Friday, August 24, 2012

G-Dragon 'One of a Kind' MV Review

Awwwwwwwwww shiiiiiii, guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!!! G-dragon! Kwon Jiyoung!!!

After much much much anticipation and teasers, GD has released his first music video off of his 2nd album, 'One of a Kind'. No word on when the album will be out yet but at least we can watch this video over and over to fuel our cravings.
The song: Dope, he's AMAZING. His flow is amazing, truly talented, a REAL rapper, not the fakes that keep getting put into other kpop groups. I love it. I love the beat even though it's all over the place, the lyrics...not so much. I already know that GD can be quite cocky, this isn't the first time he's talking about his money and bringing girls to his bed and all, but this song was too much for me. Like we get it, you make alot of money...and? But it's kind of witty, read the translations whenever you get a chance. Also, alot of people are giving mixed reviews about the song because it has the hip-hop element. I guess some people were expecting him to go back to singing 'Heartbreaker' but no. I enjoy THIS side of GD more, because that is his roots. His inspiration was Wu-tang Clan, not Justin Timberlake! He is a RAPPER, before he became a SINGER, therefore, of course he's gonna come out with a HIP HOP song. 
Anyways, love it love it love it love it love it.
The Video: Hella dope, so much swag lol. I don't understand ANYTHING but I love the tiger and the bear, that just shitted on everyone in the kpop industry. I love the outfits, I love the female dancers, but I HATE HIS HAIR. AND I HATE TAEYANG'S HAIR. I don't know what POSSESSED them to do that foolishness, but I'm gonna need for it to end. I don't want to see GD promoting this song looking like Bret Michaels.
Other than that huge flaw, AMAZING video. YG continues to impress me, nothing is redundant with these artists.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Pandora' by Kara Mini Album Review

Kara is back!!! After many failed attempts at reaching the top of the kpop scene since 'Mister', Kara went to take on Japan and boy were they successful!! I mean they are really popular there! So now, after the 'Step' Mini album which also wasn't that successful, Kara is back after returning from Japan with Pandora!!

Way: It's a pretty good song, very low key, soft, not that upbeat, but pretty fast and it's not a ballad, just mid tempo. It's pretty good, nothing all that special. I would not have put that as the opener though because it's not that strong. But whatever, it's not bad either. Would I put this on my ipod? No. Nothing special here.
Pandora: This's really good. Like it comes in close second as my favorite Kara song, right behind 'Lupin'. Omg, it's really good. I wasn't expecting this. It's got a retro feel to it, with the pianos, infused with the typical Kara sound, it's really good! I almost might put it on my ipod, seriously!! The rapping is really good, vocals are stable, Seung-yeon sounds realllllllly good, she's improved so much!! Love it!

They look GORGEOUS, Hara is absolutely gorgeous, uh!! Jeez, the choreography looks really good, I kinda wanna learn it!!!

Idiot: What the fuck is this, that's what I immediately thought when it started lol. Like it has the caribbean sound that you hear when they play those drums from Little Mermaid during 'Under the sea' then it changes to a accordion, like wtf. I hate it, no consistency, they sound ok. It's very cute sounding, if you're into this then this is find. It sounds like the members were having trouble reaching a couple notes. No. Don't like it.

Miss U: Now this song has the old, rag time, sound, it's slow, with the trumpet having the mute in it sound. Its nice that it's got a great instrumental, but it also has jingle bells in it lol.  It has a nice Christmas feel to it lol. It's ok.

This album is not very consistent, which isn't good for me. It's nice that they are experimenting with different sounds, but it doesn't fit, it sounds immature, like I want to hear a more darker, mature sounding Kara. But of course, you want to keep doing songs that have the similar feel to what your last hit was. Whatever. This mini's weird. Nothing consistent. 'Pandora' is the CLEAR winner here, it's great!!! Everything else, is...yea...they could've kept 'Idiot' in a vault somewhere, 'Way' is really good too, but Pandora is better.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Uncommitted' by Junsu Review

Wah!!! Junsu is back and this time, he's coming to America! Junsu, still flying solo, decided to release a new single in English to gear up for his world tour. 'Uncommitted' as well as an English version of 'TARANTALLEGRA' will be released.

The song is reallllllllly good. Like, it's the best English single I've heard in a while from a Korean artist. Unfortunately, his accent is too thick at moments, the pronunciation needs a little work, but there are great moments too! I love the lyrics, love the r&b vibe going on, music video is good, Junsu is sexy and more manlier compared to 'Tarantallegra'. I love it!!!!

I will update this blog once G-Dragon makes his highly anticipated, triumphant return as a solo artist.

So until then, we wait. I'm so excited.

Also, I will be reviewing Kara's album as well!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tasty 'Spectrum' Review

We have new boy duo under Woolim Entertainment that's just debuted! I was automatically interested because they came from Woolim because everyone under Woolim is talented. Nuff said. Plus they look fine as hell! After much anticipation, they released their mini album and now we have wait for the music video -__-
Spectrum(Intro): Sexy hahaha. The intro has a hip hop,b-boy battle feel to it. Then it transitions to electronic sounding, it's really cool. Woolim and their dope ass intros.
You Know Me: The lead single and it starts out pretty cool. Electronic, club sounding. Then it transitions to dubstep.  *Sigh* I'm getting tired of it. But the song is alright, nothing necessarily spectacular about it because it's repetitive. The vocals are mediocre. I like that whoever the singer is, he gets like 15 seconds to shine and they slow it down. Then it goes back. I like the last 30 seconds or so because it brings back the slight dubsteppy, club sounding theme. Like I'm really in a club with the flashing lights and everything. But that's it. I mean it's short, repetitive, nothing special here. But it'll be interesting to see this live.
Solo: Oh they slow it down here, baby making music r&b jam lol. I can hear the vocals, he sounds pretty good. It's a nice slow song, still nothing ATTENTION grabbing to me, but like I said, once I see how charismatic they are it might change my mind.
Buster: OH SHIT! It's HELLA GOOOOOOOOOOOD! It's so different sounding, the bass, the sounds going on in the background, it's so good!!!! It sounds like they're saying 'BASTARD' which is bad ass Lmao. And the 'WHY SO SERIOUS' it's really good!!!!! I can feel the charisma on this song. It's awesome. Best song off the album. I love when they kind of chop it up at the end DOPE.

Overall: The lead is ok, alot of people gave it mixed reviews so I'm with them on that. Solo is ok, but Buster is really good!! Listening to them, is making me interested in seeing them live. I can feel their charisma through the songs which is really good. I think they can prove themselves more as they go on, they can only improve. So, it's nice to have a competitive duo face off, with JYP's JJ Project and now Woolim's Tasty so it'll be interesting! I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TVXQ/DBSK Reunion?

Ok soooooooooooo? What is going on. There have been alot of rumors for the past 2 years that TVXQ would reunite simply because their Japanese website still lists all 5 of them as members. But did that shit happen, no it did not. My feathers weren't rustled, and neither should my fellow Cassies have their feathers rustled. We should not believe ANYTHING until I see them tweet each other. How could there be a "reunion" when they don't even tweet each other. -___-

But, thanks to Allkpop with their irrelevant articles, they keep bringing this shit up.

At first, it said that their Japanese website has listed all 5 of them as members. Ok. And. They have always been listed as five because I remember the stir up last year when AVEX still had all 5 of them. But now, Allkpop has listed Naver and Daum as resources, showing that there may...actually be a reunion.
BULL SHIT! I'm calling it.
Apparently, Yunho has been listed as a former member, so now only Changmin has the rights to keep the name TVXQ. Really. -____- Yunho left?
BULL SHIT I'm calling it.

How...what...why? Why are they updating their sites?? WHO is updating these sites. That's like saying Big Bang Seungri is no longer apart of Big Bang because he's doing his thing in Japan so we need to update our site to show that he's leaving the group. So is GD. Like what the balls?????

These people DON'T EVEN TWEET EACH OTHER. Do you really expect for us Cassies to believe this foolishness. IT'S STIRRING UP OUR EMOTIONS. Plus SM hasn't released an official statement, so I'm sure someone probably hacked into it or something. Trying to create publicity. I'm still Keeping the Faith, but  a reunion like this can't be possible with a law suit still hanging in the air. That's not possible at all.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Junior's 6th Repackaged Album Review

Once again Super Junior is back with a repackaged album because they never wanna go away after they finish promoting that one song which is the title of their current album. *Sigh* Lol.
SPY: I don't know what to think about this song. I think it's awesome, and then I think it's so cheesy then I go back to thinking it's awesome hahaha. The lyrics are kinda cute and witty. It starts off so...weird, especially coming from them because it has a 50's era to it. But then it changes. It's so cute. Then they put in the spy theme from one of the famous spies I don't know who. I could do without the low ass monotone, AS FREAKING USUAL IN SM, THERE IS TOO MUCH GOING ON. I'm sick of the hybrids. It could've been awesomely done if they just stuck to the main theme, BUT NO. They had to add all that in the background. Unnecessary. Please SM producers, stop making all your artists sound the same. Granted, this is very different but at the same time, typical of a Super Junior sound! I like that it's different, but it still has the annoying tidbits that SM always has!!!
Outsider: It starts out very popish and hip hop ish with the 'outsider' but then it changes to something low key and cute! Reminds me a little of 'No Other'. It sounds like a fun, summer song. I think they should promote this too along with SPY.
Only U: A ballad, everyone sounds good. It's very uplifting! Apparently it has something to do with Leeteuk? Leave a comment and tell me, has he already enlisted in the military or have they released the date when he does??I've been gone for a week so I don't know what's happened in the kpop world.
Haru: It's nice and uplifting, popish sounding, good song for the summer too haha.

Even with these songs added, it still flows well with the other songs on the album! Once again, this is one of the best Super Junior albums I've heard since the 'Sorry, Sorry' album. It's very consistent, they aren't trying to prove anything to anyone anymore. They sound very care free and mature as a whole! Good job Suju!!


Sorry I'm just now getting to this.

So, as you all may know, Hwayoung was KICKED out of T-ara. Something we all knew was gonna happen based on the events of last weekend. I was still shocked when I read the articles this morning.

Here is what the CEO is saying:
Hwayoung was not bullied in T-ara. He agrees that the members had conflict but there is no "bullying" going on within the group. -____-
Second, he's saying that the reason why Hwayoung was on the chopping block was because of her arrogant attitude. I will explain the "incident" at Music Bank later. Because of her lazy and arrogant attitude, she made all the staff members upset. -____-
Because she did not get herself together, she was cut from the group however there was some type of offer to bring her back. Whatever.

Here is what the netizens are saying:
Hwayoung was bullied. Blah blah blah. They are bringing up all this 'evidence' that the members bullied her and what not. They demand the truth and created "Tajinyo" 'we demand the truth from T-ara' is what that translates to. Similar to the Tajinyo with Tablo. It has become an all out witch hunt.

It has now become CCM vs Hwayoung vs Netizens. Crazy stuff.

My opinion:
I'm sure this has already been said, I read some of the comments on Allkpop and what not. I don't necessarily agree with the CEO, but I also don't fully agree that Hwayoung is innocent however I will defend her.
On T-ara: It seems that there was jealousy between the members because like I said, the nation only cares about Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon. Everyone else is basic. That's the truth. Now, Hwayoung was recently added while some where chopped off too. I went over this. Of course, living with 6 other girls all of a sudden with different personalities who want the spotlight more than anything, would treat you as an outcast. That was to be expected. But the problem is that, that shit was never resolved. They NEVER liked her. They would smile and treat her like family on screen of course, but after those cameras stopped rolling, it became a different story. All that glitters isn't gold.
I think that as a team, even though there is bickering, you HAVE to resolve that stuff, because it will just continue to fester into something like this. I don't think her departure has much to do with the staff but I'll get to that. I believe that, if I'm in a group of girls, I would try my best not to make them upset or try to resolve it. I know what it's like to be the new kid on the block, but honestly, that's just disrespectful to constantly outcast a person. Like really. That's rude. GET OVER IT. I'm here to stay bitch lol, that's what I would've done.
Also, apparently, the SISTAR members knew it about T-ara. Don't you think it's sad when another member has to sleep over in another idol group's dorm just to get away from the bullying??????? That makes me infuriated!

On the staff: Bullshit. It's your job to cater to the every need of a celebrity, get the fuck over it. If you didn't want to get harassed or yelled at or whatever, then you shouldn't be working as a staff member in the first place. End of story. What a freaking excuse the CEO pulled out of his ass. Music Bank issue:
Apparently right before T-ara was supposed to perform, Hwayoung decided not to perform, threw a fit and what not. I agree, that's unprofessional, but I'm pretty sure something happened we don't know about that caused that foolishness.

So, I'm leaning more on the case that there's more to the story that we won't ever know. It's probably for the best that Hwayoung got out of that situation even though it didn't end on a good note. I would like to relate this to Jay Park and how he's better off alone. I wish Hwayoung the best and that she should release a mixtape and say the truth!!

Sorry I never posted more about the situation with T-ara

I had no access to the internet while I was on my cruise, so as soon as I had access, I checked the articles. I will give my feedback in a little bit!!
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