Tuesday, May 22, 2012

G.Na's 2Hot MV Released!

You can watch the video here. It has not yet been made "public" for some reason yet so you can't search it.

Um, the video was nice. It fit the song which is good, but I still don't care for it much. It's catchy, but not enough. The firemen were hot though, A+ for that lol! The choreography was a little raunchy, like it belonged in 4Minute's 'Volume Up' mv. I like her hair though, she looked cute. But that's it. Sorry G.Na fans. She needs to go back to songs that fit her, like 'Black and White' and 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live'. The Top Girl album didn't have ANYTHING I liked except for perhaps 'Bananas' Maybe next comeback she'll return.

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