Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2ne1's 'Be Mine' MV Review

2ne1 has recently teamed up with Intel Ultrabook and they have been promoting their laptops for a couple of months. About a month ago, Teddy (their producer) and the girls decided to create a song for the collaboration and they let us fans vote on how the song should be. Each week starting in mid-May, there were choices that we could choose from. I honestly wanted all three, but I know I didn't like this one in particular. I didn't mind another ballad from 2ne1, but I was hoping for something more upbeat you know? Like I'm endorsing computers, and if I want you to buy a laptop, I want to get your attention by a grabbing song with some fun lyrics! Especially if it's coming from sassy 2ne1!
Anyways, so it came down to composing this song. We had a mid tempo version, an r&b version, we had sad lyrics, we had fun lyrics, and then we had the final lyrics. Last week, it finally came down to choosing the bridge. CL was singing it and she had so much emotion in it, so I was like "Bridge 2 better freaking win!" And it didn't. And Minzy ended up singing it. What the hell. And Dara seriously only got 2 lines. And the mv is boring as fudge even though it's not necessarily meant to be a real mv. I mean everyone looks gorgeous don't get me wrong and Minzy's voice improves every day....but this was a major disappointment.

I mean, I like the 'So just shut up and be mineee~' but I don't think it really fits them, like it seems awkward. Yes, 2ne1 has done some sad ass ballads (Lonely, It Hurts). But now we want a man?? I'm use to the men bashing, independent, girl power, booty shaking 2ne1 so that I can forget about being forever single lol. Now I want a man?? HECK NO. Like who the hell voted for these lyrics????????????? And how come CL didn't get to sing the bridge????????? WHO VOTED FOR THIS SERIOUSLY!!!!

I'm really disappointed. Like for the first time, I don't want a 2ne1 song on my ipod. *GASPPPPPPP* I can't believe I just said that. Like tf! Idk, maybe I'll grow to like it, but I highly doubt it. Man, why is it just so awkward, it seems really awkward to me. Why.

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