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2012 SBS Gayo Daejun Review

It seems that if you want to get something done in the kpop world and show how fabulous of a performer you are, SBS broadcasting company will get it done for you. After last night's boring performances, the SBS Gayo Daejun took place and boy were there some noteworthy performances!!

CL and Sung Ki Kyung Collaboration
I was really looking forward to this mainly because it was an awkward pairing and because CL is my bias. However, this performance on CL's part....T___T horrible. I seriously CRINGED on some of her parts. This just goes to show you that they should stop promoting CL so much as a singer because she is not that great!! I keep saying that!! Sure she's capable of singing great songs, but sometimes I'm just like Why were they thinking of doing this? This song is jazz and CL's voice isn't capable of producing that perfect sultry sound. Minzy is!! She's the perfect Alto!!! WHY NOT MINZYYYYY. Ugh. Anyways. I only put this here because people were talking about it. Horrible performance, great song, it's just not for her to sing. Sorry Lovely.

Once again they did amazing as usual but not as great as last night's performance of 'Alone'. However, I would love to commend Bora!!! GIRL YOU BETTER WERK!!! She was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.

Top 3 Kpop Star Season 1 Finalists
I was really only here for Lee Hi and her vocals were extremely good so I have nothing bad to say about her performance. Ji min and Baek Yeon were pitchy at moments, but in Mercy they shined better and had more confidence. They really need to work on their stage presence but other than that, good. I liked that they did this collab. But they didn't need JYP on top of a damn stage with a piano with only a 5 second cameo. By the time they hoisted his ass up there the song was finished LOL. Extra. I thought he was gonna sing.

Hip Hop Collaboration: Supreme Team, Epik High, Dynamic Duo
BESTTTTT PERFORMANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN FROM ANYONE THIS ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR!!!!! The intro was amazing, best believe I twerked for Simon D and Tablo. Then I lost my shit when they mashed up Gangnam Style with Clique. I stood up. Omg it was AMAZING!!! Then Supreme Team performed Daeng Daeng Daeng, Dynamic Duo with Friday Night and Epik High's Fly. Great performance. Seriously. Shit. Incredible. OMG. AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING. I wish I could find a HD performance clip of it. Ugh it's AMAZING. I wish Leesang had came out...T____T

Always have love for this perfect boy group. Once again they teamed up with an orchestra and performed a great version of 'The Chaser' I loved this performance. They sounded great, better than last night's performance. Love it!!

SM The Performance
The only thing I will always give credit for under SM, is their dancers and their choreography. I have never failed to give credit where credit is definitely due. Even though I'm YG Family for life, SM will always have the best dancers and the best choreography. Now this was beyond amazing, I'm glad they put Yunho in this. They were extremely sexy, I'm pretty sure I no longer have ovaries thanks to Kai, Minho, and Yunho. Amazing. Watch this.

Dynamic Black
Great combination of dancers: Lee Joon(MBLAQ), Kikwang(B2st), L. Joe(TeenTop), Hoya(Infinite), and oddly Jiwoon(2am). He's so tall and awkward, he's a great dancer but I don't think he really fit this group and he knows it. But great choreography, great song. Loved their performance!!

Lmao I love this man and I love this song!! 'You're The One' was probably my most favorite song of the year seriously!! I loved his 1 man band and what not. I love the r&b/jazz rendition of the song. I wish he did the full choreo and had his backup dancers though for the full effect. But I LOVED his 90's pop dance mashup with one of his songs from back then. Love this man!!!
Clip found here

Big Bang
Just great, ratchet kpop fun. They've pretty much sold their souls to the ratchet devil and I am here for it(except Taeyang, I'm DONE with him) but of course their performance was live. I don't think I've ever seen a lackluster performance from them. Great energy. Loved their Gangnam Style mashup. Again. I would love to see this song stay in 2012 LOL.

Dazzling Red
Awwww yea!!! My bad bitches Nicole(Kara), Hyorin(Sistar), Hyosung(Secret), Hyuna(4Minute) and lame Nana(After School). They were definitely sexy I can tell you that. I like the song though, choreo is typical. I obviously prefer them over Mystic White.

Notable Performances: TVXQ: they would've been put on there if we hadn't seen the glow up arms before in the music video. I've never seen them perform it with them live, but it's boring to rewatch what happened in the music video. Loved their voices though as usual. Blue: I loved their intro and I look everyone in that group haha.

Overall: I liked that this year was the Color of Kpop theme but it was such a longgggggg award show. 3 hours??? Have they normally been this long?? Anyways, wayyyy better than the KBS Gayo Daejun which I knew it would be. Hopefully next week we will continue with the great performances and impress on New Years. Thanks for reading!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 KBS Gayo Daejun Review

The end of the year ceremonies are among us...well in South Korea haha. I always look forward to these award shows after Christmas because normally, the idols give us something to actually look at. Instead of performing their usual routines, they either remix the songs, do collaborations, and impress.
But this year, for the most part, everyone was boring. However, there were note worthy performances...

Hyorin, Ailee, K.Will
They each collaborated with musicians to perform American songs. Hyorin's amazing voice performed the mediocre song 'Sway'. Of ALL songs she chose 'Sway' like...c'mon now. You've got amazing vocals, use them. K.Will performed Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon in the Sky'. Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Love him. And Ailee performed her usual songs 'Halo' by Beyonce. She too could've done better because we've already seen a performance of this song. Anyways, they sounded good. Greatest voices in Kpop/Ballad

Hara vs Suzy Dance Battle
I don't know what this foolishness was but that's all I can call it. Foolishness. It's nice that they tried lol. Hara from Kara danced to a horrible karaoke version of 'Damaged' by Danity Kane. She looked really good but she didn't really dance there was just a bunch of hair flips and waves and trying to booty pop she has nothing to pop lol. But you know Junghyun is hitting that LOL. She looked "sexy" I guess. And then Suzy...from miss A. Like the other 3 members of Miss A are DANCERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, so why the hell would they put the weakest link up there??? Suzy tried to dance to 'Yes' by Beyonce' with some retarded rock mix....what the heck. No hate to either of them, I'm glad Suzy chose Beyonce' even if it was for 10 seconds lol. And Hara tried LOL. Anyways. This was a waste of time. Watch if you wish.

Idol Super Band
The Idol band comprised of Yoseob(B2st), L(Infinite), Jiwoon(2am), Jinyoung(B1A4), Taemin(Shinee), Minhyuk(CNBlue), Changmin(2am), Jonghyun(Shinee). Very talented. They sounded really good, I wish their was more feeling in the band members who played the instruments because they kept looking down to look at the music but that's my only complaint. They were really good!!

Return to 90's
Various Idols paid homage to the singers that paved the way for them. It was nice that they did this!! Everyone was pretty good!!! I particularly enjoyed the Infinite H subgroup and the joint performance of Moon He Jun and the idols for H.O.T's 'Candy' cute lol

Sistar's 'Alone'
Chileeeeeeeee, they were sexy!!! Fabulous performance!! This was their year!! Good job girls!!! Classy sexy!!! They gave us something new, kept it refreshing start to finish. But I only saw Hyorin...wish EVERYONE got their chance to shine with the remix at the beginning...but it's still good!

Other Notable Performances:
Ailee, K.Will, Dynamic Duo, Super Junior. I didn't want to put them because Ailee and K.Will and Dynamic Duo are already talented performers that always deserve applaud. But I included Super Junior because even though they freaking sang Sorry Sorry and Bonamana in there like they usually do, there was at least a nice little remix/mashup for Sexy Free and Single.

Overall: Pretty boring, nothing interesting except for the performances mentioned. Everyone could've been better or turn it up a notch or do something entirely different. But we'll just have to look forward to the other year end performances!! Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Dancing Queen' SNSD Review

They're baccccccccccccck!! SNSD is getting ready to make a comeback! Their 4th album titled 'I Got A Boy' will be released January 1st.
A new song called 'Dancing Queen' was released today in Korea which is a remake of Duffy's song 'Mercy'...oh gosh......Now why they did this, idk, but we'll see. 

The Song: I don't get why they needed to use 'Mercy' but it kind of fits with the vibe they are going for. I don't really care for it, especially since it was made back in 2008 but their vocals are good. Given that it's an r&b song.
The Dance: Reminds me of T-ara's 'Bo Peep' lol nothing interesting. It's typical SNSD, this was filmed in 2008 so there's no amazing choreography like 'The Boys'.
The Video: Seems like they filmed it right after filming 'Gee' LOL. Their outfits are quite similar. But the video is cute, typical of SNSD in 2008-2009.

I am more interested in their future for at the end of the video they gave us a teaser for what is to come in 2013. Seems interesting, I can't wait to review the album!!

Look at her. LOOK AT HER. Flawless. YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT SHE IS THE BADDEST CHICK IN SM. All kpop female idols, you THOUGHT you were relevant, until this female...I'm done. When will she go solo.

What Will Happen in YG 2013? TOP WILL GO TO MILITARY [UPDATE]

According to the plans YG and G-dragon announced for next year, Big Bang will receive solos, 2ne1 will have a comeback, Lee Hi album, no word on Supearls, New Girl group debut, and new boy group debut, then military enlistment. Yea that's right, military enlistment!!

2ne1: 2ne1 didn't promote much at all in 2012 except for 'I Love You' for about a month then they embarked on their world tour. YG stated that he wish he had put more money into their comeback in order to release an album but that didn't happen. Unfortunately. I think we all knew that wouldn't happen because right around the time of the release of 'I Love You' YG announced their world tour. So clearly it would be impossible to promote their new album and have time to start the tour. So. We were left with nothing T__T
Then in October, YG said that 2ne1 would come back in November. And of course I didn't believe it, but then I saw their new hairstyles!! And then word on a music video!!! But no is now December...
So apparently, 2ne1 will comeback...perhaps in April LOL...because the new girl group is supposed to debut in January!!!!! What the heck!! So it seems that we won't really get much from 2ne1 until February or March....But then where does that leave the others??

Supearls and Lee Hi: For those that don't know, Supearls is a girl group that was made of the best vocalists during the 1st season of Kpop Star. Since Jimin won and signed under JYP, Lee Hi will make up the 4th girl to join the group. She was not in Supearls on Kpop Star. Anyways, they were supposed to make a debut this year but instead Lee Hi got her solo they've been pushed back. But now that the new girl group is debuting before them and before Lee Hi, WTF!!!!!!!1 YG!!! GIVE ME SUPEARLS!!!
PSY: Because of the HUGEEEE success 'Gangnam Style' was, PSY did not have the opportunity to release part 2 of his 6th album. Therefore, he will continue to promote in America and overseas. In February, he will be putting about an album in America filled with Korean and English. Hopefully he will reach the same level of success like with 'Gangnam Style' and we'll see where this wave will take him.
Because of his unexpected success, this put YG in a frenzy throwing everything off. I think that's the main reason why YG was so unorganized this year after Big Bang's comeback. With their world tour and 2ne1's world tour and comebacks, everything was thrown off. Hopefully in 2013, YG will stop with his empty promises!!
New Girl Group: YG's new girl group consisted of who knows will be making their debut in January/February of 2013. In mid January, we can expect to see teasers and introduction of the members. But like I said, we have to take everything like a grain of salt with YG. I'm anticipating the group, but not reall mainly because they will only be between the ages of 14-18 so, I'm not looking forward to looking at a bunch of kids singing about what? Swag? Hopefully YG will give us something new which he always does, but I'm still worried...

New Boy Group: They too will be making a debut next year and all we know is that the Kwon twins will not be in the group LOL and Kang Seung Yoon will be in the group. No word on Kpop Star trainees. Looking forward to it, but still I will be considered a pedonoona for the ages in this group will be under 18 T__T.

Big Bang: So Daesung will get his solo in Japan in January/February while Seungri will most likely continue doing his solo stuff in Japan. Taeyang will come out with his solo either before G-dragon or after. TOP will act, GD will come out with another comeback this time with a full album around spring so probably April or May. Big Bang will come back together for the last time until TOP enlists...

TOP will enlist most likely at the end of 2013, G-dragon and Taeyang will enlist together in 2014, Daesung will enlist in 2015, then Seungri in 2016. Big Bang as 5 won't be together till 2018!!!

G-dragon said this himself during the Hong Kong Alive tour press conference. YG himself has not confirmed this because obviously it would cause a frenzy and deter from the debuts. The new boy group will take over for Big Bang, it makes perfect sense why YG decided to announce all the plans.

There is no official confirmation and what not, but it's hot on the rumor mill. So pay close attention next year for YG because Big Bang will most likely start enlisting the way promotions will go.

So far, Lee Hi released her album at the beginning of the year, Supearls is no longer happening, PSY will come back in September, 2ne1's new song is rumored to be September 6, G-dragon is September 2, TOP is in talks to star in Tazza 2, Daesung is promoting in Japan and the new boy group has their new show called WIN and they will debut sometime in November or December.....
There are rumors of a Big Bang comeback right before their enlistments. I heard that Big Bang will come back as 5 at the end of this year or next year and immediately following is military enlistments.
Many people are asking why all 5 of them just don't enlist together and the answer is simple. Money. Big Bang is YG's biggest cash-cow. They make I believe 60% of the company's money. So if all of Big Bang enlist together, YG would lose money and that simply just can't happen. There hasn't been a single kpop boy group that enlisted altogether, and that's because of their companies. It's best this way. 
So like I said last year, TOP will most likely enlist at the end of this year or early next year. During that time Big Bang is in the army, WIN, the new boy group is supposed to take over. YG himself said that they are created to be the next Big Bang.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunny Hill 'Antique Romance' Mini Album Review

WAhhhhh Sunny Hill is back and still as 4!!!!!
Getting Cold ft Yoon Hyun Sang: It immediately started with him, that's interesting, I've never heard a featuring artist in kpop start beautifully like that on a song!! It's a beautiful ballad, their voices sound great with Yoon Hyun Sang! I can feel their emotion!!! It's nice and sweet, soft and mellow. Great song, I think it  effectively sets the tone for this album.
Goodbye to Romance: The lead single off the album, I really like it! It's not what I was expecting because I didn't know what type of concept they were going for this time. It's fitting that they decided to tone it down a lot and show how versatile they are instead of constant upbeat songs. Their past 2 mini albums all had upbeat and midtempo songs except for Pray. So it makes sense that this time they would show us another side of Sunny Hill. I love Kota, I always will, I love her voice. Misung and the other singers sound great!!! I think it has more of a Christmas vibe to it and it fits the season.
Great, unique video AS TO BE EXPECTED from anyone under Nega and Loen. It's cute and creative, and all the members have a natural makeup look to them!! Kota looks so masculine though!! She always has but even more so this time, that's my only complaint.
Do You Want to Get Married?: Awww this song is soooo nice!! I believe they plan on promoting this song too because of they have the instrumental for this song including 'Goodbye to Romance'. I don't care for their voices because they referred to cutesy and it's become very nasally which annoys the crap out of me. I just want to hear their regular voices!!! But I love that jazzy switch in the middle!!! That was sooo good!! But the song isn't bad at all, I just don't like their voices. Sorry.
3-Out: It becomes mid-tempo here, reminds me of something that belonged on the 'To the Beautiful You' soundtrack haha. It's so nice and carefree and fun!!

Overall: I wasn't expecting this genre change, mainly because all year we've gotten poppy stuff to I guess announce their presence. But, with the season, these songs fit perfectly! I don't even think they really cared to promote with something serious this time around. They just put something out. But still, Sunny Hill's music always has substance and so do their videos, but I am slightly disappointed because their concepts aren't as strong as 'Midnight Circus' and 'The Grasshopper Song'. Those 2 albums were AMAZING, seriously, go listen to how amazing the composition of those songs are!! And the lyrics, just wow!!! But this time it's just....meh...ok...nothing that really sets them apart from anyone else currently. But, I am a Hiller, I LOVE Sunny Hill and Kota, but this album just won't be on my ipod...but I do realllly like the first song and the lead single!!

'What Are You Doing Today' 2nd Mini Album Review Hello Venus

1 of the top rookie girls groups to debut this year is back with their 2nd mini album 'What Are You Doing Today'. I really enjoy their songs and they are one of my favorite rookie girl groups(for what reason I don't know) so I've decided to review their new album!
What Are You Doing Today?: This time, all 5 members get to promote(one of their members couldn't promote earlier this year bc of injury). I don't care for the song, it's too cutesy, nothing to set them apart from other girl groups right now that promote this type of image. They've always have the cutesy image however this song is too overbearing with it. They sound typical like alot of people. I'll pass on this
No mv yet
Romantic Love: They slow it down, a cute mid-tempo song. It's not bad, not something I would put on my ipod bc their voices annoy me. I don't like that cutesy type of singing because it's so nasally. Ugh. Some of the members can actually sing, like Lime, but I really don't care for Alice's vocal skills...
First Love: This is kind of like a ballad, it's ok...doesn't do anything for me.
Same: They tried, it's nice that they picked up the pace and sounded more poppy, but it's still meh...I enjoyed Lime's rap though!!
Winter Fantasy: I guess you could treat this as a Christmas song...I kind of like it, very reminiscent of their other stuff and this is what I would prefer to hear.

Overall: I honestly don't care for this album at all. I prefer their first mini album, they don't sound any different from A Pink or Dal Shabet or any other relevant cutesy rookie girl group...I hope next time around they produce more quality stuff because this album just doesn't cut it for me. And now I only stick around for that bad lol?? 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

PSY Wasn't Nominated for a Grammy!!

PSY wasn't nominated for a Grammy at all and alot of fans are wondering why.
I knew he wasn't going to be nominated because his success in America hasn't been that long. Yes he's been in the Top 10 of everything for the past 2 months, but that's not enough to be nominated for a Grammy. Alot of people thought he would be nominated for 'Best New Artist' but, he doesn't belong in that category because #1 he isn't new he has albums under his belt so that doesn't count. #2 The category would be filled with Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction but they aren't even nominated in this category. So obviously PSY wouldn't. The nominees are Frank Ocean(I want him to win but I doubt it), The Lumineers(never heard of them), fun., Hunter Hayes, and Alabama Shakes. PSY's album wasn't in the top of the American Charts, only 'Gangnam Style' was, and the entire album is in Korean. 
So I think we all knew he wasn't going to be nominated for that category. And Song Of The Year, he wouldn't get nominated for that because like I said, his song isn't as strong as the other nominations. Taylor Swift, We Are Young, Kelly Clarkson, Somebody That I Used To Know, those songs took over the world and topped the charts for a long time!!!
'Gangnam Style' is honestly only famous for the video. Yea the song gets played alot EVERYWHERE but it hasn't topped the charts....and it's in Korean haha

But, I'm sure PSY is happy with the success he's already achieved, he's still a world wide phenomenon and to even attend all these award shows is amazing enough. Maybe next year, PSY might REALLY take the US by storm and will perhaps be nominated in real categories. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Talk That' Secret Music Video Review

When I first heard that this song would be called 'Talk That' I was like aigggooooo, too much Rihanna. But the song worked out. Yay for Secret coming back again! Not much of a concept change, still sexy, softer image though.
The Song: There isn't much to it, not all that different. But I like the chorus, the 'Talk that talk that talk that' part. And I LOVEDDD that we got to hear Zinger sing, although, hearing a soft rap from her might have worked as well. The concept is different for them though, they normally don't do these type of soft, sadder mid-tempo songs, so if I had heard this from another group, I wouldn't know it was them. Especially since there is no rap at all. But I know all their differences so that doesn't work lol...Anyways, song is meh.
The Dance: Love it, best choreo they've ever had, seriously. It's sexy and classy. I love Hyosung's dance break, so great!!! Love it!!!!
The Video: Dramatic, they were pretty good actresses, I can feel them trying to convey their emotions and they nailed it. Some girl groups can't act at all, but they pulled this off. Especially Sunhwa, loved her. Hyosung was gorgeous!! However, the set with the all black and the lights...that looks like the same setting B.A.P. used for 'No Mercy' and their other I hope you guys don't start putting your artists into oddly lit rooms like SM now...please...But overall, it's nice.

Good song, doesn't do much for me, I just like that 'talk that talk that talk that' part since it's repetitive and catchy. Love the choreo, everyone is gorgeous and sexy, I prefer this class side to them. 'Poison' choreo was just too much crotch so I'm glad they toned it down a bit here and still kept some sexy. This is a good time for them to promote given Sunhwa's popularity and there aren't any major artists promoting now, so yay for Secret!!

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