Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boyfriend's 'Love Style' Mini Album Review

I'm in Love(Intro): Nice intro.
Love Style: The song isn't bad, I don't care for it though, but it really isn't bad!! It's really catchy!!

Those freaking suits LOL. Nothing much to the video, except them bright, pink pastel suits LOL
Super Hero: Good voices, nothing special about this song except it's soothing.
One Day: More upbeat but still a sort of semi-ballad. It's ok, their voices are very soothing, nothing special though.
Wonderful Girl: Not bad, kinda catchy, their voices are nice.
Do: I don't know exactly what it's called because I don't feel like translating it. Nice 80's pop I guess, cutesy sorta, def Boyfriend style.

I've never been a fan of Boyfriend because I like manly kpop boy groups. When they first debuted I was like 'BLEH!' but they've improved. Props to their main vocal, he sounds really good and the harmonization of whoever is singing is really good! I don't care for anything in this album but I just wanted to review it. For those that really love Boyfriend, this genre suits them and this is a good album for you!!

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