Friday, November 30, 2012

It Seems that Hyuna will DEFINITELY be Making An American Debut

The sexy goddess Hyuna, will pretty much be making an American debut. It seems that she too has signed with a label and Scooter Braun will be her manager. However, you didn't hear this from me, it has not been officially announced that Hyuna has signed with an American label. But if she's saying there's progress with Scooter Braun, then I think we can infer, that something along the lines of "DIAMOND RING,SO BLING BLING" will be playing on the radio. Perhaps. What do you think? Is America ready for more kpop??

2012 MAMA Awards Review

Last night, the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards show was held in Hong Kong. There were performances from Big Bang, Epik High, Super Junior, Exo, Sistar, Ga-in, Trouble Maker Unit, Psy, Wang Lee Hom and Adam Lambert to name a few. I'm gonna say this plain and simple. The awards show, was boring as hell. Even worse than last year. I'm sorry.
Big Bang: They had the best performance because, they used the entire stage, remixed it, everyone was doing something, their outfits looked cool, they got the entire place pumped up, their theme was cool. Just UGH. Granted, I think it seemed all over the place, however they shut it down. You have to agree. Everyone took a shot at Gd's raps in Crayon, and they all performed Fantastic Baby. GREAT PERFORMANCE.

Epik High: They had the 2nd best performance. Tablo was the Joker, Mithra was Bane, and DJ Tukutz was Two-Faced Harvey Dent. AMAZING. Go watch that performance, it was the most creative thing every. They were hilarious, they were crazy and didn't care, the theme was great. Along with Lee Hi who performed It's Cold with them. Her dress was stunning!!!!!!!!!!

PSY: I'm rounding off the top 3 with PSY. Even though it was just regular version of Gangnam style, everybody was singing it. The huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge blow up doll of him was great!! The whole stage was filled up with dancers, it was great!!!! Even Hyuna came out to dance with him. Everyone in the audience was jamming, he brought the house down!!!
I did like Sistar's performance, they were very sexy. I enjoyed the flips and tango and what not. Also, it was nice that Exo did a little progression of kpop although they only did songs from SM -__- Alot of videos were taken down so I have not seen Wang Lee Hom's performance nor Ailee.
The people who did perform, it just seemed like they were during a regular music show. Like it was Inkigayo to them! Just a couple of remixes, a little change in choreography and that's it!! No creativity or at least not that impressive. Normally, Super Junior does reallly great performances, I've seen their concerts they are really good. But this was meh. Ga-in was sexy but meh, Trouble Maker unit was too provocative and boring.

And for the winners, the polls were pretty much thrown out of the window. Thanks to the hackings, the system is rigged. But regardless of that, the system is always fucked up! I'm glad Big Bang won every category they were nominated in, I'm glad Ailee won, I'm glad Busker Busker won, but some others were just stupid. That awards show makes no sense to me. So for the fans that kept voting and making multiple emails and stuff, quit wasting your time!!!!!! And to those that kept saying "blank or blank" should've There's a reason. 
 Overall, this year was just hella boring except for the YG artists. Even though I may sound biased, but it's true. Don't lie to me lol. Big Bang shut it down. Like always. I think MAMA this year was on an award show budget because there was a lot of creativity missing this year(except BB and EPik High) Leave a comment and tell me what you thought about the performances!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JYJ and SM Settlement ENDEDDDDD

So....does this mean...a reunion...even though they will still be under different companies...Like what does this mean lol??? Finally SM will stop cockblocking JYJ and we will get to see them on tv and promote in front of cameras and stuff. Running Man?!!!!!!!!! I'm glad however that Jaejoong and Yoochun are able to act in dramas, at least they had that. But now can all 5 them converse online or greet in public or stuff like that? Can the gods of the kpop world return now??? And go back to giving us quality songs and music videos?!!! It can only go uphill from here!! So happy for them!!!!
Leave a comment and tell me what you think will happen to DB5K now?? Reunion perhaps??

Monday, November 26, 2012


Awwww, I'm really happy for her!!! Leader of Wonder Girls and main vocalist Sunye is getting married to her boyfriend of a year now. Congratulations!! They're getting married in January! So the Wonder Girls as a group will be on hiatus...but if she's getting married, wouldn't I say it...THE END? She's been  one of the original members since they debuted back in 2007 so maybe she's ready to take a break...or as some are thinking, she could be pregnant. Whatever.  But seriously, wants you get married, you are devoted to the married life and wanting to start a family...for the most part, at least that's what marriage means to me. Maybe she is really ready to settle will the Wonder Girls continue?? It's hard to bring a group back together when one member is on a completely different planet while the others are doing solo activities. Who knows. For now, we just support her.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think?? Is this marriage out of wedlock or is she really ready to settle down? Or will the Wonder Girls end??

'The First Collage' Yoseob 1st Mini Album

I LOVE the album cover, it's freaking beautiful. Instead of putting a pic of himself, or something from Microsoft Word font, it's this instead. Does he draw??? He does right?? Did he do this?? He's amazing, please leave a comment!! The first to get a mini album from B2st, I don't count Kikwang because that was before B2st was formed. I'm glad he gets to be the first to promote with his own material before Junghyung or Kikwang did. Even though Junghyun features on alot of artists, I'm glad he didn't get to go first.

Look At Me Now: A cross of pop, guitar, fun. It's the perfect mixture of mainstream and his uniqueness. I like it, it's fun you can jam to it and all. Great way to start the album although I would like to think of it more as an intro...
Caffeine ft Junghyung of B2st: FLAWLESS. It's BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING. I think this is more of a duet with Junghyun, it's more than just a feature. Anyways, I love it, this is the lead single to. AMAZING. Like jeez. It's got that hint of sadness with it being in the minor key, but then it changes, and then goes back to it. It's amazing, fucking ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, gosh it's amazing. Seriously, like thank you for this breath of fresh air in the kpop world, thank you!!! Flawless, go listen to it.
Wowwwwwwww, this video is AMAZING. Best video of the year. All the hidden symbolism and metaphors and the choreography and the dancers and the bending and levitating and putting the heart back in was just WOW. Not to mention he was SEXAY. I'm glad we get to see this image of him, alot of girls are like TOO MUCH SKINSHIP but that's what makes this video so much realer. The kiss, the holding the straddling, like it shows a real relationship. Anyways, most creative video I've seen this year, best music video of the year. Seriously.
Just Do As You Always Did: 80's vibe going on, continuation of the slow, mellow music. Nice follow up, transitions greatly. I don't think it's as good as Caffeine was but it's pretty good nonetheless.
Even Then I: Jazzy, sexy, sultry, he's cooing, ohhh LAWD. I've never looked at Yoseob as sexy because he's such a goofball, he's freaking hilarious and maknae-ish, but he's not ahha. But when I hear this, I started feeling all kinds of things LOL. Go ahead boy. Ohhhhhhhhhh sang it, so sexy. Jeez. If he sang this to me, man, MY HORMONES lol. Jeez, his voice is just too perfect isn't it. Gosh, he's sexy here, I will never think of him the same. If he could just drop the foolishness, maybe I wouldn't look at him as the maknae so much LOL. Flawless.
You Don't Know: We pick things back up after the slower songs. I like it, very upbeat!!! Great song!

Overall: This album...all the songs were really good, very consistent, his voice is amazing, great genre to tackle and it suits him perfectly. I obviously loved 'Caffeine' and 'Even Then I' but I don't love the other two songs mainly because they sound very typical, I've heard it all before, but the songs are still great. Great 1st album, I loved it. It's nice to depart from the B2st songs and do your own thing, I'm glad he gets his shine. And not to start a fanwar or anything, but someone decided to pit Sunggyu vs Yoseob and I choose Yoseob. Only because Sunggyu did not showcase all his versatility with his voice and I know he can. Yoseob did and he did it perfectly. But I like both so no hate. I just think Yoseob is the better soloist this time around...

'Humanoids' 6th Repackaged Album TVXQ

Before Super Junior did repackaged albums, TVXQ did, and once again they're back with 'Humanoids'. I was definitely looking forward to the song once I saw the teaser, but I shall review the new songs that came with the 'Catch Me' album.
Humanoids: Once I saw the teaser, I definitely had to watch the video. Once the full performance came out, I was hooked!!!! I LOVE THE SONG. Love it. However, it has its flaws, because as usual this came from SM...and unfortunately, SM has been recycling alot of lead singles with their artists. I can imagine Super Junior singing this, I can imagine Shinee doing it, and I can imagine f(x) doing this. Because everything sounds the same with them. Seriously, and don't attack me for saying this because it does. SM likes to stack alot of voices and create harmony with it. And it's awesome, I think whoever their main producer is is a genius at harmonies, like T-pain is(sorry for that reference but that man can seriously harmonize with is voice). Even though this is just HoMin, it sounds like 5 people could be singing this. Apart from this sounding like everyone in SM for the past 3 years, I love the song. I don't understand why SM keeps putting fake applauses lol, it was like that in 'Maxstep' and I couldn't hear anything. But apart from that, seriously I love the song, more than 'Catch Me'. It's consistent throughout, there's no hybrid, just kept it simple. LOVE.
And once again, SM keeps putting their artists with no story lines into oddly lit rooms or into space or other foolishness like that. Can we get some creativity now?? Like thankfully 'Sherlock' actually had a story line, but alot of artists from SM keep being put in the same place like...please. Maybe since it's just HoMin instead of all 5 now, they lost their creative outlets and can't express themselves anymore...but c'mon SM. Maybe once they're back to being all 5 they will resume giving us quality. Love the choreo as usual, when have I not.
Here I Stand: For starters, I think it's great that they put this song before Viva but after Catch Me because it's a good transition song. Anyways, this is sort of midtempo, not like the other songs before it and not after, it's perfect. But it's upbeat though, I like that. It's a great song, their voices are amazing as usual. And the little dubstep break or whatever is GENIUSSSSSSSS, like that's the best use of dubstep or whatever that was ever because you don't expect that to happen. They are singing so softly, not hardcore. I would like to think of it as a continuation to 'Catch Me' but the vibe is totally different. Great addition to the album. 

I love the 2 songs, all thumbs up on this hahaha.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lonely Mini Album Review Spica

I just love that the album cover gives off a Christmas feel!! If they had a Christmas tree in the background...
Lonely: Already reviewed this.

With You: More retro going on here but it's more mid-tempo, their voices sound nice, it's not bad at all!! Pretty good, I love the composition of it...

That Night: LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I loved when the guitar came in with the raps!! Great song, continuing with the retro 80's pop. But I like it more here, love it. GREAT VOICE. I love the ending part or so, love their voices so much talent!!

Since You're Out of My Life: As soon as it started, I got Deborah Cox/Monica vibes. R&b here, great love it great love it. Their voices suit r&b more and I would love to hear more of that instead of pop even though I know they need to be versatile and appeal more to people. Anyways, GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Ugh, they sound amazing and their harmonies just UGH.

Great 2nd mini album, they continue to impress me, amazing voices, just ugh. I would love it if they won female rookie of the year but whatever. I love them oh so much, more than Ailee. My favorite now coming in as 2nd would be 'Since You're Out of My Life' after 'Pain Killer' SO AMAZING.

Hyuna to Make American Debut???

Thanks to the viral sensation 'Gangnam Style' Hyuna will now receive the opportunity to perhaps make an American debut with PSY as well!! Her solo songs Change, Bubble Pop, and now Ice Cream, have probably almost 90 million views combined! She's sexy and cute, she's definitely noticeable. Since she too is almost a viral sensation, I guess this means America is ready for don't think so.

See, once again, we have kpop idols who are specifically trying to make it in America, which is not what PSY intended to do. If Hyuna made a video that was equally as popular as Gangnam Style, I still don't think Americans would accept it.

She plans on going out to LA to film a commercial and while she's there, she plans to have a meeting with Scooter Braun who is the manager of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, and now PSY. Now does this mean they plan on making moves with this debut...I don't know. But if she's meeting with Scooter then that definitely means something is up.

Is Hyuna gonna sing in Korean?? Is she going to attempt English God-forbid?? Honestly, a lot of Americans don't like Gangnam Style and the definitely don't actually accept PSY as an artist. It's great that he's given them exposure, but now what will Americans who aren't open-minded think about another Korean coming over. I don't think Hyuna has that kind of appeal. PSY is naturally goofy and hilarious, Hyuna would have to give the Americans something to watch besides showing her booty and crotch. Should she too come up with a dance????

What do you guys thing? Is America ready for the Korean take over?? What will America think when 2ne1, a group that has major appeal, makes their debut? Will they get tired of seeing Asians as actual artists?? Who knows what's in store...

SPICA 'Lonely' Music Video Review

Yes!! My girls are back with a legit new single. I didn't count 'I'll Be There' as something but ok. I will review the mini album once it comes out.
The Song: Pop retro like they've been saying it would be for a while. It's not bad at all, I obviously have nothing but love for their voices and they are incredibly talented. The producer that made 'Painkiller' which I love and is my favorite song of the year, produced this song. I was expecting another awesome song like that one was but this song was made to appeal to everyone, like 'I'll Be There' did. I don't particularly care for it because I've heard retro 80's pop before, it honestly reminds me of something Kara would do. But it really isn't all that bad. I just can't wait for the other songs off the album.
The Dance: Very sexy, I love it however it's way too reminiscent of Sistar, there's nothing special about the choreography. I don't think it fits the song or the sexy concept at all but it's not bad. Their clothes even reminds me of Sistar.
The Video: No story line, very simple. They look so pretttttttttttttttttty!! Gorgeous!! Outfits are Sistar, choreo is Sistar, nothing much to it. I love the red voleur short dresses though!!

Like I said, this song could've impressed me more, I'm just waiting on another 'Painkiller' or something even better than that...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

'Another Me' Sunggyu Mini Album Review

Sung Kyu, leader and main vocalist of Infinite is the first to get solo promotions with his first mini album!! I'm not really a huge fan of Sunggyu but I love Infinite and I loved how emotional he sounded in 'The Chaser' so let's give this a shot!
Another Me (Intro): Mainly a piano, it's nice I actually kind of what to learn it. It reminds me of how '60 Seconds' is supposed to go. It's pretty nice.
60 Seconds: I wasn't expecting this from him, not this genre, but it suits him for he has a great emotional voice. I can feel his expressions when he sings, very passionate. Nothing really impressed me however about this song. He has a great voice and the song is good, but nothing stood out to me.

The video was nice, it has L who is another member of Infinite as the main character and his love interest. And then their's Gyu rocking out...I think they should've just kept the story line instead switching between the 2 because I felt the sadness more when I was just watching L cry lol. But this was nice.
I Need You: This is nice and comforting, slower than the first song, I like the vibe to it. Not bad at all.
Tears(Acoustic Version): Where have I heard this song?????? Wasn't this on Infinite's album?? Ahhhh it's so fucking beautiful I love it LOL, like perfection. I wish it was everyone and not just him but this is nice too. It's just so freaking beautiful, best song by them ever.
Shine: 80's vibe going on here, even the style of his singing. It's really good!!
41: Love it, love it, love it, love it. I like that 80's vibe going on with it since that seems to be a recurring genre with Infinite. AHHHH, love it. It's so somber, and ugh. Love.

Overall: I didn't know what genre to expect from him since I didn't know which style suited him best. I though might be a lot of ballad, but then again he's in Infinite and the 80's vibe is pretty evident. I don't really like the lead single, but I love 40 and the acoustic version of Tears even though this song has been out already. I feel like there could've been more to this album but it's pretty good. He has a great voice when we clearly hear how passionate he sounds. He's very talented. For hardcore Infinite fans and especially fans of Sunggyu, this album is definitely for you guys! It doesn't fit exactly with my tastes but I really like 41 and Tears haha.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kpop Idols and their Racist Comments

For those that are too sensitive about their oppars and unnies...please leave. Or if you would like to know the truth, please stick around!! I did not create this post to bash the idols, I just want to know the truth about who we praise and how do us, as black people or OTHER races (all are welcome, I don't discriminate) feel about their racist comments.

A couple of people on tumblr have posted 'Put a name of a group in my ask box and I will tell you who I hate and why' and so I've noticed that a lot of kpop idols slip by on racist or simply mean things and it's not ok to me anymore.

So if you know any idol group, please leave a comment and tell me who has said racist things or just mean things about fat people, sexist, disabled, homophobic comments in general.

To start off, I know about Taeyeon and Seungri and Zico, but tell me a few others as well. If you don't have a blogger account you can leave a comment anonymously. All are welcome. Or, you can leave a message in my tumblr ask box.

No hate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dal Shabet 'Have, Don't Have' Mini Album Review

Dal Shabet is back!! After releasing a full album during the summer, the girls are back with a new album! I always have hope for this group because their first 2 mini albums had songs that were WAYYY better than their lead singles. But unfortunately, they have failed to capture my attention after their 'Pink Rocket' mini album T_T. By I still listen to their music and their albums for hope that one day they will go back to working with Big Tone LOL.
For Darling: I always find it interesting to have an album start off with a ballad. But they do it here and it's ok. Nothing great. Their main vocalists don't do anything for me...even with the high notes...but they try....
Have, Don't Have: The lead single, and once again we have girl groups bringing the retro trend back and it reminds me alot of something T-ara would do. This song would be realllly good to me if it weren't for the fact that I've heard this style of music for so long. It has good potential, but I've heard it all before.
The yea...I don't get it hahaha. I love the choreography though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't Touch: Electro, techno going on here. I actually like it, I don't like their tone of voice for this though. But it's interesting, but the lyrics are horrible. I hate the autotune. I just don't understand with this group, they just need better producers and composers because they have a lot of potential, it's just that their songs aren't appealing or different for me. This song had a great start and it did have its moments, but it gets bad at moments.
Falling In Love: English wasn't bad at the moment, I clearly understood her haha. I kind of like it, it's like r&b/pop I like how they phrase their words. It's not that bad of a song really.

Overall: I wish they had better producers, that's all. They just need to work with Big Tone again and give me songs like 'Boom shakalaka' and their intro song ft Big Tone off their debut single album. I will continue to have hope for them though ahahahaha.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

B1A4 'Try to Walk' Mini Album Review

I normally don't keep up with rookie boy groups that don't impress me, so B1A4 is not exactly on my favorite list, but when they did debut, I did like their song. Actually, I've liked a couple of their songs. I just didn't like the vibe they were giving off. Now, it seems that they've given up the cutesy and are giving us something very mature. Like a complete 360 degree turn! And since a lot of people keep saying how good this album is, I've decided to review it myself and clear the air that I leave biased reviews.
Intro(In The Wind): This is what we hear in the intros to the music video teasers. It sounds so sad and heartbreaking. It definitely sets the tone for this album and I honestly like the direction it's going in because it's a completely different sound for them.
Tried to Walk: The lead single and it's a sped up continuation of what the intro was. In the vocals, you can really hear the sadness, they sound realllllly good. The rapper sounds REALLLLLY GOOD. They've definitely improved since their debut. I wish the song was slower, but this is an idol group. But it's pretty good, and I can feel their emotions. I like their vocals, I don't care that much for the song itself because I feel like the upbeat instrumental deters from the actual meaning of the song and their voices. They sound GREAT, I just wished it sounded more sad. But great song
Very fitting, cinematography is beautiful, I feel the emotion, impressed!! Good job!!

If... (너만 있으면):  This is a different vibe from the last song, I kind of like it. I actually really like it haha. The instrumental is interesting, their voices are good. It's not as amazing as 'Tried to Walk' but it's really good.  
                              I Won't Do Bad Things, ft Narration of Suzy of Miss A: Hahah this is just perfection. It starts off with Suzy narrating/yelling at the guy. I could've done without it. You could've gotten anyone to do that or just not do it at all, or she could've just sang. I don't think it was needed. Anyway, it proceeds with their harmonies and the beat has a sort of reggae rhythm to it. I love it!!!! It's so good!! I love the sort of r&b old school jazz vibe to it!! Very goooooood! Impressed!!!
                                               What Do You Want To Do: I love it from the very beginning. The way they phrase the beat, it's got that 80's pop upbeat vibe to it. And they sound really good!! Jeez, I have nothing but praises for the main vocalist and whoever they harmonize with. It's amazing. Once again, I could do without narrations...but who where they singing with? They could've put that, but why name Suzy when this woman did more than her lol. Anyways, GREAT. I love the chorus and how they composed it. It's so great.
Be My Girl ft JeA of Brown Eyed Girls: This is Jinyoung's solo and it's GREAT, I love the r&b vibe of it, he sounds great. Is he the main vocalist!!?? And I heard JeA wrote this too! She sounds great too!! As usual haha, it fit the song good too.
In the Air: They killed the consistency of the album with this song. In returns back to basic, typical pop music again that I'm so used to hearing from them...but that's ok. I feel like they threw this song in here to perhaps perform it later...I don't know. I wasn't really feeling it.

Overall: This album...surprised me hahaha. It really was a great album. Seriously. I was sleeping on them all this time. I've liked some of their lead singles, I just thought they weren't for me, but this album is GREAT. Now I see why everyone kept saying it was a good album. It reallyyyyyyyyy is! I can't wait for the video!!


Son Dambi 'Dripping Tears' Mini Album Review

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, she's back!!! Finally!! I love Son Dam Bi!!!! It's been so long. Hopefully this mini album won't disappoint!!!
Return: She's back!! It's been a long time!!! This is just an intro, I think it will pretty much sum up the tone of this album.
Dripping Tears: This song shows off her more mature side now, she's older, more experience about love and what not. The song isn't bad, I wish that it wasn't a typical Brave Sound song. It sounds like what I've been listening to from Pledis Entertainment for the past 3 years and it's annoying. Mainly talking about After School and Dam Bi, their music is so much alike at times. And then, I tried so hard not to start singing 'Fiction' by B2st because that one part sounds just like that song lol. But, I like it, I think it has potential. I just wish there was something more to it. It's just typical Brave Sound, nothing wrong on her behalf.

The video is interesting, I definitely got lost because of the scene changes but I get it I guess. It's interesting when she's in a mental hospital and the background dancers are dressed creepily, that' interesting it kept me entertained. I love the choreo, I love her. I just felt lost sometimes. She's so pretty and great acting skills!
그랬나봐요: This song is very interesting, I like it, I like her voice and it's so weird haha, but she still sounds very mature hahaha.
Emergency Call: This song is upbeat and sexy. I wish there was more to it, it sounds like something I've heard before. But it really isn't bad, I just wish there was something more to it. She's giving me a J.Lo, Madonna esque vibe on this song, which isn't bad, I just wish it didn't reminded me of stuff from other people.
사랑하고 싶었어: This is a ballad and she sounds so good, I love her soft voice, it's so calming!!

The last song is a remix of Dripping Tears

This album is showing off a more mature side of Son Dam Bi, I was sort of expecting a follow up to 'Crazy' because that's my favorite song by her, but she has produced better albums. I really do like her, I just wish there was more to the songs. She sounds great, I just wish she had better producers to show that her music has changed and improved as well, not just her mentality. But overall, this album is nice.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Luv Me' D-Unit Digital Single Review

D-Unit is back, which I'm thankful for because most rookies, if they don't make a splash, they won't come back or they won't have the same members. I LOVED 'Missing u' and the album was pretty freaking solid and I just love their vibe overall, I want them to get the shine they deserve because they have alot of potential.
The Song: It's pretty good, I think it may be more appealing for larger audiences compared to 'Missing You' however this song just lacks something. There's no oomf to this because it sounds sort of typical to me. The only thing that will set them apart from other girl groups would be that they amplified their tomboy image. But the song is pretty good, I love the chorus, I just wished they had did the parts evenly and composed it better and got rid of the auto tune. Other than that, since I really like this group, I will most likely put it on my ipod.
The Dance: What also sets them apart from other girl groups is their tomboy image, their choreography is very masculine. There is no hip movements, no crotch shots, no ass shaking, no boob sweat removing, nothing girly AT ALL. I have never seen this before from any kpop female group because even 2ne1 shows their femininity. That's what separates them from 2ne1, they are pretty masculine. And of course I love this concept because it's so different in the kpop world. Kudos to their choreographer. I can't wait to see the dance version of this song!!
The Music Video: Nothing special going on here, we all know they really aren't gangsters so I don't know why they have those guns up there knowing they aren't about that life. I hate that foolishness. Anyways, the video is nice. I like that the song matches their look, but I don't really get the video at all. Similar to how their first video was.

I really like D-Unit, they're a very promising group, but because they are so masculine in their physical appearance, this won't appeal to everyone, but it certainly sets them apart. Keep it up!! I will continue to have interest in them, it's just vocally they don't have the whole package, their music doesn't set them apart from others, but it does have a spark, but it's also lacking something. Once they figure out what it is, I'm sure they will be successful. They have the new concept down to get attention, they just need everything else! Love them though!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I Don't Leave Biased Reviews

I don't leave biased reviews. I critique how I feel. If you know about me on tumblr, I am clearly YG biased, but on this blog, everyone is subject to my critique. If I don't like a Big Bang song, I'll say it. If I don't like a Super Junior song, I'll say it. That's the point. I don't believe that everything under the sun my favorite idols do are perfect. So you prepubescent, delusional kpop fans need to calm down when someone says something objective about your "oppar". The truth hurts sometimes. But get the hell over it.

And this is MY blog, therefore I am entitled to my opinion. If you want a real review or whatever, go on freaking Allkpop for that shit.
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