Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is Anyone Excited for G.NA's new song 2HOT??

G.NA from Cube Entertainment is back with a new mini album called Bloom, featuring the lead single, '2HOT.' I'm somewhat excited for this, but then again I'm always excited for G. NA even though I've liked none of her stuff. Seriously. The only song I liked was her "deubt", 'I'll Let Go So You Can Live'. That song brings me to tears everytime I hear it...everything else was a disappointment in my book except for 'Black and White'. 

I really like G. NA, but then again I like EVERYONE that can speak English I'm excited so that maybe she can finally win me over because I really want to like her music. She has a great voice, I don't know what it is that turns me off about her music...I like her hair color that she changed, it's super cute and pretty, I wish I could pull it off:

The teaser for the song came out today, the song won't be released till the 22 (tomorrow for us Americans...or today rather since it's the 21st). Umm...the song sounds like it will be interesting. The male firemen are HOT!!!!!!! I will def tune in for them lol. The teaser just plays the instrumental I presume. Maybe once I hear it all the way, it'll grow one me so I can like it.

It's showing off her sexy side, the dance should be interesting. I'm anticipating it, although her thighs look so small its awkward seeing her thrust in shorts. I'm sorry, excuse me lol, she's pretty though.

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