Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Gone, Not Around Any Longer' Single Album Review Sistar19

Sistar is back, this time with the sub-unit and they will continue to overshadow the other members, but whatever. I did like Ma Boy but I can't say I loved it...but 'Gone, Not Around Any Longer' is AMAZING!!!
Intro: Nice, Hyorin cooing
Gone Not Around Any Longer: AMAZING. R&b/pop ballad, a different side to them. I think of this song like 'Alone part 2' because it has that same it's Brave Brothers he never really switches it up. Since Alone was a major hit, he decided to continue with that theme, and it works great here. Hyorin sounds amazing and overpowers Bora as usual, but I liked how Bora delivered her rap. It shows her versatility. I really like the song!!
Sexy, wouldn't be any other way haha. They keep redefining sexy in Korea. They keep it classy and sexy without showing too much and actually offering sensual choreography. I liked the see through table thing, making it seem like they were floating, I liked their dance break, but I also like their mini acting scenes too. I think the video was all over the place however, it had the sadness with the acting, but then the choreography parts, it didn't work cohesively all the time. But still, nice video.
A Girl In Love: Great r&b song!! I love it!! I love Hyorin and I really loved Bora's rapping!! Great song!! One of the best songs I've heard from Sistar since they've been out when I've seriously liked it the minute I heard it! LOVE IT!!!
They included Ma Boy...lmao
They plan on promoting both songs since they have provided both instrumentals so...

I really like these 2 songs, SISTAR keeps improving, with or without all 4 members, nothing to really complain about. It's just, they keep presenting us with the same concept...all the time. But that's what sells, it would be nice to see if they could try their hand at something different...I don't know...but regardless, these songs are good!!

'Eraser' 2nd Mini Album ALi Review

ALi!!! MY QUEEN IS BACK!!!! Even though I wish it was another full album, I'm content with EVERYTHING she puts out!!
Eraser: A beautiful ballad, with a beautiful voice, from a beautiful person
Starring the wonderful Choi Ji Woo, this music video is very sad and haunting, fits ALi's beautiful voice!!

The Tears Gone ft Kang Joon of C-Clown: This is a very interesting combination of singers, I have never listened to C-Clown so I can't judge his abilities but he sounds perfect with ALi! But I think her voice outshines him alot, either way they sound amazing. Beautiful voices!!!!
Don't Say Another Word: More upbeat compared to the previous songs, I love the composition!! ALi...just how can someone with an amazing voice exist?!! Jeez...great song of course!!
Selfish: Now that you put this song on the album with the others, it seems out of place haha. This was pre-released earlier and of course I loved it when it came out. Very upbeat, strong vocals, amazing woman. LOVE HER!!!

Obviously this is a great mini album because it's ALi. All of the songs are great and she has one of the best voices in the WORLD. For those that don't know her, listen to her first album which you can download and listen to her live performances from Immortal Song 2. Her vocal abilities will blow you away!!
I FREAKING LOVE ALi!!!!!!! Can't wait for another full album!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

'Without You' Infinite H MV Review

OMGGGGGGGGGG I'm sooooooo glad they did a music video for this song!!!
Great video, I like that they are in black white but other objects are in color, that's dope. A little symbolism for ya. I love the rooms they're in, the shifty camera, it has a classic hip hop music video vibe to it, and did I mention how much I love Zion T??
I've loved the song since forever and I jam to it everyday and yea.
Great vdeo!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Disturbance' BoA MV Review

BoA has released a new digital single called 'Disturbance' with the a music video featuring of Taemin from Shinee....I thought he was going to lend his voice to the song and I actually anticipated this, but no he's the male lead in this video...ok...
The Song: Really good song, it's pop/r&b kind of ballad, it's what I was expecting judging from the photo teasers. I think it's a continuation of her last album because it gave me those type of vibes, nothing notably different. But it's not that's good, just nothing special...
The Video: Cinematography is the same as her 'Only One' and it seems to be a reoccurring theme with SM and other kpop artists. Very crystal clear but gives off a mellow feeling. I thought the quote at the end was really cool because of the timer thing...that's cool haha. But everything else...their acting was hard to haha I'm so sorry. Everytime I saw those 2 interact I just thought Awkward, awkward, awkward, NOONA NOONA NOONA NOONA  lol. Yes it's only a 7 YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE but...still...That's like me interacting with Leeteuk...that's so weird. And they clearly looked awkward, CUTE but awkward. I could see the forceful time
Other than that, the video was good...

Friday, January 25, 2013

'Dolls' Digital Single Review Nine Muses

Nine Muses are back!! This time as all 9 haha and they have a more pure concept compared to what they've always done. With this softer image, I think they digress and this time they will surely be compared to SNSD because they are normally seen as stronger women and have stronger songs...but we'll see...
What Is Love (Intro): This is just an intro to the song 'Dolls' I feel like it was used for the teasers for the music video haha, but I like it though...
Dolls: I really love the instrumental and how it starts off with that retro jazz band sound that they are pretty much known for. It's nice that they continue to stick with this concept ever since 'Figaro' however, I think the song is quite weak...compared to everything they've ever put out...It's softer, not that strong, but I LOVE the instrumental, it's amazing!!! I just wish there was more to it...
Nothing special, typical like all their music videos haha, everyone looks gorgeous as usual, I like how they did the black verses white but there was no difference in them. When they released the pictures for it I thought that the White Group would perform and the Black Group would, like a separate unit sort of...but whatever.
Just Looking: Definitely a continuation of the previous songs, they aren't bad just nothing terms of sound...

I've been following Nine Muses since they're debut!! When everyone was calling them SNSD copycats, I stuck around because their music and image was different!! Their sound has pop/retro and they had more attitude and vocal stability and addictive songs! I've loved No Playboy, Girls, Figaro, News, and One Way Ticket!! Now...this song is sort of a let down because they wanted to change up their image...I think that destroys their previous efforts because now they look and sound like every other girl group and will continue to lose to SNSD.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MFBTY(MyFansBetterThanYours) 'Sweet Dream' Review

Project group MFBTY comprised of Tiger Jk, Tasha/Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy came out with a single called 'Sweet Dream'. I'm so glad T and Tiger JK are doing more music but I still need a full album!! Not just singles or whatever, but I shall wait....
Sweet Dream: It's electronic, pop and what not, I wasn't really expecting this type of genre from them but it's pretty good. Their rapping is good as usual, but there's nothing AMAZING about the song, I do like the verses however, dope beat. But the actual song is just meh...I just want the hardcore JK and T back that's all. And I feel like Bizzy barely got a chance to shine, the song is so short!
Wow. Fucking AWESOME. HOLY CRAP!!! It's the best music video...I....have ever seen!! It's soooo freaking cool, the visuals and the themes is just WOW. I haven't seen anything like this before!! SOOOOOOO cool. Just...amazing, I'm in awe!!! Seriously AMMMMMMMMMMMAZZZZZZINNNNNNGGGGGG. Super cool!!!!
Bizzy/Tiger/YoonMirae: This is the hip hop I was waiting on!!! Finally!! Dope, amazing, the reign is here!!! I really wish it was a full album!! Tasha's English is....AHHHHH I really need for her to come back...seriously. She is THE BEST in Korea. THE BEST. I don't care what you losers say. CL...nothing...Miryo...close...but not enough. Nothing. The Queen. JK, I can never really understand him ever ahaha, but I'm sure it was good. I like Bizzy, he's awesome too. Great song!! I like that they named it after their names, dope beat. 

WHY WASN'T THIS A FREAKING ALBUM OR SOMETHING!!! Jungle Entertainment...please, give us more Tasha and JK. Please. No more empty promises.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunye to Conclude All Wonder Girls Activities

Sunye is leaving the Wonder Girls and she plans on revealing her future plans for her wedding press conference.
I knew that she was going to leave, it was only a matter of time...but I still feel weird about it. She said that she would "halt" promotions but I'm pretty sure that once she settles down and really starts thinking about her family, Wonder Girls will get put on the back burner...and it seriously makes since that Sunmi would rejoin the just doesn't feel right without Sunye, she the original member and the leader of the group...

Alot of Korean netizens have made several points about how the events for the rest of the members will turn out...Ye Eun is a good composer, but Sohee will continue doing pictorials and what not, but Yubin and Lim??? They would pretty much reduce to nothing. Maybe they can continue if they add Sunmi back...but honestly I really see the end for the Wonder Girls. JYP has made pretty bad decisions with his artists. Look at h.o.t....then with 2pm...and miss A had a promising chance but the public pretty much only cares for 1 member...what will happen to his artists??? I love the company, I loved WG and miss A and occasionally 2pm...but things are just slowly falling apart.
But we don't know what the future holds but I think it's best that JYP just debut another group and this time manage them more properly.

Once the press conference info is released, we will have more info!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Harvest Moon' 2Yoon Sub-unit/4Minute Mini Album Review

My favorites in 4minute Jiyoon and Gayoon are finally getting the attention they deserve while Hyuna plots her next move to show her crotch. TRUE talent...I mean 2Yoon is the name of the sub-unit for the girls and their Country with a Kpop twist....I don't know how I feel about that, I was expecting something glamorous to match their vocals...but 2013 is so far the year of fresh ideas. Hopefully they impress with their first mini album...
24/7: This is the lead single's cutesy, fun, uplifting, makes you dance or's not necessarily country. Even with the doesn't make it country, but I'm glad they weren't overbearing with that theme. It's could do well on the charts and appeal to the older audience...but I don't really care for it. I applaud them however for wanting to attempt to put something new on the radio. but this theme really doesn't suit them...
Nice western theme, cute. Gayoon has lost a lot of weight! Sometimes she's unrecognizable, and Jiyoon just looks awkward HAHA. I love her, but this is not her genre. Sometimes I forget that when 4Minute first debuted, Jiyoon was seen mainly as a rapper with little vocal line but ever since Immortal Song, the company made her step up to the plate. Gayoon can't always carry the group and Jihyun being irrelevant and Seohyun being a dancer and Hyuna with nothing but dance, Jiyoon had to help. Gayoon too looks awkward, Jiyoon shined and had more energy...but like I said, the company did them wrong for doing this genre!!
Nightmare ft Ilhoon of BTOB: I can do without him rapping...sorry. I reallllly like this song, I like the composition of it, but it fits weirdly after going after that horrendous song previously haha. I just want Gayoon and Jiyoon's voices, didn't need Ilhoon...even though...I like him hahaha. His rapping was reallllllllly good, but it doesn't fit the vibe since it's random...GREAT SONG.
Why Not: This is more pop/rock, kind of reminds me of like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood...anyways LOL GREAT SONGGGGGG. Gave me some chills a little, great voices.
Se Se Se ft Kikaflo: Amazing....and it's nice that they started off with Kikaflo, his presence isn't random. GREAT SONG, a little r&b/pop here...And Jiyoon composed this song, AMAZING. GOOD JOB GIRL!!! GREATTTTTTTTTSONNG. Very sultry and sexy, and the flow all works together.
Black Swan ft Nassun: OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Amazzing. All I have to say. Like, the minute it came on...and the fact that it's with NASSUN! WHAT! Hip-hop/pop/dubstep, Jiyoon raps here and I'm glad she's bringing that back instead of always giving the rap lines to Hyuna. GREAT SONGGGGGGGGGG. 

Overall: I was really afraid that this album would suck since they really wanted to run away with having that country/pop concept and WHY? Every other song off this album is really good compared to anything I've ever heard since 4minute's first album. Nothing on this album fits with '24/7' I don't know why they thought it would be a good title song. I am so shocked at how amazing this mini album is apart from '24/7'. seriously, nothing but praises, not flaw...Better than Hyuna's stuff, better than what 4Minute has been putting out for the past 2 years...just. Ugh. Seriously, it's a good album!!! I wish they would get more shine and opportunities like this to show how talented these 2 are. But because they are overshadowed by Hyuna, they are put on the sides. But I'm soooo glad that they weren't thrown away and this album is sooo good...minus '24/7' LOL.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jaejoong 'MINE' Mini Album Review

Jaejoong of JYJ is the next member of the group to get his first mini album after Junsu and his concept is Rock. I can't say I was anticipating this album but it's nice that he was able to do a different genre than typical Kpop at the moment.
All Alone: It starts off very soft with the piano, a sweet ballad. Great voice!
Mine: This is obviously the title song. And I LOVE the instrumental for it, I like the contrast between the empty and the full out rock. However, that's also its flaw, I think the song is all over the place. The rock that I'm into is different, so I can't exactly judge how this is. But I really like the chorus part and what not, but I kind of lose the mood once the piano comes on. I don't know how to put it, I just don't like the production of it. But it's a great song I can definitely tell you that. I love the band or whatever, just not the style of how Jaejoong sings it. To be honest the only rock I listen to is Coheed and Cambria, I'm not used to other styles. But the song is pretty short, I wish there was more to it. But it's quite good.
This video is wow. I can see why it took 60 hours to film. GREAT production. GREAT imagery, I'm glad there's more to this video than what meets the eye. I wouldn't exactly say there are biblical references but he is obviously the Dark Angel and everyone knows that illustrates to Lucifer. I can definitely see him channeling Gakt which is fine, this image suits him perfectly. There were moments in the video that I thought was SOOOOOOOOOO awesome, mainly the part on the color of his eyes and it fades away or something like that. It's so cool, I wish there was more of that!! But I feel like there was something missing in this video just like with the song. The lyrics don't really do much for me and there is no connection with the video. I don't know what the story is here apart from the obvious. I just wish there was more.
One Kiss: This song was pre-released and I think this song is very appealing given its genre. I think this song would get more radio play than 'Mine' because it has a cross over appeal, rock and pop I guess. His voice sounds amazing here, great song!!!
Healing For Myself: This was used for the 'Jackal Is Coming' OST and it's very calming.  It sounds very mellow with the guitar and the cello, great song.
I'm Filled Inside: This song is rock/pop, very upbeat, I like it, I like the composition of it!! Great song!!!!

Overall, I think this is a very consistent album, all songs fit with the vibe he was going for. I do enjoy 'Mine' more and more each time I listen to it. However, I can't really judge this album because this genre is not what I normally listen to on the daily basis. I'm glad he went for this genre because it suits him and it will definitely set him apart from others. But like I said, this is a good album. 'Mine' is the strongest song off the album, other songs are softer which shows his versatility. The fans will definitely enjoy this!
You can comment and let me know what you think, no bashing or insulting me, and don't restate what I've already said haha.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Infinite H 'Fly High' Mini Album Review

Infinite's hip hop sub-unit 'Infinite H' have released their first mini album. Hoya and Dongwoo are the rappers and main dancers of the group and I'm so glad they were the next to get their "solo" opportunities. Woolim is good and promoting pretty much every member in the group, great company!!
Victorious Way: Is this an Eazy-E sample?!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH! They are actually using real hip hop on this album like they said they would!! Kudos. Seriously. They sound really good! They're not just random rappers assigned in a particular group, they actually know hip hop. I'm very impressed. Great intro and sets the tone for the album!!
Special Girl ft Bumkey:  The song is really good!!! It's good that they chose this as the title song because it's not too hard core, it's not too soft either it still has the hip hop vibe to it! I like that they used a lower tone in their voice, they aren't yelling at me(like some rappers do), and it always surprises me that they sing so well too! Hoya and Dongwoo compliment each other so well! Hoya brought the sexy, Dongwoo brought the cute, it's perfect!!
Cute and humorous video! Hoya was sexy!!! I really want to hug him, he looks like a great cuddler lol. And Dongwoo was really cute!! I can never take him seriously because I know that his personality is so off the wall and all over the place but he's cute here! Nice video!
Without You ft Zion T: AHHHHHHH this is my JAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. When they performed it at the MBC Gayo I was soooo shocked! It's a realllllly good song. I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! It's very chill and low key, sexayyyyyy. Love this song seriously. Once I watched the performances I anticipated this album A LOT and gah. I love it. Great r&b song and their vocals are a plus with their raps.
I Can't Tell You ft Gaeko of Dynamic Duo: The fact that Gaeko is on this song is enough to call it amazing. Great song, 'nuff said.
Fly High ft Baby Soul: Great song, more popish and old school hip hop. Baby Soul has amazing vocals!!

Overall: Best album to start off 2013. Seriously. I knew I would like this album anyways, but after hearing it, it exceeded my expectations, the only flaw is that I wish it was longer. Great album, can't stress it enough. Good job Woolim, AMAZING job Hoya and Dongwoo I love yall and thank you for producing a hip hop album and collabing with amazing people. I haven't loved a sub-unit since GD&TOP and even then I didn't enjoy that album start to finish because they didn't stick with hip-hop. This unit did. So congrats to that. GREAT ALBUMMMMMMMMMM

Friday, January 4, 2013

Block B vs Stardom Entertainment

It has definitely become a battle now because Block B has released their response to the official statement from the company. And according to's all bull shit. Welp!!
Their lawyers replied back stating that the company is trying to place everything on Mr. Lee when in fact they DID use Mr. Lee as their CEO and that they did not reach a compromise with their contracts. They still were not getting paid and that the truth will be revealed in court!!

So it seems that Block B are still continuing with their law suit and more trouble ahead...oh dear.
I just find it so weird that the members seemed fine on Twitter a whole 24 hours before the world became known of the lawsuit....
But now people who weren't fans of Block B now realize they were telling the truth about the Thailand incident and how they didn't have any money. THEY SERIOUSLY DIDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY!! SEE!! I know that idol groups don't really get paid much at all, but it's even worst for Block B because apparently PO had to pay for their outfits one time. That's ridiculous!! 
So stay tuned for more developments!!

Block B Manager Under Fire!!

Things just keep getting worse...Mr. Lee seems to be the culprit behind the majority of this mess, along with other misunderstandings. Block B' company has released an official statement explaining everything and it seems that Mr. Lee did in fact swindle money from the members and their parents!!!
Along with this, there is a misunderstanding about the exclusive contract Block B signed last year. According  to the company, Block B didn't get paid because they were inactive and they actually changed the time period of when they were paid...
And last, it  seems that someone is fueling the fire by encouraging the members to distrust the company, creating confusion and miscommunication...

Uh oh....Now I really don't like where this is going...
But I still have faith that the group will still stay together, they just might have a different name...
But given what the company has said, it all just seems like misunderstandings so Block B might actually drop the lawsuit if they compromise but then again, we don't know their side of the story. This could turn out to be exactly like the situation with T-ara so we will just have to wait. We may not ever get the full story but I still have hope for the 7 to return.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Block B Sues Their Own Company!! Fear of Disbandment??

Oh dear!! It seems that their CEO of Stardom has not been paying them for about a year!!! Ain't that some BS!! They are asking for their contract to be nullified since the CEO hasn't fulfilled any of the promises so Block B is either throwing up the deuces or a possibility of disbandment...which is unlikely. 
I don't think they will disband, I think they just want to give a wake up call for their CEO and find another company. I don't know too many idol groups that have been successful with attempting this except Shinhwa so hopefully a company will pick them up together as 7.
They most likely waited till now to confront their CEO because their contract probably just ended so hopefully they get the money they deserve and stay together!! They're so talented it can't go to waste...

Update!! Zico and Kyung have removed all signs of Block B off their twitters!!!!!
Could it be that they are disbanding??? Or they will no longer even be a group??? Or some will remain some won't like DBSK?? This isn't the reality I just got real....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

'I Got A Boy' SNSD Album Review

SNSD is back!!!!! Girl's Generation will now reign supreme whether you like it or not. They finally released their 4th album titled 'I Got A Boy' which is also their lead single!
I Got A Boy: They start the song off with lame rapping. Not needed. 30 seconds in, the instrumental changes and I reallllllllllllly like what is going on. Seriously, even though this isn't their style I seriousllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liked it and it should've stayed that way....until they freaking sped it up. Not needed.  It's now more of their style because it's kind of cutesy but they are trying their hand at electric music which is ok. But it's too much going on. They don't need to all. I like the composition of it, but there's just too much going on. A HORRIBLE hybrid, there were really good separate songs in 'I Got A Boy' they didn't need to change it. They should've kept the slow part....or keep the fast part as the main. I really don't know what's going on here and it's soooooooooooooooo long. I don't need 5 minutes of SNSD. SM, why. There were good moments, and then it just went the down the drain sometimes. A lot of people agree. NOT NEEDED.
The video is typical. They are bopping off soooo many people it's ridiculous. Nothing original here. They think they some bad bitches. This isn't their style and they shouldn't do it ever again. It's nice that they wanted to switch it up, but no. I loved the choreography and Yuri looked like a bad bitch werk girl. Tiffany shined here and some people really do pull off this look, but
Dancing Queen: Reviewed this earlier. Don't like.
Baby Maybe: More of their style, cutesy whatever. Not bad, it's typical SNSD. Nothing amazing but I think their mix of  random English and Korean worked really good here.
Talk Talk/Say the Words/Tell Me: Korean version of Boomerang....that's why I was like....I've heard this before LOLLLLLLLL. Anyways, I already reviewed it off their Japanese album which you can look for.  I thought it was decent and I liked it.
Promise: Good song. I liked their little attempt at r&b/pop I like the lyrics, I'm surprised at how they executed it well! Nice!!
Express 999: A little Michael Jackson-esque 90's pop, but I realllllllllly like it. Ha. But it sounds like it's been done before, it's good but it sounds too familiar...But I like their harmonies or whatever, but it's nice 90's pop but it also did the hybrid thing which I'm not here for but the song is good!!
Lost in Love: .........I actually got goosebumps at how they sounded in the beginning.....Seriously, I can actually feel their feelings, this is the first time I actually praise their vocals!! It's a really good song!!!!
Look At Me: They're trying their hand at horrible rapping again. It's not the reality I wanted lol. More upbeat I think it would be a great jpop song. I like it but not the lyrics. The chorus is cheesy. I would like this song more if it came from someone else. Nice attempt though, kudos for that!
XYZ: Really good, this song could've been a good title song but I have a feeling about the lyrics...meh. But it's a good song!!
Romantic St: This song was used as the teaser for the drama version of 'I Got A Boy' and it's jazzy. I like that they tried to do this, it's broadway-esque it's reallllllly good actually. Their soft voices pull it off perfectly. Great song.

Overall: I feel like this album is consistent....and then I feel like it's not consistent. Like I'm left feeling confused right now because I don't know the vibe or concept they are going for. that case that takes major points off for me. Not consistent, this album had songs that were all over the place. However, there were songs that were really good and I did like them!! I think this album is A MILLION times better than their other stuff but that's because they changed their genre into something more appealing for everyone. Do I care for it? Not really, mainly because they sound typical, like everyone else. They had a distinct style and it's nice that they want to change it up and show their versatility but you have to come direct with me. I need originality, something unique. Yea it's unique for SNSD...but I've heard this all before.
That being said, I think this is a great album, I enjoyed it, they might gain more fans because of this or they might not. They are definitely setting the bar for other idols this year, it should be interesting since they are competing in style with others(won't be mentioned but you know who) and I'm looking forward to it. I have mixed reviews about this album, it's not bad, it's not amazing either...but I like it somewhat...

Tell me what you think, don't repeat what I say, don't bash me, whatever, no hate!!

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