Monday, May 21, 2012

G.Na's 3rd mini album 'Bloom'

I will post the video later when it releases. The song 2Hot is....not all that great. It's ok, but I was sort of expecting more. The instrumental is nice, I like that rag time, saloon type sound to it. But the lyrics, and how it's portrayed...I just don't like it. The chorus is kinda catchy though. It's not a song that I'll put on my ipod, sorry G.Na. The whole time I was listening to it, 'Bounce' by JJ was playing in my head LOL. Maybe once I see the dance, it'll grow on me.

Green Light ft Jay Park- A million times better than 2Hot. Best song off the album in my opinion. Seriously. It's that good. I'm glad they did this collab, Jay sounds like Chris Brown and G.Na is G.Na I guess. I realllly like. It's very westernized so if they released this in English and actually promoted this in the US, it would def get airplay. I like it, this should've been the title song. I would like to see a video for this. But will I put it on my ipod??? Maybe not. Hahahaha.

Summer Star- This is a ballad. It's very soothing, her voice sounds nice. But it's ok. It kind of sounds like it could go on the Rooftop Prince Soundtrack...

Brother, Sister ft Sangchu- This is a slower song, sort of popish r&b. Since I don't know the lyrics it sounds like it would be a nice song, but then she starts saying "Be my boyfriend" so what is this about?? This too sounds very Westernized, but I don't really care much for it. Sangchu's rapping is nice though, it's a good compliment to the song.

Quit It- OHHHHHHHHHHHH sHITTTTTTTT this the jammmmmmmmmmm. R&b and sexy!!! YES!!! This is good!!!!!!!!! HECK YEA! Yes, this is what I was waiting for, this is the G.Na I wanted. She makes good relatable songs. Yes. This is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best song off the album, this will definitely be on my ipod!!

I'll Back Off So You Can Live Eng Ver: Damn. This song again lol. It's my favorite song by her, it brings me to tears all the time. Now they have it in English so now I can freaking sing along and cry. Dang. However, Junghyung's rap is in Korean, don't excited. His engrish is bad hahahaha.

Overall: I think the reason why I never liked G.Na's songs was because it was extremely Westernized, which I guess works for her because she is from Canada, she's fluent in English. Same with Jay Park, all of his songs are Westernized, I could imagine hearing stuff on the radio in America. However, with G.Na, I've heard her sounds before. It's nothing new to me. Her best song is still 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live' and I still get goosebumps whenever I hear it, but it's still Westernized. The best song off this mini album is clearly 'Quit It' then 'Green Light' would follow, but they both remind me of American artist. I've heard it all before. I want to get away from that typical urban sound, that's why I went to Kpop. Maybe that's why I don't like her stuff. It's not bad, it's just too typical. Now, '2Hot' is different!!! I'll give her that! But once I see the video, I still won't care for it...

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