Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Younique Unit 'Maxstep' Music Video Review

As alot of people already know, SM has teamed up with Hyundai to create an album or mini album or something, to endorse the cars. I was only interested in this group simply because it is the dancers in SM(without Yunho T_T) and because finally Hyoyeon gets a chance to shine. So here's my review:
The Song: Honestly, it's horrible. It's toooooo much noise. This is the song that Kai and Taemin and Eunhyuk danced to at the Gayo's from last year, and I really wanted to see a full performance of it. Then they did it again this year 50 million times, so now I'm like ugh I'VE HEARD IT BEFORE. So, theres' too much noise going on, I cannot appreciate their voices or the lyrical content lol. But the dubstep is appropriate for this song because it is called Max Step, now I don't know if that's intentional lol...I wanted to hear more of Hyoyeon, I'm mad that she's just a freaking feature. And then they screwed up her voice like I don't know what that was, but her rapping is good...she's improved. That's the most I've heard from her...LOVE HER SHE'S MY SM BIAS. Henry clearly shined in this song, his voice was amazing, I wasn't expecting that. He should get more promotion, not for just being in Suju-M, he should do more Korean stuff like go solo, he's an incredibly talented violinist.
The Dance: Like I said there's so much going on it's hard to pinpoint, but because this is the dancers unit, everyone is crisp and clean. Taemin from Shinee is THE dancer, Eunhyuk from Super Junior is THE dancer, Kai from EXO-K is THE dancer, and Hyoyeon from SNSD is THE dancer. So they were great, however, I didn't really consider Henry from Super Junior M the dancer, because he's a musician mainly. I thought they would've used Donghae, but then that wouldn't be fair. They would've most likely used Hangeng but he's no longer in Super Junior, womp. And Zhou Mi is a singer so. Yea. And then Luhan from EXO-M?? Really? He's so....not manly lol, but I guess they wanted to give him a chance to shine. But why didn't they choose Tao...like c'mon! But yea, it was really good. I want to see a Dance version or a practice video because all those close ups and screams weren't necessary.
The Video: Since they're just promoting a car...but there was no car lol They made a car in the dance though!! But it's really basic haha, typical SM video, filmed in an oddly lit room lol.

Monday, October 22, 2012

'Stop It' Single Album

I don't understand, they are back AGAIN lol. Jeeeeeeeez. They debuted this year! And probably have the most singles/albums for a rookie in the year that they debuted in!!!! I'm worried about their health! They don't have ANY breaks!!! Jeez! The only had a break between January and April, then they came back in July, then September, now the end of October!!! Anyways, I still love them, I just want to take a break!!
Yes Sir: This is just an intro I guess since it's only 1 minute long. Old School hip hop, Zelo and Yongguk sound great. But the transition to them singing and rock doesn't fit. They still haven't gotten the hip hop rap transition to the vocals effortlessly yet. It's still awkward to me as opposed to other male groups who can do it.
Stop It: Old School 80's pop, it's upbeat and uplifting and happy!! This fits more with the 'Crash' song, it's not hip hop, and I like how they focused more on the singing and started off with the vocals instead starting off with Zelo and Yongguk. It's pretty good, and I enjoy that high note in the background. It's more calm, not hard core and in your face. It's good, but it's not my style.

Awww this video is soooo cute. Yongguk!!!!! Everyone is so pretty lol!! BLONDE ASIANS ARE BACK!! Hahaha. Cute video
Happy Birthday: Aww this is for the fans, they are so cute. Love them. It's a ballad, they sound good!! R&B, soothing, I love it!!!

Good, nothing bad, they are so talented. If they don't win male rookie group of the year, there is something seriously wrong, they deserve it. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hyuna 'Melting' Mini Album Review

Hyuna is back!! With another sexy concept, whatever, don't care. The teaser alone has 2 million views and it's been out for only 2 days!!! Anyways, the album either leaked a day early or what, I don't know, but it's out.
Straight Up: At least she's rapping, but she sounds really good here. I was expecting for her rapping skills to go down the drain. But she's back. I like the composition of the song, but her rapping does nothing for me. And she raps in that annoying cute voice, who raps like that? Not hating, I just wish she would skip her game up. This is more of an intro because she only raps for a minute. But the beat is good.
Ice Cream ft Maboos: Love 85% of it. This reminds me of the 'Change' era, I prefer this better than 'Bubble Pop' but is that her singing????????!!! I feel like they are using another singer to fill in the loopholes. But it's very catchy, I like it. It will be on my ipod hahaha. It's pretty good, I can't wait for the video and the choreography!!!
The video is very colorful and what not...um...I don't really have much to say about the video. It's just typical Hyuna, cute, sexy,it's whatever. I'll have to see it live for the dance, I want to see more of it, it seems good so far. Just nothing I haven't seen.
Green Apple ft Ilhoon of BTOB: We slow things down here, it's cute and acoustic, she's singing and rapping. She's not bad it's improving, but...yea..The song is ok, I like the composition of it. The rapping is nice, Hyuna is cooing in the background, I can tell how hard she tries to instill how cute she is so that she won't have to always been seen as sexy. But the song is nice.
Dear Boyfriend: We slow it down some more, it's a ballad. It's nice that she's trying.
Very Hot: This song reminds me of a slower, chopped up version of Nicki Minaj's 'I Am Your Leader' but I like that she raps in her lower register!!!!!!!!!!! I like versatility. But who's the other female rapper??? Someone tell me.The song was good up until she added that cutesy tone. Good though.

Overall: She's definitely improved. I like it wayyy better than the 'Bubble Pop' album. She's here to stay, if you don't like her sex appeal then kick rocks because she doesn't give a fuck lol. The album is pretty good, I don't care for every song on her. I don't feel anything from her, when she raps, when she sings, I don't feel it. But when she dances, she's amazing. I know she will continue to grow and slay all the haters. 'Ice Cream' is very good!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Epik High '99 Vol. 7' Album Review

Epik High is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 3 years, after the trials and tribulations, after the military, Epik High as 3, are back together. And they're under YG now. Can't get any better.
Up ft Park Bom of 2ne1: 1 of the lead singles and it's very upbeat and uplifting. The minute Tablo started speaking saying 'Still we stand' I just got chills because I know how much he suffered in the past 2 years. It's nice to know that he overcame and returned more powerful than ever. I loved his album from last year, it is my favorite Korean album easily. Anyways, Bom offered her vocals to this song, and she sounds great. I've never heard her sing that high, her voice sounds kind of strained. It's because she hasn't had the chance to stretch her vocals because they keep giving the high stuff to CL lol. ANYWAYS, great song, I love it. It's upbeat, the drums kind of add a patriotic feel to it...haha. I feel uplifted with this song. LOVE IT

Great video, it's so cool!!!!
Don't Hate Me: Their other lead single, it's not something I was expecting from them. Tablo is singing more than rapping and I barely heard Mithra in this song but he's definitely evident. Tablo and Mithra, 2 poets, they are amazingly talented lol. I want to hear DJ Tukutz do his djing lol. I loved the Scratch he did in Tablo's album. Anyways, the song is ok, it's not something I associate with Epik High even though they do songs like this.

The most awesomest video of the year lol. It's soooooo funny and cool!!!!!Everyone in YG is so talented. I can't wait for 2ne1 to start making music videos of substance and showing off their creativity. GREAT VIDEO!!!
사랑한다면 해선 안될 말(Wrong)-  I can't translate this song properly but it's really good and calming. I love Tablo's voice here. It's sad but the beat is midtempo, it reminds me of the late 80's haha.
It's Cold ft Lee Ha Yi: This song came out last week and it's great. It sounds sad and mellow, I love Ha Yi's voice it fits perfectly. The vibe of this song reminds me of something off of Tablo's solo album from last year. It's a great song, I wish there was a video for it, it's so sad and mellow. The haunting 'I'm cold as ice' ah beautiful.
You Don't Deserve Her ft Gaeko of Dynamic Duo: Yes!!! I was waiting for Hip Hop!!!!!!!!! It's very simple, just beatboxing at first, then as Gaeko starts singing, the guitars are added, it's BEAUTIFUL. Favorite song off the album , I love it!!!
The Bad Guy: It has the 'western' style of music to it, lol like watching a John Wayne film hahaha. It's cool, Tablo sounds sexy haha. I like it, it's not something you hear alot. Love Mithra. Love Tablo, it's awesome.
New Beautiful: They get more modern here with the instrumental, but it's still really good.
There are more songs to this album however only the digital release contains the songs I just reviewed. Once the physical album comes out, I can review the rest of the songs.
Overall: Great album, nothing bad to say except I wish it was more consistent. I wanted more old school hip hop, kind of like how Tablo's album was, but I know that Epik High do alot more than just Hip hop. Despite all that, it's still a great album. 2 poets and a talented DJ, what more can you ask for?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'BLOCKBUSTER' Album Review

BLOCK B IS BACKKKKKKKK!! My favorite boy rookie group from last year that should've won numerous awards, ARE BACK. After the controversy from earlier this year, the boys have returned. They are darker, more experience, improved. Man. It's great. After releasing a bunch of video teasers that didn't make sense to me nor did I get the vibe they were going for, Block B came back with their lead single 'Nillili Mambo' lmao...and it's badass.
11:30: It's interesting that they chose to start the album off with an r&b ballad, but they did. And it's great. This song was played during one of the member's teasers. The vocalists here are really good. Gah love them. Zico is an amazing rapper. It scares me that the oldest member of the group is 21 and the youngest is like my age. They are incredibly talented.
Interlude: This becomes the theme for the song 'Nillili Mambo' it gives off a Pirates of the Caribbean theme...cute haha.
Nillili Mambo: This song...I love Zico's style of rapping, P.O's husky voice, the vocalists, the arraignment of this song is AMAZING. This isn't kpop. I've never heard someone take something from like Hans Zimmer or something and then rap and sing to it lol. Orchestral and rapping. It's very dramatic and it makes sense that the concept for this is pirates. It works!! I have no clue how to sing or dance to this, it's so...dramatic haha. This is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG. Like. Really.

Ok, this...is amazing. I love that they went wayyy outside of the box for this. Yea I've seen thugs and shoot outs and what not in kpop videos, but this is different. Pirates. Johnny Depp, amazing. And it's funny too. This is my 2nd favorite Korean music video, it's so cool!! They are awesome! Never has something so quirky and different fit together so perfectly! LOVE IT!!! But what is the choreo lol, I LOVE THEM
Mental Breaker: This song is funky, haha it's from Kyung's teaser it's great. Makes you wanna get up and dance. The singers, man they are great at what they do at such a young age!!
No Joke: Oh shit this is from B Bomb's teaser! Straight gutta hip hop lol. Like damn. Delli Boy is an amazing producer. Look up his stuff. Anyways, great rappers. Amazing, I will definitely be blasting this song.
Movie's Over: Zico is a pretty decent singer, man he can do everything! Great song, amazing vocalists!!
Where Are You: It's interesting how even though they are a hip hop group, they contain members that are capable of pulling off such great ballads. Taeil has a great voice.
Romantically: Not what I expected, this is amazing. They have sooooooooo much versatility...it's incredible. It's got that old school r&b, jazz, chill vibe. Kind of reminds me of KEM if anyone knows who he is haha. It's great. IS THAT TAEIL SKATTING?!! OH MY GOD. Incredibly talented. Like who is this group and where did all this talent come from lol.
Did You Or Did You Not: It's pretty good, it wasn't in any of the teasers, they sound great as usual. This one could be a single as well. It's great.

Overall: This album, is perfect. Like. Seriously. The instrumentals, the composition, the vocals, the raps, the production, the lyrics. Are amazing for a group that has only been out for a year. 0.0 I love everything and everyone, they are incredibly talented and were underrated last year. I knew they would be someone last year when they came out with 'Freeze' that song is my jam. I still love that song and I paid attention to them ever since. This album has now moved up to the best album of the year. I'm sorry, it's beat Big Bang's 'ALIVE' album. I'm so sorry lol. This album, is consistent yet it's not. Everything fits even though each song is different from the song that was last played. And I love that about artists. I love consistency and versatility. Block B handle that PERFECTLY. They are a hip hop group yet they can produce ballads, jazz, rap, pop they can do it! They remind me of Big Bang alot. Seriously. Big Bang is a pretty versatile idol group and now I'm glad that the torch is being passed to Block B. THIS GROUP IS AMAZING, ALBUM IS AMAZING.
Love Cho PD for creating such a group even though he dissed G-dragon and wanted to create a 2nd Big Bang. This group is flawless and they deserve nothing but success!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

'Invitation' by Ailee

Best female rookie of the year, Ailee is here with her first mini album release after the successful digital single 'Heaven' was released earlier in the year. She's amazing. Check her out.
I Will Show You: I love the song, I love her vocal range. In 'Heaven' she sang really high and I couldn't tell if she had great vocal versatility, but here, she clearly shines. I love when an artist can sing in the lower register, as well as the high, means you are really talented. Love the song. Sounds amazing, absolutely nothing bad to say. Flawless.

She's gorgeous, amazing, great video. Love G.O. haha.
The Evening Sky: We soothe things down here, it's very soothing, her voice is great. She uses her higher register here, it's very airy and cooey...hahaha but it's good.
My Love ft Swings: This song reminds me of Mariah Carey's older stuff from the 90's like I can imagine her singing it. Anyways, this song is AMAZING. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT. And I love Swings. GREAT SONG. AMAZING voice.
Shut Up ft Simon D: Simon Deee! Good choice to collab with hahaha, I love him. The song is upbeat but she's still telling the guy to shut up, she sounds great when she sings it, making it sound all soulful lol. Not my favorite, but it's still a good song.
Into the Storm ft Verbal Jint: Once again, great collaborations. Great also. I honestly have nothing bad to say.

Overall: There is nothing negative to say about this album. Ailee has a soulful voice that is a cross between pop and r&b. She's not Beyonce' yet she can certainly hit those notes. She reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera/Mariah Carey, she gives me that vibe, more of the pop route. She has an amazing voice. The songs itself don't do anything for me, her voice is great, but I have to FEEL it. I would rather listen to her ballads because she has already proven how great her voice is, there are plenty of people that have great voices. Now, touch me with it. As she improves, I know she won't disappoint. I want to see her on the charts Korea! She's got talent! Amazing voice! Best female rookie of the year!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miss A's 'Independent Woman pt 3' Mini Album Review

Miss A is back unexpectedly once again this year, with a new concept and vibe, and hopefully they impress. The 'Touch' mini album was disappointing but not bad at all, it just wasn't the sound I wanted from them. Their comeback was mediocre, not too many people noticed or cared! I want my 2nd favorite girl group to get some recognition! Alot of my friends keeps saying their boring and I'm like, 'NO!' they just don't bring much to the table sometimes. Even though they win awards for every song, people still don't notice them except for Suzy and Min, give them their recognition back!!
This album. I don't like that they had to take a spin off Destiny's Child, it's nice, but not needed. If you're gonna pay homage to one of the best girl groups of all time, you need to seriously impress. Dominate. So hopefully, they don't disappoint with this album.

I Don't Need A Man: The song is cute, it has a nice little old school r&b/pop to it, not bad. Just not what I was expecting. It could be stronger. The lyrics definitely get their point across. The chorus is very addicting. I like it enough to put on my ipod. I love that Fei is getting more time to shine, she has a great voice!! I'm glad that both Jia and Min rap. However, Jia sounds a little weak when she sings on this song...eh. She's my bias of the group, love her, but her voice...just didn't bring it here. This song could be stronger, you're pulling off of Destiny's Child, from 1 of Beyonce's hit songs she wrote, this song needed to be stronger. It's too nice/cute. It suits them but, this could've been stronger. I like that they are going back to their original sound though.

The video is cute! Fei is GORGEOUS, she is clearly shining on this album, love her. Everyone else are cute too. I love the choreo, it's very simple, easy to follow, nothing all that hard. I love Jia's little dance at the end. Great video, very simply like ALL of their videos, except 'Goodbye Baby'.

Ma Style: Another homage to female girl groups from the late 90's early 00's. Like TLC sort of, that's the vibe I get. It's a chilled r&b/pop sound. It reminds me of something that could've been from their 'A Class' album. Not bad. I don't like that Jia is singing more, her voice needs improvement, I LOVEEEEEEED her voice in 'Touch' but on this album...her vocals just aren't hitting it. I want to hear more of Fei now, it's nice that Jia is getting recognition, but we did that with the last album. It's time to hear more of the other vocalists. Other than that, this song is really good. Nothing bad here.

If I Were a Boy: -__- alright, more evident Beyonce'. Anyways, great r&b!! Finally, they use their voices correctly, especially Jia!! I love the little alto, jazz, sultry sound in the verses. This kind of serves as a ballad. I LOVE IT! I could do without the 'If I were a boy' as the title, I prefer the 'if I'm over~ you' but you know they already used that as a title in their last album. GREAT song, I love it. Love the old school vibe, love their voices, the lyrics. LOVE IT.

Madness ft Taecyeon of 2pm: Very random collab, but this is the first time Miss A have ever collaborated with another artist am I right? Yea. Granted, I wish it was with someone else, but hey at least it's someone. Definitely 90's r&b, complete vibe. Nailed it, the sound, their voices, it's impeccable. JYP knows what r&b is and he definitely knows his 90's r&b. It's GREAT. Very low key, just like how the 90's r&b was. Who hit that high note? Min wasn't it? SANG GIRL. Um Taecyeon didn't...really...do anything. Seriously lol. He just had some background sounds and stuff, lol he wasn't needed at all. Despite that, GREAT~ It proves they are capable of ballads, finally.

Time's Up: Completely different sound this time, it's modern pop, with the electric sounds and what not. Suzy sounds great though. The song is really good, I can imagine hearing it here in America. Nothing particularly special about it, because it doesn't suit the rest of the album. It's random...but it's still good. I like it.

Overall: This album was reallllly good. It definitely does what it was supposed to. A homage to female empowerment from 90's and early 00's girl groups. Did they have to do this? Not really. No one asked for it, but it's good to know that they certainly pulled it off. Why JYP thought of it, I don't know. But it's impeccably done, JYP knows his music!!! I can tell he had his hands on this album, clearly evident. This album, start to finish is great. Pretty consistent except for the last song...but it's still good. I guess it was used for a pick up after the other songs, and to bring the listeners back to the modern era. Although, i think 'Time's Up' should've been on 'Touch'. Still, GREAT album. I love all the songs. Now, for those that aren't into r&b/pop, especially the slow 90's r&b, then this album just isn't for you. This genre specifically belongs to that category. If this isn't your thing, don't bash the album, because it's a great album. JYP said it would be like this,and it certainly is. I LOVE this album more than anything they have done because I can feel the emotions here, they have improved DRASTICALLY with their sound. I personally love r&b more than anything, Beyonce' is my favorite singer and Destiny's Child is everything to me. I love all of them, original members, to the trio. Love them. It's nice that JYP would do this.
So, if you're not into this genre, then it just doesn't suit your taste, however, even so, this is a great album. Seriously, I wish it was longer~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

'Talk About S' Ga-in 2nd Mini Album Review

Ok, so Ga-in is back with her 2nd mini album, and it's great that she's coming back, but...I wanted JeA first. But whatever. This album was highly anticipated by many, including me. Excited. I LOOOOVED her first mini album, so of course I couldn't wait to hear the sounds of the new album. Here it is!
Tinkerbell: Very interesting song. It starts off with this kind of latin, guitar sound, and Ga-in comes in with whispers and such. It's nice. But then it progresses and it sounds very sexual. She coos, it's great. But then it changes to something weird. It's sooo interesting. It's got a lot going on haha. So many sounds. It's so weird, it's interesting lol. I don't know what to say about it. Yea.
Tiredness: Finally something that is full hahaha. It's really good, amazing voice!!!!
Bloom: Main single off the album. After listening to it the 2nd time, I like it. HOWEVER, IT SOUNDS LIKE A IU SONG DURING THE CHORUS. Very unfortunate. I feel like IU is singing it during the chorus, then Ga-in comes back in. I mean the producer of the album has worked with everyone in this company so it's clearly evident. But still, it's a great song. It's about a girl fully opening up after losing her virginity. According to the video lol.

This video....yea...definitely rated 19 and up. Like it's more sexual than 'Abracadabra' hahahaha. It's very bright and colorful and freaking flowers in my face. I love the choreography. That's it.
The Gaze: Love it, this is the Ga-in I LOVE to hear. Her coos, slurs, jazzy, whispering, sexy. Her voice is perfect for it. Love the vibe!!! I LOVE THE SONG, I think it's my favorite off this album. Very relaxing, chill.
Catch Me If You Can: The song instantly reminded me of 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson up till the chorus sort of. It's nice and catchy, but I don't care for it.

This album....IT'S REALLY GOOD, but it's not the vibe I really wanted from her. Sexy suits her very well, but I know there's more to her than that. You don't have to devote a whole album to sex. THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX AND MONEY. I don't understand. The producer and composer who did this album, did her first mini album. And it's brilliantly amazing and consistent. But this album....it's not what I wanted. Yea, she sounds great, but it's all the same. 
I'm not bashing her or the album, I love Ga-in she is my favorite out of BEG, I guess I had my hopes up too high. I wasn't expecting her to go in a completely different direction from her 1st solo album. But it's still a great album, she coos really well, I like the jazz feel, low key, and stuff. I mean, like I said she does sexy great, but that was just too typical. Like sometimes I want the unexpected.

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