uploaded.

To You: Once again, Teen Top has unfortunately teamed up with Brave Sound...AGAIN! I didn't like 'Crazy' from last summer because it sounded just like a typical Brave Sound song. I liked Teen Top's music because they didn't sound so generic, like Supa Luv is my ISH!! But then, they came back last year and I was like....NO! However, that song did grow on me and I retract my statement lol. I was hoping for this album that Teen Top would return to their original sound like in 'Clap' and 'Supa Luv' and 'No More Perfume' but I was wrong. 'To You' is once again produced by Brave Sound and it sounds like a slower, lower pitch of SISTAR's 'Alone.' Great. This song would've been good if SISTAR wouldn't have come back recently too. They sound too much alike. Unfortunately, *sigh*

As for the video, the choreography is awesome, I found myself just a little turned on to Niel and L. Joe, but that's not right because I believe Niel is younger than me. I'm going to jail. Lol. However, the song does not fit the music video. First you have the dramatic teaser with the ballad version playing, then you have the boys fighting each other and Niel drowning in the bathtub, but in the video you have them dancing on chairs and rooftops?? That doesn't make sense to me. Kpop music videos need to remain consistent.

Baby U: Like a r&b/pop ballad, this is what Teen Top does best to be honest. I would've preferred this as their title song. It's really good, everyone sounds good, and they are giving people more lines besides Niel. I like it!!

Shake It!: Best song off the album, best Brave Sound song I've heard. Seriously. I LOVE IT!!!!! It's face, kind of reminds of me back in the day bebop. It's really gooddddddddddd. Everyone has lines, not just Niel, Chanjo and Ricky have lines!!! And the rappers sound sexy! I would've preferred THIS as the title song, but since it doesn't sound like kpop at all, I can understand why it wasn't chosen. But seriously, I love it. I would put this on my ipod.

To You (Slow Version): I prefer this version over the original. I feel more emotion from it, but it still reminds me of SISTAR. Also, I saw on the comments section that since Teen Top is a dance group, they can't dance to this which is understandable. But still. I like this better!!

Overall, I've never liked a Teen Top album from start to finish unfortunately. I've only liked a select number of songs, but they are improving. We now get to here all of the members except for Niel singing and some of the rappers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Debut and Comeback Stages...and Farewells :(

First off, I like how at the beginning, they showed everyone's debut stages under JYP. I loved Rain , Wonder Girls, 2pm and 2am, miss A, and now JJ Project. This will be interesting to see how long and good JJ will do. Rain and Wonder Girls are international superstars and everyone on this list has good stamina. I hope that JJ will fit in and shock us with improvements, I wish them luck. 

I like the song now, I still have problems with the dubstep and rock section, but other than that it's ridiculously catchy haha. This was an ok debut, I wish there was more, like they should've performed more stuff or something, I don't know. It was really basic, BUT they sound really good. All the men in JYP have really good stamina, especially 2pm, jeez. But other than that, good debut.

G.Na recently came back with her new mini album 2Hot and this is the comeback stage. She performed Summer Star and 2Hot, you can see my review for the album here

This week is EXO's goodbye stage for MAMA. They did a joint stage with EXO-M so this was my first time seeing all 12 together on stage. They had a very impressive debut, the 2nd best rookie group in my opinion behind B.A.P. I really really really wished that they could sing live. BUT THEY HAVEN'T YET! I, mean the choreo can't be THAT HARD where you can't sing. SHINee did it, B.A.P. did it, Infinite can, so why can't they? Maybe next time when they do a comeback, they will actually sing instead of doing bad lip-syncs. I love you Kai.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

G.Na's 2Hot MV Released!

You can watch the video here. It has not yet been made "public" for some reason yet so you can't search it.

Um, the video was nice. It fit the song which is good, but I still don't care for it much. It's catchy, but not enough. The firemen were hot though, A+ for that lol! The choreography was a little raunchy, like it belonged in 4Minute's 'Volume Up' mv. I like her hair though, she looked cute. But that's it. Sorry G.Na fans. She needs to go back to songs that fit her, like 'Black and White' and 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live'. The Top Girl album didn't have ANYTHING I liked except for perhaps 'Bananas' Maybe next comeback she'll return.

Big Bang Alive Tour Countries Update

The Alive Tour has released only Asian countries so far last week. Right now, Big Bang is in Japan to kick off the tour. Here is the list of countries confirmed so far:
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
Now, that's already 8 countries out of the 26 they plan on touring. Hopefully, that's it for Asia unless they're stopping by Mumbai or something LOL. Next on the list is apparently the countries for North and South America, which could mean they are coming here around the fall. It depends on if they're doing this in legs or not. They will be hitting up the Philippines and Malaysia around July since Big Bang is like staying in Japan for a month lol. So, if they immediately keep going with the tour, Big Bang won't get to America around the end of the year. Also, we have to take into account their solo activities. Apparently, GD is dropping his album near his birthday in September, therefore a month will go to that. If that's still happening.

I also have a hunch of where they're gonna go next. I heard Australia, but that's not in Asia, nor Europe, and certainly not the Western Hemisphere. But who knows. Next, in Europe, obviously England, was it Iceland where they got the MTV EMA? That country. France, Germany...that's all I could think of. Then for North America, obviously Los Angeles and New York. But I also think Atlanta might have a chance...we'll see. Obviously Canada too. South America is Brazil and Peru, I don't know where else. So, there could be more for Asia or Europe. I don't know. BUT YG NEEDS TO AT LEAST TELL US THE CITIES. This is getting out of hand. I need to know how much I need to save!!!!

I will update on the countries whenever YG stops being a troll.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Heo Young Saeng 2nd Mini Album 'Crying'

I didn't know Heo Young Saeng was coming out with a new mini album. I just thought 'Crying' would be a digital single or something. Anyways, I'm doing this review because I absolutely positively loved 'Out the Club' so I was hoping I would get a follow up from this album.

Well, I read the first comment on Youtube and it said it reminded them of Taeyang's 'Wedding Dress'. I listened to crying and it sounds like a slower version of 'Wedding Dress' Great. They ruined it for me although I probably would've came up with that conclusion myself.  The song is ok. I know he's capable of better, his ballads are beautiful, but I don't care too much for it. Sorry.

Intimidated- A club song, upbeat and what not. It's ok. Not as good as 'Out The Club'. That song was perfection lol. But yea, this is ok.
Hello Mello- Sounds like it belongs to a Japanese anime soundtrack. Very upbeat, rockish, a tpyical anime song lol. It's nice.
Maria- I haven't heard it yet, it's not on Youtube unfortunately.

So, this album was ok. Nothing else to say really. I will continue to jam 'Out the Club' then LOL

G.Na's 3rd mini album 'Bloom'

I will post the video later when it releases. The song 2Hot is....not all that great. It's ok, but I was sort of expecting more. The instrumental is nice, I like that rag time, saloon type sound to it. But the lyrics, and how it's portrayed...I just don't like it. The chorus is kinda catchy though. It's not a song that I'll put on my ipod, sorry G.Na. The whole time I was listening to it, 'Bounce' by JJ was playing in my head LOL. Maybe once I see the dance, it'll grow on me.

Green Light ft Jay Park- A million times better than 2Hot. Best song off the album in my opinion. Seriously. It's that good. I'm glad they did this collab, Jay sounds like Chris Brown and G.Na is G.Na I guess. I realllly like. It's very westernized so if they released this in English and actually promoted this in the US, it would def get airplay. I like it, this should've been the title song. I would like to see a video for this. But will I put it on my ipod??? Maybe not. Hahahaha.

Summer Star- This is a ballad. It's very soothing, her voice sounds nice. But it's ok. It kind of sounds like it could go on the Rooftop Prince Soundtrack...

Brother, Sister ft Sangchu- This is a slower song, sort of popish r&b. Since I don't know the lyrics it sounds like it would be a nice song, but then she starts saying "Be my boyfriend" so what is this about?? This too sounds very Westernized, but I don't really care much for it. Sangchu's rapping is nice though, it's a good compliment to the song.

Quit It- OHHHHHHHHHHHH sHITTTTTTTT this the jammmmmmmmmmm. R&b and sexy!!! YES!!! This is good!!!!!!!!! HECK YEA! Yes, this is what I was waiting for, this is the G.Na I wanted. She makes good relatable songs. Yes. This is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best song off the album, this will definitely be on my ipod!!

I'll Back Off So You Can Live Eng Ver: Damn. This song again lol. It's my favorite song by her, it brings me to tears all the time. Now they have it in English so now I can freaking sing along and cry. Dang. However, Junghyung's rap is in Korean, don't excited. His engrish is bad hahahaha.

Overall: I think the reason why I never liked G.Na's songs was because it was extremely Westernized, which I guess works for her because she is from Canada, she's fluent in English. Same with Jay Park, all of his songs are Westernized, I could imagine hearing stuff on the radio in America. However, with G.Na, I've heard her sounds before. It's nothing new to me. Her best song is still 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live' and I still get goosebumps whenever I hear it, but it's still Westernized. The best song off this mini album is clearly 'Quit It' then 'Green Light' would follow, but they both remind me of American artist. I've heard it all before. I want to get away from that typical urban sound, that's why I went to Kpop. Maybe that's why I don't like her stuff. It's not bad, it's just too typical. Now, '2Hot' is different!!! I'll give her that! But once I see the video, I still won't care for it...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is Anyone Excited for G.NA's new song 2HOT??

G.NA from Cube Entertainment is back with a new mini album called Bloom, featuring the lead single, '2HOT.' I'm somewhat excited for this, but then again I'm always excited for G. NA even though I've liked none of her stuff. Seriously. The only song I liked was her "deubt", 'I'll Let Go So You Can Live'. That song brings me to tears everytime I hear it...everything else was a disappointment in my book except for 'Black and White'. 

I really like G. NA, but then again I like EVERYONE that can speak English so....lol. I'm excited so that maybe she can finally win me over because I really want to like her music. She has a great voice, I don't know what it is that turns me off about her music...I like her hair color that she changed, it's super cute and pretty, I wish I could pull it off:

The teaser for the song came out today, the song won't be released till the 22 (tomorrow for us Americans...or today rather since it's the 21st). Umm...the song sounds like it will be interesting. The male firemen are HOT!!!!!!! I will def tune in for them lol. The teaser just plays the instrumental I presume. Maybe once I hear it all the way, it'll grow one me so I can like it.

It's showing off her sexy side, the dance should be interesting. I'm anticipating it, although her thighs look so small its awkward seeing her thrust in shorts. I'm sorry, excuse me lol, she's pretty though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

JJ Project Bounce Music Video Release

After much anticipation, JYP's new boy duo JJ has now released their 'Bounce' music video!! I was so excited. But while I was watching it, I was a tad disappointed, let me explain why before you kill me.

Positives: It's catchy, JR's rapping is a plus to the song, it makes you hype and what not. Also, to accompany him, JB's singing is nice. The chorus is good, 'I wanna see you shake it, shake it for me~' I like that part. I also love the choreography for the chorus part. The 'shake it' is soooo cute hahaha.
Negatives: The song is all over the place. It has the beginning part which reminded me completely of 'Dance(Ass)' by Big Sean, so I was like, uhhhh, did no one else catch that. But that fades away and Jr starts rapping. That is the melody of the song. Then when JB comes in, at has loud dubstep in the background, I just found that too overpowering, it wasn't needed AT ALL. The chorus follows which is nice. Then it goes into this  guitar mode, rock and stuff and it says in the lyrics 'rock and roll' but that wasn't needed. After that it repeats. I just think this song was somewhat mediocre for them. I wanted more, sort of a different sound because they sound like Wooyoung and JYP put together LOL. I like their voices, I just wanted a distinctive sound to set them apart from 2pm, this sounds like them. If I didn't know who it was, I would've said, oh, that's Wooyoung and Junho, -____- Hopefully the rest of the album is good and sets them apart.

I just listened to the rest of the album. It's better than this song for some reason. I especially enjoy their song with Suzy from miss A and the old school one. Give it a listen!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kpop May 14-20

We have a new girl group named She'z, I've never heard anything about them or where they come from or a teaser. NOTHING. So when I saw them on Allkpop, I decided to click on their music video for My Way.

Umm, they have pretty good vocals. They sound kinda nasally though, but other than that, pretty good. The choreo is cute. Not enough to put them on my radar like SPICA and Hello Venus.

Next, we have the much anticipated male duo from JYP, JJ. The members are JB and JR who appeared in Dream High 2. I'm quite excited since I like JB, he's cute and since I didn't watch Dream High 2, I want to see their skills myself. Today, the released the teaser for 'Bounce' but we can only assume it's an intro, since JYP is known for now becoming a troll for teasers.

Once the mv comes out on Saturday along with the mini album, I will give a more thorough review of the song. From the teaser, I kinda let me down just a little, but I have hopes that'll change.

Boy group Dalmatian has returned with the song, 'E.R.' with a member change. Daniel left and now there's a new member. I liked them last year when they debuted, they gave off a manly image, and they had solid vocals and rapping skills. I liked them. Now for the song, it'll have to grow on me. They sound really good though!! And they're hot!!

The return of the ballad/soundtrack queen, Baek Ji Young!! This time, she's come out with a dance album compared to her typical stuff. I loved her duet with Taecyeon for 'My Ear's Candy' so I had high expectations for this song. 'Good Boy' ft Junghyun from B2ST isn't all that bad. I wasn't hype like 'My Ear's Candy' but I like the choreo. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Next is the hip-hop duo, Leesang, that just released their unplugged album and the song, 'Humility is Hard to Find.' I love their stuff and I love Gary, so of course I will listen to them now. I loved 'Turn off the TV' from last summer and now, this one is amazing too! Not as catchy, but definitely amazing. The video is SOOO cute!

I already talked about Infinite's comeback on Tuesday, you can find it on my other blog here under the Kpop Craze title!

Live Performances

Infinite recently came back with one of their best songs and one of my favs of 2012, The Chaser!

Baek Ji Young comeback

Dalmatian's comeback

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