Monday, July 29, 2013

"Black Box" 5th Brown Eyed Girls Album Review

YASSSSSSSSSSSSS, the female groups that'll serve you realness, sexy, vocals, raps, dance crazes, BROWN EYED GIRLS (who are not idols, they're better than idols) are back!!!! After 2 years from releasing "Sixth Sense" which is an incredible mini album, BEG are back with actual promotions! All of their albums are good, so I'm sure that this album will be no exception!!
After Club: Fun and groovy with a simple rhythm and melody which makes it catchy. It gives a sort of 70's disco vibe to it. I love when Miryo starts rapping, that composition is awesome! I love the bass, the band feel and I feel like this song would sound amazing with an actual live band. And as always, Narsha, Ga-in and JeA sound amazing vocally, nothing less than amazing. Fun song. A good way to open the album.
Before Sunset: I'm so glad we're getting a continuation of the old school r&b!! The instrumental is amazing. I love the electric piano and the bass working together, I love it. It's fun and upbeat, but that instrumental is killing it whenever the song picks up! And their vocals are on point too!! I LOVE THIS ALBUMMMM. I want to hear this live with a band!!
Kill Bill: After listening to it a 3rd time, I like it more and more even though it sounds like a typical pop song to me. I like the Western sound and the whistle similar to the popular refrain from the movie "Kill Bill" but I still think the song is basic. I love the lyrics and kudos to JeA of course for that. I just think the instrumental could've been a bit stronger...But it's still a good catchy song, I don't think it'll be a runaway hit of course but I'm sure it'll do well on the charts.
Love the sexy choreography!! Love the little homage to the movie even though it's an alternative ending hahahaha. It's funny! But I knew they would change the plot because you know COPYRIGHT haha. But I love the video.
Boy: LOVE. Flawless. Very sexy, love the jazz r&b feel.
Satisfaction: Love the laid back reggae rhythm to it, then it picks up during the chorus. Good song!! I love how it changes genres and ugh perfection. Miryo's rap is AMAZING.
Mystery Survivor: Interesting title, but the song is good! We return back to the pop side of BEG which they also pull off flawlessly. 
Lie: Back to the funk r&b vibe we had and it's amazing. I love it, composition, production, vocals, Miryo everything haha.

Recipe: Pre-released AND OF COURSE I LOVED IT. Love love love love. Sounds like a Primary production...did he have anything to do with it? Doesn't matter it's amazing...LOVE IT.
Good Fellas: I'm surprised that they put the ballad all the way at the end since they are a ballad group but that' ok. Beautiful lyrics and sad! Great way to close the album even though it is the only ballad...

Overall: Put this on the list of one of the great BEG albums...but all of their albums are really good, it's getting hard to place an actual order...But this is a great album! Now contender on my list of one of the greatest for the year so far. Production, composition, concept, it's all good. BEG return to their r&b roots but get rid of their ballads to keep a consistent album. I do like that they switched it up and offered us with their ability to do good pop songs but I preferred the r&b. "Kill Bill" is the weakest song to me but it's not a bad song either..."Recipe" might be my favorite but other songs are really good too. My only negatives about this album would be the random pop songs but it doesn't deter from the whole vibe of the album. Great album, everyone listen to it, you won't be can never go wrong with BEG!!!
Rating: 4.8/5

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Pink Tape" 2nd f(x) Album Review

f(x) are back with their 2nd album "Pink Tape" building up much anticipation. Earlier this week, they released their single "Rum, Pum, Pum" which either disappointed or satisfied their fans but now the album is out, hopefully to continue with their streak of good consecutive full albums.
Rum Pum Pum Pum: I stand by my decision earlier in writing off this song...It's...mediocre. The instrumental and background vocals are really good, but the lyrics and the composition is...slightly boring. The half talking half singing monotone foolishness typical in SM is rampant once again. Most f(x) songs make me want to dance and this song does not do anything. Very mediocre. And it's not catchy. But I really like the instrumental. It had potential, but then it fell apart. I definitely would not have made this the title song but there's a reason for that. But the production of this is fantastic, just the composition and some of the vocals are either a hit or miss...
Typical SM style. Nothing much, dancing in oddly lit rooms. No story line or anything. And with those amazing teasers I was expecting something amazing for this comeback...but I was let down and got nothing. Dance is ok. Not memorable.
Shadow: I really like this song! Their lazy and relaxed singing style fits here with this r&b vibe. It's like we've been transported into a weird dimension and their mysterious sultry voices are pulling us in. Good song!!!
Pretty Girl: No. This is very reminiscent of that foolishness they pulled with "My Gangsta". I could do without the ratchet trap instrumental we have at the beginning, then at the chorus it changes to something completely different, all pop and what not. Horrible composition and transitions. But it is catchy. I just don't need this song at all. Pass.
Kick: Completely different from what we previously heard, but it's still a hot mess of noise. There's too much going on in this song. It started off decent then as it progressed, it just sounded like a bad electronic experiment gone wrong. And again with the MONOTONE, it's horrible. SM YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE MONOTONE VOCALS FOR ELECTRONIC SOUNDS PLEASEEEE. But the song is catchy, everything else is too much.
Signal: Very disco-esque. I like it alot, it's soothing, doesn't have all those noises, it's a nice pop song. Lyrics are questionable, and so are some other parts, but the song is fun and catchy.
Step: Very interesting...We have this random buzz in the background and a electronic saxophone as the song builds up, with a beat's really good actually. Weird but good. The composition and production is perfect here, the song is original, the beat is fun, it builds up to a catchy chorus it's great!!
Goodbye Summer (Amber, Luna, Krystal) ft DO of Exo: Finally a ballad! It's mid-tempo cuteness!! D.O and Luna's harmonies are everything!! Amber's random raps ruin it for me almost 70% of the time because it never flows well. It would've been better if she had used her voice to sound more sorrowful, there was no feeling in her rap, or at least it didn't transition well from hearing the beautiful Luna and D.O....Krystal's voice isn't too bad here either, but it should've just stayed a Luna and D.O. duet to be honest. Amber's random rap was completely unnecessary. I take it Amber is playing the guitar that's why she's included in it...or composed it or something. Good for her.
Airplane: We've had jet...and now we have "Airplane" hahaha. But the song is almost perfect. Almost...And Amber's voice works GREAT HERE. She should sing more!!!!! Her alto works great in the group!! But the song is very Westernized so it could get tons of air play here which is a plus. I love the "" that was flawlessly produced kudos to the producer for this song!
Toy: Tooooo cheesy for my tastes. I could do without it. Feels like I'm listening to a bunch of 14 year olds...It's fun and upbeat and Amber's singing voice is perfect, the climax break is amazing....kudos to the producer again for that. 
No More: SM....for the win at taking another song....It's Ariana Grande's "Boyfriend Material"...that's fine. It's no surprise. Don't care for the song. It's cute and refreshing...but it's not their I can't really review it since it's a cover....
Snapshot: Very witty and fun. I love the beginning and the beautiful transition to pop and how it calmly goes back to the show music hahaha. Very good.
Ending Page: A great way to end the album! Mid-tempo ballad. The instrumental is really good! And Amber's voice has great emotion here!! I just wish she used it for her raps!!! But it's a good song...

Overall: I feel like I was just taken on a ride...into a weird world...and now I've been placed back on earth...weird. That's a good way to describe this album. 180 degree turn from what we're used to with f(x). EXPERIMENT is the theme for this album and it is most certainly ALL OVER THE PLACE. We've got pop, electro, house, r&b, acoustic...almost every genre!! Unfortunately this album has not served me any purpose. I applaud how different some of the sounds are!! Very original and unique!! But then some songs are so all over the place it becomes incoherent and inconsistent. But somehow everything flowed well...
Positives: New genres, mix, great instrumentals, some songs produced flawless...and originality
Negatives: Monotone, no change in rhythm or melody in some songs, boring or lazy, no emotion in some songs.
I do like a few songs, there are some I'm definitely willing to put on my ipod...But it just seems like "Rum Pum Pum Pum" is the best promote with at least...
So f(x) might like it...I've seen some mixed reviews. Some people like a few songs but not the whole album altogther which I would side with those people on. This album IN MY OPINION was not as good as their "Electric Shock" EP but the instrumentals are the best off this album...plenty of potential but they just fell short.
Rating: 3.0/5

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong "Round 3" Mini Album Review

Yes lawd, for all that is GOOD in this world, thank you for giving us this fine specimen of a man.
Anyways, Kim Hyun Joong is back with his Korean album after spending too damn long in Japan. "Break Down" "Lucky Guy" are STILL the jam hahaha. This time he's back with a more urban sound and I'm 100% here for it...even though he can't sing lmao. I'm sorry, had to say it, but I STILL love his music.

Unbreakable ft Jay Park: I really hate it when he sings out of his register, because he can only handle so much. When he tries to rap high and sound HARD, he comes off as a little kid, he's very nasally. There are moments where his vocals are good enough, and then there are moments where I question...why is he a singer? I LOVE HIM don't get me wrong, but everyone knows his vocal ability is extremely limited...
The instrumental for his is very dark and sinister, gritty, chorus is catchy, Jay Park is a plus I enjoyed him, I just needed him to lower his pitch, that's why "Breakdown" worked so well. But this song is decent!
GLORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HE IS FINE AS HELL!! Apart from that the music video is AWESOMEEE. I love the choreo, I love the darkness, I love the dancers and martial artists, it was REALLY cool!!!
Your Story ft Dok2: This is a cute mid-tempo song. Very pop and westernized, definitely similar to songs I hear on the radio here in America but that's ok. Again he's straining in the upper register, but he never distracts from the actual song. It's decent. Dok2 is a nice touch too.
Like Before: R&b ballad, reminds me of the early 00's with this style hahahaha. He pulls it off well, great song!! 
Gentleman: I liked how it was at first, I could do without the cutesy chorus, but I really liked how the instrumental was during the verses and at the beginning. Very hip-hop and urban, and that drum was good too. But everything else is nice, I could do without the auto-tune on his voice too, but he only uses it.
I'm Yours: More upbeat but still mid-tempo. It's a catchy pop song, cute!
Let's Party: Upbeat and pop. Fun song!

Kim Hyun Joong always has a great production team for his albums. Sometimes his songs are hit or miss though, mainly because of his voice. Sometimes he makes a genius song, and then sometimes it just sounds like a tragedy. So I will continue to stick around for him because occasionally he really does come out with something AMAZING. This album is nice, I just wish vocally he got better. He's been doing music for TOO LONG and he still sounds like that. I know he's a dancer, but you would think he would progress?? But that's ok. Like I said sometimes his voice fits, and sometimes it ruins the song all together. But I still love you 4D Leada!!!!
Rating: 4.1/5

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Hard to Love, How to Love" 2nd B2st Album Review

For starters, that album cover looks AMAZING. B2st have returned with their 2nd full length album "Hard to Love, How to Love" and their title track "Shadow." They're coming back with a dark look compared to last year's mini album and I hope that the album delivers their concept well!
Intro: Nice intro with the instrumental, but then Junghyung came in and decided to rap entirely in English which is somewhat acceptable, but not necessary. But it's nice that he turned it into his Thank Yous normally put at the end of the CD hahaha. But it's a nice intro without the rap, I'm not sure if it's going to set the tone for the album though.
Shadow: This is the title song...and honestly I think it's kind of weak in certain areas. The chorus is good and catchy, the repetition of "shadow" actually illustrates a shadow...get it haha. But everything else kind of bores me...I'm not getting anything, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S A BAD SONG. It is a good song! I just don't like it that much. I do like the part when Junghyun raps towards the end, but no one really stands out to me. I feel like this song needed the music video to compliment it, which it does.
The video is REALLY COOL!!!! Visually it's stunning, I love the dancers, the concept of her shadow overtaking the lead girl, the typical haunted house gimmicks, it was really cool! And I LOVE the camera, the double-sided effect actually contributes to the video so kudos to that. Butttt in the back of my head, I'm sorry I had to mention it, the video reminded me alot of Big Bang's "Monster" only this version is more gimmicky and typical. But I still like the video!!!
How To Love: This song is obviously softer than the others, the lyrics are sweet too and everyone keeps guessing that this song is about Goo Hara since Junghyung wrote the lyrics. Perhaps. But the song is cute.
Be Alright: Also seems to be dedicated to Hara hahaha. The lyrics are interesting but this song is overall giving off the B2st vibe which I've been missing from the past couple of years so kudos to Jungyhung and his team for bringing their sound back.
I'm Sorry: An alternate version to "Caffeine" haha, these songs are eerily similar, which is fine because I love "Caffeine!" The composition is similar but the chorus changes, but once it's back to the verses, it sounds ALOT like "Caffeine." Since "Caffeine" was good this song is good too, even if you haven't heard of Yoseob's solo stuff, I enjoy it.
Will You Be Alright?: They released this song earlier so there's nothing new to this if you've already heard it. But it's a nice mid-tempo song that doesn't have Junghyung has the main in this song as it's been for half the album.
You're Bad: This whole album is definitely dedicated to Junghyung's past relationships, which works, given the title of the song, but every song is starting to sound the same to me. It's not bad, but it's not giving me anything new either. 
Encore: Finally an upbeat song!! It's nice and catchy!

Overall: Positives: Everything flows consistently. Each song fits perfect, I had no problem transitioning, the lyrics were the same, the instrumentals and vibes were the same, nothing wrong there. This album showcased Junghyung's writing skills and gave himself the spotlight since this album is clearly about his past breakup with Kara's Goo Hara. At first I didn't want to believe it, but it's clear this album is about her. You can't fight me. But those were the positives. Negatives: The first half of the album is Junghyung focused, meaning he got the majority of the lines and the other members I could barely distinguish except for Yoseob. The other half of the album, he stepped back and let the other members shine. Vocally there was nothing new, like on the last album where I distinctly remember the spotlight being on Hyungseung. So vocally I got nothing....And I got bored. I'm sorry.
B2st do ballads REALLY well, I LOVE "Fiction" so I was hoping I would get something musically different from them...and I didn't. Nothing new. They have definitely matured thought but that's it.
Beauties will definitely love it since you've waited a year for their comeback, I however will sit this comeback out, but it's STILL A GOOD ALBUM. Very consistent.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Destiny' Infinite Single Album Review

The boys are back, this time with a more manlier image than what we first saw at the beginning of the year with "Man in Love." Unfortunately, that album was lackluster to me so I'm sure the boys will deliver their classic 80's pop this time with sickening choreography.
Destiny: Their lead single obviously, and it's a turn in a different direction musically from what they've been giving us since their debut. 2013 seems to be the year of change for Infinite and I'm not sure if I'm down for it or what. This song is very dramatic which I like, I could do without the little samples of dubstep because I think it ruins the mood for me, and at times it works. The composition for the vocals and lyrics are perfect though. PERFECT. They flow so well, weaving in and out with the singing and raps too. This song will have to grow on me, but I do think it's good. I feel like this is the darker version of "The Chaser" so I can chill with it. It is catchy, but there's so many sounds going on I kind of get lost in the song. I would rather focus on the vocals and some of the instrumental instead of the dubstep, electronic music infused with the orchestra. It's a bit too much, but the song isn't bad at all!
This music video is very interesting....I'm still trying to grasp the concept, I think I somewhat get it, but not fully. For starters, they could've removed the dancing altogther, it takes away from the meaning of the music video. Now for an explanation of the video, here we go, it's long:
First, we see Dongwoo driving away, I presume he's leaving the town which is our main setting. He's the only member we see actually leaving the town, which means something went down and he was the only one to survive and get out alive. Which is true.
Hoya is seen having headaches or going crazy whatever in a chair, deserted in a warehouse somewhere.
Sungyeol is walking around in the town alone.
L is walking through an alley sort of having a heart attack because he is seen clutching his heart before falling down
Sungjong, which is the most interesting to me and probably providing the most clues, comes out of a building and sees himself. Super odd.
Woohyun is also out in the sun, walking around like Sungyeol and starts having a breakdown,same with Sungyyu
All of a sudden, L falls on the ground, Sungjong's clone disappears, Hoya bursts into flames lmao, Woohyun (I think that's him) starts running and destroying the town it seems, L too disappears, and Sungyeol's hand bursts into flames.
And then it ends with Dongwoo driving away
Very interesting, I know alot of people are confused, but this is the B version of the music video. The A version is a Drama version with a plane crash, 30 minutes long but they postponed it to respect the victims of the Asiana plane crash. So I think we might be able to put the clues together once we see the drama version. Ugh. I actually think it works like this. Having us confused, then trying to figure things out ourselves.
So with Sungjong's clone disappearing and the others either bursting into flames or disappearing illustrates them as fakes or as something bad altogther. With Dongwoo escaping I guess he was able to avoid everything in that town. 
We need the other version hahaha.
But it was a great video, they just needed to remove the dancing.
Inception: I like this song alot, a little r&b pop. The instrumental is AMAZING, I love it and their voices are great too!
I'm Going to You: I was expecting a slow ballad given the title, but it's more mid-tempo and somewhat fun, but still giving off the sad vibe. Good song!
Mom: Awwwwwwwwwwww this is sweet, a beautiful ballad.

Overall: I don't think turning this into a mini album was necessary. I'm ready for another full album, filled with songs like "The Chaser", "60 Seconds" and some of their ballads and Infinite H and units. Granted, the concept for "Destiny" and "Inception" fit together, but they don't flow well with this album. I would've been fine with only "Destiny" and "Inception" then save the rest for a full album. The song "Destiny" is interesting, but I'm more invested in the music video than anything. Oh and the choreography for "Destiny" is ridiculously amazing and synchronized, they kill me with how well they MATCH each other it's crazy.
But other than that, I'm sure us Inspirits will enjoy this album no matter what, I'm still waiting on something as epically made as 'The Chaser' was but this is still a good album!
Rating: 4.0/5

ps Destiny is growing on me hahahaha

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Incredible" 2nd Junsu Album Review

The incredibly talented Xia Junsu is back with his second full length album!! After giving his "Tarantallegra" last year which topped numerous charts and I actually got to dance to at a Korean festival, Junsu returns with "Incredible"
No Reason: The beginning alone sounds like it could just be an intro, but then the hi-hat and the drums come in giving us dirty south r&b. And his sultryyyyyyyyyyy sexy low voice comes in and it's AMAZING. Perfect. I found myself beefing it up haha. I like it alot!! But in a way, I kind of wish it was an intro, because it just seems so odd placing a mid-tempo song like this that's repetitive throughout to be placed at the beginning of the album. But that's fine. It could just be the intro even though it's 3 minutes long haha.

Rainy Eyes: At first I felt like it would be like a typical ballad because of the way it opened up with the piano, but following that is this r&b intro and the trumpets start playing and Junsu SANGSSSSS. He SANGGG. He was giving us real r&b the way he pronounced and stressed the notes. It felt like I was listening to someone sing in church haha. And just when you think he reaches a climax, he brings it back down to a soft whisper. Great song. I love how jazzy it is, he really portrayed jazz and r&b with this. 
Sorry: It's really interesting how he's starting the album off with ballads and mid-tempo songs instead of immediately sending is to upbeat, electronic music, so I can only assume that the latter half of the album will be off the chain. This song reminds me of a soundtrack for a drama....but all of his ballads remind me of that hahaha. It's a compliment. His voice is so amazing and versatile, and in between the verses he sounds so soft, like a lullaby, very soothing. Great song!

Chocolate Girl: I'm just gonna take this as a ode to us black girls haha. Anyway, love it. The minute it started. It's very jazzy and soothing, I can just jam to it and enjoy his voice. Very catchy melody. I'm loving the use of the instruments in the background, it sounds like an actual band instead of someone simply using a keyboard. Great production and composition!

Incredible ft Quincy: At first I only noticed Quincy, as in Diddy's fine son Quincy. How the HELL did he get a song with Quincy?!!!!!!! Anyway, this song is too...westernized for me. It's not bad, but it's not bringing me anything Junsu. Like the producers just gave him a typical song, same with the lyrics. It's basic. I'm not bashing the's just meh to me. "Tarantallegra" was epic and I knew it had something to do with Junsu, but this song just doesn't fit him. And Quincy didn't provide anything haha. He wasn't all. But it's decent and catchy, just not for me. I don't need the random timpanis banging in the background for a pop song. But his vocals are amazing.
video will be uploaded later
I Must Confess ft Gilme: The beginning is so cute!!!! And it's featuring Gilme, she's perfect in every way. I love how the key switches from what we were introduced at the beginning of the song, then it switches back. I like that, it kept me around to listen to the whole song. I love the background vocals and not to mention Gilme. Love.
Don't Go: I like the random crescendos and how it aggressively cuts. I like the chorus alot, great ballad and he sounds amazing of course.
Turn it Up ft Dok2: AYYEEEEEEEEEEEEE I knew I would be twerking the minute I saw who was featuring. My only complaint is how low they sound. Like I can't hear them....Who edited this? I guess they forgot to actually "turn them up" haha. But then again maybe that's the point. Ha. Anyways, I like it, I can twerk to it I just wish the quality wasn't so amateurish.
Fantasy: A completely different direction from what just came before this hahahaha. But the song is cute, upbeat pop and r&b. It's cute and the lyrics are a bit....ridiculous at points, but it's cute.
Fuck this Song with narrations by Boom: .....That is really the name and it's....LMAOOOOOO I'm gonna go with it being intentionally funny and bad. HAHAHA. It's ridiculous, I need the lyrics man it's hilarious. But...lmaoooooo I can't get past this foolishness.
사랑하나 봐: This is a cute song, midtempo, once again, completely different from what we just heard a second ago hahahahahhahaha. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. But it's a nice song, cute.
11 O'clock/11am: This was a ballad song he released a couple weeks ago. Great song and it's beautiful, his voice sounds amazing, I can FEEL the emotion. Love.

Overall: This is a good follow up album, even though they give off completely different vibes. Great production team, the composers are great, sometimes the lyrics seemed a bit ridiculous, but overall it was a good album. Better than what I've gotten from most this year. I do have a few problems and I do mean a FEW, nothing too bad. The album was a little all over the place and it didn't flow well. If you know me and have read my previous reviews, I hate inconsistency. It's fine that you want to explore many genres, but if it doesn't flow correctly it throws yours listeners off. The first half of the album flowed flawlessly, it was perfect. We had jazz and r&b, then "Incredible" came on, trying to signal a change in vibe of the album. But once we got to "Turn it Up" I got completely turned off. The song is good, I just wasn't expecting to twerk after a beautiful ballad. And then right after that we go back to pop and then we're given "Fuck This Song" which completely lost me....and then back to cutesy. The songs are fine, I just think that the editors and producers should've put more effort into transitions. And lyrics haha.
But other than that, it was a great album. I'm sure the Cassies and the JYJs will love it, I am definitely putting a few songs on my ipod. I enjoyed his successful attempt at jazz, he's got a great band. Good album!
Rating: 4.5/5

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"A Doll House" 2nd Mini Album Ailee Review

My queen is back to remove more edges with her vocals and let me tell you...she did JUST that.

U&I: The second she started with that vocal slayage, I knew the rest of the song was going to give me life. SLAYED. AS USUAL. I don't have a complaint or flaw. Perfect. She is serving us with 60's old school instrumentals with a modern pop vibe to it. Very catchy and the vocals, those VOCALS. And when she said "I'm tired of ALL your lies and excuses so just GET OUT MA FACE" I swear I fell out my chair. SERVE IT. I love it!!
Love the choreography, she's killing, I love the use of the band and everything just FABULOUS HONEY.
No No No: I was hoping that she would continue with the vibe in the title song, but it changes to more pop but I still like it alot. I wish her lower register was as strong as her upper register, but she still makes it sound easy. I don't think this song flowed consistently from what we were given in the first track, it could've been used later, but I still like it alot!!

Rainy Day: It bit softer but more pop here, westernized, it's something I could hear on the radio, however I don't like the composition of it. Since it's a softer more mellow song she should've opened up with the first verse since she's using her lower register there, then with the hook leading to the chorus that could've been used after that instead of the other way around. I think they could've brought her register down because it just seems like she's yelling at us that it's a rainy day. But her vocals are great and I love the bridge too.

이런 법이 어딨어: Her vocals sound great here, I can feel the emotion in it, it's a great mid-tempo ballad to clearly showcase her voice great song!
열애설: Perfect. Flawless. No complaint. Great lyrics, great instrumental, great composition, perfect voice and portrayal. LOVE IT. It just might be my favorite song by her now....

I'll Be Ok: A fun closer, upbeat and catchy pop song!

Overall Thoughts: This was a good album, as to be expected since Ailee always delivers and Aliens should definitely love it too. I highly recommend "Relationship Rumors" and "U&I" personally because they're so different and refreshing, but every song off this album is really good!! Love love LOVE AILEE.
Rating: 4.3/5

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Falling in Love 2ne1 Review

2ne1 is back!!!!!! Their summer single "Falling in Love" has been released to jumpstart their comeback album which will be released sometime in October according to Papa YG.
The song is great, I love it, very fun and I will give my review for the music video!!
The Song: I was anticipating this reggae 2ne1 since they've done reggae pretty will in the past, I believe in Teddy when it comes to ethnic sounds and he did not disappoint. And sure enough he delivered.
The beginning of the song is the intro 2ne1 used for their comeback last year for "I Love You" so I immediately noticed that and felt slightly disappointed. But then I realized that I WANTED to hear the rest of that intro they used because of how dope it was and we got it, a year later!!
The song STARTS OFF WITH MINZY!! I don't think there has ever been a title song that Minzy started off with and she sounds amazing and sultry and slow. Then it transitions to CL rapping fiercely and she delivered what she should've gave in her "Bad Girl" single. Next is the chorus with Bom and it transitions to a touch of reggae then it goes back to the 2nd verse with Minzy's AMAZING alto voice for the reggae. PERFECT. And CL's rap in the 2nd verse is AMAZING where the hell was this on her single??
Can I reiterate how much I love the reggae here?? Dara gave the perfect vibe, although I could without the auto-tune for her voice because her voice is already kind of robotic, so it wasn't needed, but it was nice.
Overall...LOVEEEE. It's slowly becoming addicting, I didn't love it at first but now I do. Fun song, nothing extremely special about this but it does offer something different from the redundant mess in kpop currently. Thank you YG for ALWAYS rising above.
The Video: Minzy. Sis. Slayed for Zeus. That pink wig is EVERYTHING. Sitting on that gold throne is EVERYTHING. Sis. You took me to heaven. Thank you for providing the slayage that was missing in this video. It's your time to shine hun and you have definitely done it here. CL, love you too you look really pretty, I loved Dara's blond hair when it was down, she looked like a goddess, but other than that I hate the blonde hair on her. And Bom...unfortunately the plastic surgery face shown more than you did....But you tried, you were cute haha.
The video was kind of lack luster, nothing amazing, but since we are expecting more from 2ne1 each month I'm sure we will be getting something that is the lead single like how their previous album comebacks were.
Switching the scenes was a bit too much, I loved the gold palace theme, and I guess you could keep the girls checking out the guys, but the beach backdrop and everything else wasn't needed. Since it's summer time and people associate reggae with islands they just threw that backdrop in there but was totally unnecessary.
The Dance: Love it. Nothing more to say. Not overly fierce, not overly cute, simple and fun, nothing much to it. So love.

I am impressed with the song, I'm definitely adding it to my ipod as I type and I think you should too. Great and fun song, hopefully YG will fufill his promises and give us something more next month!
Rating: 4.7/5

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