Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flashback 5th Maxi Single- After School Review

The girls are back, minus Kahi. Sad face. But I think they can still kill in the game without her, I'm glad she will get her chance to shine going solo, it's about time. 
Anyways, a random comeback because they were still having concerts and promotions in Japan and then Kahi's departure. Everything is happening quickly, but the girls are back with a sexy concept with their new song 'Flashback'

Flashback: Electronic, dubstep, the instrumental isn't bad at all. However, the girls vocals don't really match with the song, a lot of people are giving mixed reviews because of this. But it's not bad, it just doesn't fit right but I like the song so it's on my ipod because it's After School.

It's weird not seeing Kahi and her fierceness but whatever. Jungah is now the leader and her vocals are amazing. Everyone looks sexy, fierce, flawless, beautiful!!

Rip Off (Korean Ver): This was on their Japanese mini album from last year, the 'Rambling Girls' one and I liked it then and I like it now. Not bad at all, the drums, the weird affects, the bells, it's really good!!

Eyeline: Electronic, low key, it's really good, it builds up, Nana's voice sounds really good, this is her solo. She sounds really good, I like it, it reminds me of Kahi's solo mini album she kinda sounds like her. But, she clearly shines in this, I don't really like Nana, but this is a really good song!!!!

Wristwatch: This is a ballad, it's nice, but it seems that Nana is like a main vocalist but Jungah and Raina sound really good.

Overall: This isn't a bad mini album or maxi single, whatever. It's electronic, club, techno style. I feel like After School has been searching for themselves after the hits 'Bang' and 'Because of You' because nothing has lived up to those expectations since then. However, that doesn't mean the stuff they've put out isn't bad. I actually have at least one song from each album, including their Japanese stuff. What I like about After School is that they are constantly changing, they don't put out the same stuff over and over. I wish they had like a real theme for this comeback, like they played drums for 'Bang' and tap danced for 'Shampoo' so I was looking forward to something different. But since Kahi graduated and they've been in Japan, I feel like this was suddenly put together. I think they were forced to comeback because this just came out of the blue. With that being said, this isn't a bad mini album, I like everything, but since when has Nana become the main vocalist??

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