Saturday, May 19, 2012

JJ Project Bounce Music Video Release

After much anticipation, JYP's new boy duo JJ has now released their 'Bounce' music video!! I was so excited. But while I was watching it, I was a tad disappointed, let me explain why before you kill me.

Positives: It's catchy, JR's rapping is a plus to the song, it makes you hype and what not. Also, to accompany him, JB's singing is nice. The chorus is good, 'I wanna see you shake it, shake it for me~' I like that part. I also love the choreography for the chorus part. The 'shake it' is soooo cute hahaha.
Negatives: The song is all over the place. It has the beginning part which reminded me completely of 'Dance(Ass)' by Big Sean, so I was like, uhhhh, did no one else catch that. But that fades away and Jr starts rapping. That is the melody of the song. Then when JB comes in, at has loud dubstep in the background, I just found that too overpowering, it wasn't needed AT ALL. The chorus follows which is nice. Then it goes into this  guitar mode, rock and stuff and it says in the lyrics 'rock and roll' but that wasn't needed. After that it repeats. I just think this song was somewhat mediocre for them. I wanted more, sort of a different sound because they sound like Wooyoung and JYP put together LOL. I like their voices, I just wanted a distinctive sound to set them apart from 2pm, this sounds like them. If I didn't know who it was, I would've said, oh, that's Wooyoung and Junho, -____- Hopefully the rest of the album is good and sets them apart.

I just listened to the rest of the album. It's better than this song for some reason. I especially enjoy their song with Suzy from miss A and the old school one. Give it a listen!!

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