Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teen Top Comeback Album Review!!

Teen Top has returned with their 4th mini album, 'aRtisT' with the title song 'To You'. The music video has not yet been released, but I will post it later when it is uploaded.

To You: Once again, Teen Top has unfortunately teamed up with Brave Sound...AGAIN! I didn't like 'Crazy' from last summer because it sounded just like a typical Brave Sound song. I liked Teen Top's music because they didn't sound so generic, like Supa Luv is my ISH!! But then, they came back last year and I was like....NO! However, that song did grow on me and I retract my statement lol. I was hoping for this album that Teen Top would return to their original sound like in 'Clap' and 'Supa Luv' and 'No More Perfume' but I was wrong. 'To You' is once again produced by Brave Sound and it sounds like a slower, lower pitch of SISTAR's 'Alone.' Great. This song would've been good if SISTAR wouldn't have come back recently too. They sound too much alike. Unfortunately, *sigh*

As for the video, the choreography is awesome, I found myself just a little turned on to Niel and L. Joe, but that's not right because I believe Niel is younger than me. I'm going to jail. Lol. However, the song does not fit the music video. First you have the dramatic teaser with the ballad version playing, then you have the boys fighting each other and Niel drowning in the bathtub, but in the video you have them dancing on chairs and rooftops?? That doesn't make sense to me. Kpop music videos need to remain consistent.

Baby U: Like a r&b/pop ballad, this is what Teen Top does best to be honest. I would've preferred this as their title song. It's really good, everyone sounds good, and they are giving people more lines besides Niel. I like it!!

Shake It!: Best song off the album, best Brave Sound song I've heard. Seriously. I LOVE IT!!!!! It's face, kind of reminds of me back in the day bebop. It's really gooddddddddddd. Everyone has lines, not just Niel, Chanjo and Ricky have lines!!! And the rappers sound sexy! I would've preferred THIS as the title song, but since it doesn't sound like kpop at all, I can understand why it wasn't chosen. But seriously, I love it. I would put this on my ipod.

To You (Slow Version): I prefer this version over the original. I feel more emotion from it, but it still reminds me of SISTAR. Also, I saw on the comments section that since Teen Top is a dance group, they can't dance to this which is understandable. But still. I like this better!!

Overall, I've never liked a Teen Top album from start to finish unfortunately. I've only liked a select number of songs, but they are improving. We now get to here all of the members except for Niel singing and some of the rappers.

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