Friday, May 18, 2012

Kpop May 14-20

We have a new girl group named She'z, I've never heard anything about them or where they come from or a teaser. NOTHING. So when I saw them on Allkpop, I decided to click on their music video for My Way.

Umm, they have pretty good vocals. They sound kinda nasally though, but other than that, pretty good. The choreo is cute. Not enough to put them on my radar like SPICA and Hello Venus.

Next, we have the much anticipated male duo from JYP, JJ. The members are JB and JR who appeared in Dream High 2. I'm quite excited since I like JB, he's cute and since I didn't watch Dream High 2, I want to see their skills myself. Today, the released the teaser for 'Bounce' but we can only assume it's an intro, since JYP is known for now becoming a troll for teasers.

Once the mv comes out on Saturday along with the mini album, I will give a more thorough review of the song. From the teaser, I kinda let me down just a little, but I have hopes that'll change.

Boy group Dalmatian has returned with the song, 'E.R.' with a member change. Daniel left and now there's a new member. I liked them last year when they debuted, they gave off a manly image, and they had solid vocals and rapping skills. I liked them. Now for the song, it'll have to grow on me. They sound really good though!! And they're hot!!

The return of the ballad/soundtrack queen, Baek Ji Young!! This time, she's come out with a dance album compared to her typical stuff. I loved her duet with Taecyeon for 'My Ear's Candy' so I had high expectations for this song. 'Good Boy' ft Junghyun from B2ST isn't all that bad. I wasn't hype like 'My Ear's Candy' but I like the choreo. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Next is the hip-hop duo, Leesang, that just released their unplugged album and the song, 'Humility is Hard to Find.' I love their stuff and I love Gary, so of course I will listen to them now. I loved 'Turn off the TV' from last summer and now, this one is amazing too! Not as catchy, but definitely amazing. The video is SOOO cute!

I already talked about Infinite's comeback on Tuesday, you can find it on my other blog here under the Kpop Craze title!

Live Performances

Infinite recently came back with one of their best songs and one of my favs of 2012, The Chaser!

Baek Ji Young comeback

Dalmatian's comeback

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