Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Monochrome" Lee Hyori 5th Album Review

The DIVA OF KPOP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have waited 3 YEARS FOR THIS ALBUM!!! And it's finally here!!! All you other lesses will have your edges removed, your wigs snatched! Everything! Now get your life!!
Holly Jolly Bus ft Soonshimi: Hyori seems to be giving us a 60's vibe, especially after her 'Miss Korea' release. It's a GREAT vibe for her, even if her voice isn't all that. This song is very 50's and 60's, reminded me immediately of "Dancing in the Street" it's great!! Amazing. Whenever anyone does throwbacks, I'm here for it. She ALWAYS does something. Instead of coming out with a dubstep, electro-pop mess that EVERYONE is doing (*CL*) she went a different route. Way to set trends!! That's why your career has longevity. 
Miss Korea: I reviewed it earlier, and it's AMAZING. GREAT FOLLOW UP to the previous song. Talk about great chemistry and consistency! Flawless.
Love Radar ft Beenzino: Ok the fact that Beenzino is on this song, IMMEDIATELY makes it flawless. Still going with the 60's r&b vibe, this song is more slower and sultry. GREAT SONG
Bad Girls: The first title song she will promote and it's great. I think she made a great choice in making this the title song. It's upbeat and catchy for the public, and also reminiscent for the older crowd, it doesn't have that typical electro pop shit going around. This is some GREAT MUSIC. Good song!
THE MV IS GREAT, funny, quirky, unique! I will post it later
I Hate Myself: Interesting title, great song, ballad in a way, but great song!

Bounced Checks of Love: AMAZING. Just great music to listen to and cherish years from now!! Very typical of songs in the 60's and 70's whoever the producers are for this album, y'all are AMAZING.
Full Moon: More upbeat and rocking, more 70's just a great song!!
Trust Me: It's gotten to the point where I literally have nothing to say because every song is flawless.
Special: Love. Great. Flawless.
Amor Mio ft Park Ji Young of Honey G: Beautiful ballad. Simply beautiful. Even though Hyori isn't that great of a vocalist and Park Ji Yound out sang her, she held her own. She was able to bring a little emotion into the song!
Somebody: Jazzy, sultry. Amazing. Flawless. Just.
Wouldn't Ask You: 70's country music. Great!!
Crazy ft Ahn Yeong Mi: We pick up, upbeat but still keeping the vibe, great song, sassy!
Show Show Show: Favorite song off the album. It's beautifully haunting.
Better Together: Upbeat and different from what the other song was giving haha. It's a great song still.
Oars: Great song!!

Overall: This album....is so beautiful, inspirational, calming, fun, creative, FLAWLESS. This is the most CONSISTENT album I have ever listened to. Almost too consistent. So much to talk about. Ok. The instrumentals are amazing, I love the 60's 70's throwback songs, great homage to the greats! The only problem with that to me is that just about every song is like that, except towards the end. I was getting bored with hearing Hyori's voice stay in the same range, especially since this album has 16 tracks. She doesn't have much vocal talent, she stays in the same range, save a little, and it's boring. However, because of that, her voice works GREAT with the instrumentals. She doesn't have a strong, loud, demanding voice. She can't do runs all that well, or ballads all that well. But she works with what she has and turns it into greatness. That's the only flaw. Too consistent, nothing modern. BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES THIS ALBUM SO GREAT.
I don't have to hear dubstep, or breakdowns, or electro-pop, or all that NOISE in my ear. It's calming to listen to actual music and enjoy it. It's making you pay attention to everything in the song because it's so simple. 
Lee Hyori has always been a trendsetter in Korea. I'm glad she decided to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND UNEXPECTED unlike other musicians now a days. I can tell the album will be a hit and sit well with the public. You can jam to it years from now because this genre was done before. It's AMAZING.

I PRAY there won't be any legal issues like plagiarism this time around. This album is too perfect that it does raise my suspicions, mainly because this genre is of the past. But I wish everything well. I love this album, it's amazing and something I will ALWAYS jam to.
This is now my favorite Korean album of all time.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"The Classic" 11th Shinhwa Album Review

11 albums!! 15 years of Shinhwa, the LEGENDS!!! Wow...It's truly amazing that they're still together. I am such huge fans of them!! I loved their last album, hell their other albums too, so I'm sure this album won't disappoint.
Yes: I find it interesting that once again they are starting off with a mid-tempo, ballad song as an intro instead of something upbeat like most people. In their previous album, they started off with a ballad, and they're doing the same here. Hyesung has such an amazing voice, I mean he's seriously at the top!! The song is nice, nothing too interesting and something that stands out, it's decent.
A Guy You Know: Another mid-tempo song, but it's catchy and it could've been a single too. Very chill and low key, and their voices are very pleasing to listen to.
This Love: This is the title song and it's good!! Very westernized, upbeat, electronic, fun, catchy. But the music video makes this song completely. It has a nice climax and build up and hook, but it's kind of lacking in the awesome category. I will most likely warm up to it because when I first heard "Venus" I was like meh but now I'm in love with it. But it's a great song!! I'm not sure how it will fair against all of these comebacks, but this is Shinhwa so I'm sure they'll do fine.
Sickening. Freaking sickening ok. Look at them WERK!! All that voguing. I love it. They were getting so into it!! It's very surprising given their nature, especially Eric, like he was giving me life and some of the backup dancers. I love it, the choreo is so graceful, the vogues were on point, just sickening. Thanks for the slayage!!
Scarface: Interesting lyrics, interesting title. But after "This Love" they've picked up the tone so it's become very upbeat. The song is ok, but I love it when Hyesung comes in and then the dubstep chorus or whatever. Very interesting composition. 
New Me: Mid-tempo pop/r&b I like the instrumental, very reminiscent of old Shinhwa. The song is nice, but at certain moments I don't think the instrumental fits their vocals. The song has a hopeful, sad vibe so I don't think it fits the tone, but it's a nice song!
While Laughing: Continuing with the mid-tempo vibe here, I like this song better than the other one, good too!
Mannequin: I LOVE THIS SONG!! That jazz, swing instrumental!! I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Nothing to comment on.
Hurricane: Shinhwa has really stepped up the production for this album, it's a great electronic song! I hate that it's such a drastic change from what was in the previous song, but I like this song, I love the constant change in instrumental, but that doesn't make it a hybrid. But it's great!
I Gave You: Omg it's beautiful. All I have to say.
Love Song: A nice closer song!

Overall, this was a great album, not a strong album or one of my favorites but it is really good. Like I said, at first it took me a while to like their previous album but after listening to it all the way through multiple times it grew on me. Strongest songs are definitely "This Love", "Mannequin" and "Hurricane." It is a consistent album to an extent. I don't really care for the dubstep, electro music because it sounds typical, nothing new and it portrays them as trying to stay modern and keep up with the other boy groups. Other than that, it really is a great album!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Years of Kpop...Wow.

Around this time of year, in 2010 my life changed COMPLETELY!! For the best, to be honest. Without kpop, what would I be doing with my life??

Here's my story on getting into kpop!!
For a long time, I was already into jpop, I listened to Utada Hikaru and Namie Amuro and BoA, but I wanted to get more into jpop, similar to those two. So one day, I was searching on the internet "Top Jpop songs of 2010" and I clicked on a random website. Well instead of it listing Jpop, it listed Kpop songs. I was never interested in Kpop, nor did I want to be interested in it, I thought it would be super wack haha. But on the website I was looking at, in the corner at the top, Big Bang's "Lollipop 2"  MV was playing. I was thinking This song jams!!! I like it alot! And my world changed haha. Everyday after school I would come home and only watch that music video, but I wasn't expressing particular interest in the group, I just really liked that song!!
I knew of Taeyang because I had an Asian friend who loved "Wedding Dress" and played it all the dang time, so I looked him up and realized he was in Big Bang. But I didn't care for Taeyang lmao. I WAS IN LOVE WITH TOP for days!! Because of how creepily good looking he was, I would start looking up videos of Big Bang and finally fell in love with the music.
I fell in love with "Gara Gara Go" SERIOUSLY! I would walk around school with that written on my hand lmao. I loved Lollipop 2 so much I would listen to it 50 million times a day! Now when I listen to that song, the nostalgia is too much!!

After I fell in love with ALL of Big Bang's songs (Japanese and Korean) and looked at ALL of their variety shows, I moved onto another Kpop boy group. 2PM!!
I fell in love with "Heartbeat" and "Without You" and I looked at ALL of their variety shows!! When I got into them, this was around the time Jay had permanently left the group, so on the Youtube comments, I didn't understand why people missed him so much. BUT AFTER WATCHING WILD BUNNY AND IDOL ARMY, I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! I seriously cannot listen to "Again & Again" without a pang in my heart.

Then Super Junior!! I got into them right when they released "Bonamana" so I loved that song, and of course "Sorry, Sorry" I watched all of their shows during the summer and the kpop obsession had finally started!!
I was crazy for kpop, my grades were slipping, I didn't talk to people much unless it was about kpop lol. Just a wave of obsession all at once lol. 
I didn't get into any girl groups until finally 2ne1. "Try to Follow Me" is still my favorite song by them, I watched that MV 10 times a day

So that's my Kpop journey I guess hahaha. Watching variety shows has helped me so much, laughter helped alot!! 2010 is probably the best year of my life hahahaha. Also, watching these kpop artists inspired me in so many ways, it makes me happy, I laugh so much now. And now, thanks to kpop, I was able to join an organization at my school and meet my friends. Without kpop, I honestly don't know where I would be. It has opened so many doors for me. Same with Jpop. Jpop, kpop, Taiwanese pop, Salsa, Bollywood; because of that I met so many people that I'm friends with today it's amazing.

Please share with me your experience with kpop and what got you into it?? Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Wild" Mini Album Review

Nine Muses are back!! And this time, as bad bitches!!!
Resorting to the sexy concept, as of course for attention, they have released another mini album following their "Dolls" promotions earlier this year. I find it kind of odd that they're back so soon, but hopefully with their title song, they can get more recognition because I'm still rooting for them!!
Spotlight (Intro): It's a nice little intro, nothing to it, it's decent but it doesn't get me hyped for anything either, but it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album.
Wild: I think it will take me a while to get used to this song, but I'm sure it'll grow on me. For the first time, they are departing from there 80's pop sound, but they still have a hint of it in the song. Even though the instrumental is modern and electronic, their sad and slow, non-intense vocals makes it softer and reminiscent of their earlier styles of genre. It doesn't automatically make me want to jam to this song, but it's not bad either. Like I said it'll grow on me. I like, it's not bad at all.
WOAHHHH, this is super sexy. Like DAMN, this is hot hahaha. Veryyyyyy sexy. I don't think it's going to get flagged, but then again there are moments where I was like WOAH I smell a flag haha. They look FABULOUS, bad bitches!! I love it!!!!
Action: Not bad, I like the use of the lower register. They're continuing with the modern electronic sound again, so I'm liking the consistency. It's a really good song, but it doesn't do anything for me. I'm a big fan of the lower register though ahhaha. 
Paper Scraps: They slow it down here, with a mid-tempo pop/r&b sound. I like the title of the song, and they definitely get the meaning of the song across. Not bad, but I don't get goosebumps or anything listening to their voices.
Living Person: I liked it the second it started! Also a mid-tempo song, starts off with the sadness/sultryness of the rapper, interesting! Then it eases into synths and they start singing! I like it, probably the best song production wise off the album!!

I'm kind of sad that they left their genre they normally sing in. I think they went this route for attention and to hopefully gain recognition, although they should've stuck with it! It's what set them apart from other girl groups to me, and I liked their style!! Changing to this vibe, there's nothing special about them. Granted, this is probably their best mini album they've come out with and given that music video, they will definitely get attention. I wish them luck!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Grown" 3rd 2pm Album Review

OMO! The entire album is out, I just thought they were releasing "Come back!" But here is the album review!!
Come Back After You Hear This Song: I JUST finished reviewing this haha, check it out here!!
Back to Square One: A continuation of the pop we were given in the first song. I believe this is also a title song. And I'm still disappointed. It's not bad, but it's not what I was wanting from 2pm. It does not fit the teasers at all!! What was the point in all that?!!!
I'm Sorry: I love their harmony!! I hate Chansung's voice though. Very sexy r&b, great song!! Nichkhun's voice fits very well with this since it's very r&b and chill. But Chansung throws off the vibe, as usual haha. But it's a great song!! Very sexy!!
Today Marks the 1st Day: Cute title!! Upbeat, I love the instrumental! I wish they had put those instruments more to use than just randomly throwing it in there. But the song is nice!
Dangerous: I love the sexy start, although the English made no sense haha. I like the song, r&b again but upbeat, 70's vibe going on. I like it!
Just for Today: I like the instrumental for this! Very sad! I like it, this is where Chansung's voice fits! He has a very mellow, longing sound to his voice and it's awkward when a song doesn't have that vibe! But here, it works finally! But the song is good.
Game Over: WHY THE HELL WASN'T THIS THE FUCKING TITLE SONG YOU BASTARDS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best song off the damn album!! Jun. K whatever, you ARE A FREAKING GENIUS! And I always look forward to your productions. You are better than JYP at this point. Gosh it's amazing! This is what I wanted from 2pm! I've loved the dark era of 2pm and I wanted an upgrade especially since they've matured. That first teaser when they came out the water, and those 7 deadly sins, like this song fits perfectly!! Gah.
Coming Down: Thank you for this. Perfect r&b. Sexy. Sultry. And I will forever live for Junho's passionate voice. Taec. Sexy as hell. Great song!!!
Go Back: I love this!! Thank you 2pm because I thought this album was gonna suck! I love it!! It starts off ballady, then becomes upbeat. Did Junho produce this?? Great song!! Can we just get rid of JYP???
Love Song: Can they stop with these sexy intros?? I think Junho produced this and it's amazing!! I love it!! Great song!!
Suddenly: A ballad! And Taec singing!! I'm glad they decided to put this on the album, this is the Korean version of a Japanese song they've already done. Great!

OVERALL: Very disappointed. I wanted shirts ripped. All of those teasers, the cryptic messages and THIS IS WHAT WE GOT??!! I hope there's a part 2 to this album somewhere this year. The first half of the album was very pop, basic, not what I want from 2pm because it's weak and redundant in the kpop world. But then the 2nd half, after "Dangerous" the album picked up. We did get the grown and sexy, it just isn't there in the title songs!! I don't understand! What has JYP done!!??!! "Game Over" is the best song off the album no doubt! Why wasn't that the title?!! It's dark and sinister, fits the concept of the cardinal sins, but that disappeared with the rest of the album! 
But the album is good, and consistent to an extent. It just didn't fit the concept. 
Comment and tell me how you feel about the album and if you disagree with me or not, help me understand the concept. 

"Come Back When You Hear This Song" 2pm Single Review

2pm have also decided to pre-release their comeback single and this is their first title song for the album. AFTER 2 YEARS and a month of cryptic teasers, they ARE FINALLY BACK!!

The MV: With the whole Seven Deadly Sins concept and cryptic codes and what not, I was expecting something very dark and sinister and thought provoking...But no. This music video is SO basic and cheap, a rookie group could do better to an extent. They did put in 6 of the cardinal sins, but they didn't have a backdrop to it. It's just wrath with no real wrath, gluttony with not much glutton besides perhaps being an alcoholic, pride, sloth definitely wasn't sloth, lust was present and perhaps envy. But it wasn't deep. Those cardinal sins have to be very sinister and deep. But instead we got a cheap music video. I hope that for the next song and music video they come out with, it delivers because those teasers were just...If you HOTTEST could tell me the significance to this video and the connection with the codes and teasers that would be great because I don't see it.
The choreo: Loved it, as to be expected. It's 2pm. I don't think the risers were really needed lol but other than that, I love the dance!!
The song: It's not bad, it's decent, but weak. Seriously. Catchy but weak. Not fitting for a title song at all. Like I said, I was expecting something deep and sinister or sexy given all those teasers and codes and this is what we got. I know it's a pre-release and they have multiple title songs, but I waited 2 years for this, can you blame me?? The member line distribution is off too! Chansung and Nichkun as leads AGAIN?!! NO!! I would have preferred Wooyung, Junho and Jun. K as the mains because they are THE MAIN VOCALISTS wtf?? Who cares about popularity JYP?? Give us talent?? Chansung should stick to rapping, I don't mind Nichkun, but come on Wooyung and Junsu barely got anything! And even though Taec raps they gave him 15 seconds, I hate when they randomly put rappers in a song! "Hands Up" was so perfect him and yet...we're back to this stage again. STOP JYP!!

I don't hate the song at all or anything, just very disappointed. Lee Hyori did the same thing, but I know what she has in store for us. I like the song that she did and she went in a completely different direction from what was expected. But for 2pm, it sounds like they downgraded, it's a very basic song. Something rookies would come up with only not as catchy haha. But I will give them a chance. Don't bash me and read my review all the way through please!

"Miss Korea" Song Review

My queen is back!!!! She's ready to slay and snatch edges off of 4minute, Secret and T-ara and the album isn't even out yet! Mind you, this isn't the title song, it's just a pre-release to warn these other lesses that she's about to reign supreme for the summer.

The video: *cries* so many edges were snatched!! She is Miss Korea!! I love this video!! I love the black and white vibe, the 50's outfits I would DIE for those outfits!! I would love to wear it!! Gah!! She's so freaking gorgeous her beauty is timeless, aging like wine! I love the cross-dressing male back up dancers lol!! Other than that there wasn't much to the video. Miss Korea, cute, no choreo because the song is jazzy and mello. I love it!!
The Song: LOVE IT!! It's very different for her. She's not known to be a strong vocalist, so when she tries to do ballads or mid-tempo songs it's not really noticeable and I think she took that into consideration over her hiatus. She went with a different style, a break from the r&b/pop sound and went with blues/jazz. The song is very relaxing and catchy, I'm still repeating "Because I'm a miss-eu Korea" haha. I love it. Her voice sounds good in the lower register, she pulled it off great. I love it!!

Like I said this is only a pre-single I guess, the real title song will be released in a couple of weeks along with the album so stay tuned and hold onto your edges!!
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