Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dal Shabet's 'Mr. Bang Bang' Album Review

Every song on every single one of their albums is better than the song they are currently promoting. ALWAYS. I'm not exactly a 'fan' of Dal Shabet, but I always tune into them because they usually have songs on the mini album better than the digital song, except for the 'Bling Bling Bling' era. That was HORRIBLE. Anyways, here's the review of their full album 'Mr. Bang Bang'.
Come to Me ft Nassun: Amazing. Love it. Hate the, 'hurry up hurry up' part, it's annoying. But other than that, thoroughly enjoyed this song. And of course I love Nassun, he never fails me with his songs and features.
Mr. Bang Bang: What the heck is up with that failed english at the beginning of the song!!!!! Definitely wasn't needed. Apart from that, the song isn't all that bad. I'm glad they kind of left that annoying cutesy image. 'Bling Bling Bling' sucked ass lol. I'm serious. But Hit U album was good, and I don't necessarily mind this song. Not that bad. All of the voices sound really good, everyone has improved. I don't know much about the new member so I can't judge her yet. Unfortunately Viki is no longer with them, but whatever. This song isn't too bad, it's sort of different from the typical kpop route right now, it kind of rivals Hello Venus, but not really. But like I said, not that bad, but not good enough to put on my ipod. Sorry. Once again.

The video...um, I like the concept and theme, it's different. But still retarded. Would you go into a bank dancing all around and throwing money and waving guns all cutesy like? Heck no. And the police wouldn't go after the money. Hello.

Girls, Girls, Girls ft Maksutle: The beat from Seo Young's 'Oh My Gosh'. Noooooooo. But thankfully, that's just for like the first 30 seconds and it transitions to something different for the chorus. However, I have 'Oh my Gosh' on my ipod soooo, this is a no go. I'm sure the beat has been used multiple times, I'm sure they didn't necessarily take that one part from Seo Young....let's not accuse anyone...
Without You, I...: It's a nice ballad. The beat is nice, but it didn't really touch me. But it's nice and catchy sort of. Not bad.
Many Boys: Not bad!! Upbeat, pop, club. I like it! It doesn't make sense to me though, and the melody reminds me of a Big Bang song...I can't put my finger on it....
Disco Time: Ahhh yea! I love that Korea seems to be undergoing an evident time machine moment! Extremely catchy and cute. But I don't care for it, it's not bad though!!
Mirror: Another ballad, but it doesn't really feel like a ballad because it's fast. But I really like this one compared to the other one. It reminds me of After School's 'Because of Me' because it's slow and fast, but it's still a sad song. I really really like it to be honest. It might end up on my ipod!!!!
Love Shake: -_______________- Just no. The second it started, I wanted to plug my ears. It's annoying, cutesy, whatever.

These were just the new songs off the album, the rest came from other mini albums. This album....I mean, it's Dal Shabet, this style fits them. I'm glad they didn't venture too far out of their realm. If you like this kind of cutesy stuff, then this is the perfect album for you. I might take 'Come to Me' but that's it. I'm ready to start loving Dal Shabet start to finish.

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