Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Bang Tour Update

So, as I predicted, Big Bang is coming to Los Angeles and New York. duh.. Now the the problem is, we don't know when they are coming. Well, according to the countries list that has already been released, it is in chronological order. We have Japan in June, nothing between July through early September, then the tour resumes from September through December. Now, the time gap is going to be used for TOP's filming of his new movie, and G-Dragon's solo album. That is the solo time period so the tour would be put on hold. HOWEVER, that doesn't necessarily mean we are safe. Big Bang could still come during that time period but it is highly unlikely. Therefore, we are left with November and December. Possibly. But, those 2 months will be spent back in Asia. Sooooooo, Big Bang will not come to the US until 2013 or late December.

But, isn't this the Alive Tour 2012?? That means, Big Bang could continue the tour throughout the month of December. I'm 70% sure Big Bang will come in December, 80% sure the tour will resume in 2013.

That gives us VIPs 6 months to prepare. Since I live in Texas, I'm gonna have to fly to Los Angeles. Since the tour is in the winter for us, I won't necessarily have to worry about finals..........I hope not, because I can't miss school. But I can't miss the concert -____-. Anyways, I need to buy the actual tickets before they sell the freak out in 10 minutes. Then, I need to buy the plane tickets which will be about almost $500. Then, I need a hotel. And I need to buy my lightstick. And a tour t-shirt. *Sigh* the life of a devoted kpop fan.

The major problem right now, is when the tickets will go on sale. They can't go on sale now because I def don't have the money to crush the crazy fangirls. The server cannot crash. I refuse to lose to them. I WILL get those tickets. I'm praying to God that YG will give me 1 month to come up with the money. PLEASE CHAEBOL~~~~

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