Sunday, June 3, 2012

BIGBANG'S 'Monster' MV Review

Where to begin. Well. It's demonic haha. It's the most demonic kpop music video I have ever seen, but that's ok.
G-Dragon: He didn't necessarily scare me all that much. It would've been best if they kept him in the red hair, because I just can't get past the mushroom hair LOL. I mean, could he even see??????? LOL. I think perhaps with the changing of the hair, it has to do with whatever power he has. I'm trying to analyze the video and assign powers to whatever demonic attributes they have. I'm drawing a blank with GD lol.
TOP: He creeped the fuck out of me. Seriously. Even that Kentucky Derby hat freaked me out. Jeezzzzz. The eyes, his shiftiness, the dark side of his face, his movements in the old lady attire, like it freaked me out!!!! Well freaking done TOP. Simply brilliant, he captured the essence of the theme beautifully.
Taeyang: Scared the crap out of me. He had the best scariest look. The eyes made him look sexy and scary lol. Like I actually don't want to be afraid even though he is a monster. Anyways, the Micky Mouse, buffalo hair is a no go. No. Go. Never again Bae, never again. But yea, his facial expressions, the make up, I truly felt that he was a monster crying out not to be afraid. Oh. Just freaking brilliant.
Seungri: His eyes creeped me out too. The one thing that I will forever love about Seungri even though I don't like his personality, is his voice. His voice is very somber, sorrowful, and it portrays impeccably in Big Bang's songs. He doesn't have the strongest vocals like Taeyang and Daesung, but his sorrowful touch is the icing on the cake. His voice was so brilliant in the 'gajima~' translating to 'don't go'. Wow, they really made me not want to leave them even though they are monsters.
Daesung: His body was awesome, that creeped me out, the way it kept changing and adding shapes and what not. Scary. His voice makes this song special too. 

This video was so impeccably done. I could tell it was big budget. The HD, the freaking cameras, the explosions, it looked awesome!!! I thought 'Fantastic Baby' was my fav kpop mv, but now, 'Monster' easily takes the cake. I have never seen anything like it, so beautifully done except for Brown Eyed Girl' metaphor filled music videos. This is brillaint YG, impeccable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now someone help me analyze it, I can't wait for Eat Your kimchi!!!

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