Saturday, June 9, 2012

f(x) Electric Shock Album Review

Out of the blue, last week SM released a statement that f(x) would be making a comeback with a new mini album. I was like 0.o really, I wasn't expecting that. Like we had a week to prepare for this and I was excited. They started releasing teaser photos and I was like 0____0 this looks weird lol. It's like they went the hippy route mixed with Donnie Darko. WTF.

Anyways, the album has finally been released!!
Electric Shock: Synths, monotone, clapping, typical f(x) sound. I really hate that now, they can never switch it up. When they first came out, they sounded really versatile and different from SNSD. They are more hip hop and funky. But now, they sound too typical. It's fine that when an artist finds a particular sound that suits them, they will stick with it. However, I'm starting to think they don't have vocal range. Can they not start out with monotone vocals. Freaking Pinocchio, Nu Abo, and now Electric Shock. It's not necessary. But it's their style. Whatever. Now the song, once again with SM, has 2 themes going on. We have the opening which is the main melody, but then in the hook it gets low key and builds up to the chorus. It's catchy, and I like the song, but it sounds like a fusion of Pinocchio, Nu Abo, and Hot Summer. But this suits them so it's good. Put on your ipod. Also, Amber doesn't rap, she's singing -___-

Jet:  Monotone again.mixed with the cutesy stuff like in Chu. And Amber did the cutesy stuff too. The chorus is fun. I like the fly ta da ta da fly~~ and Amber's rap. I like the make you loose control part. I think this could've been a lead single too. It's not bad, I just don't care for the cutesy part which is also similar in Nu Abo. I feel like we aren't improving.
Zig Zag: They really can't stay away from opening a song with monotone vocals can they. It starts out pretty bad to be honest, but it gets better. I like the 'zig zag' part, I believe that's Krystal. And I think Amber's added monotone part fits well. But the song is just.....But I like that 'Ji gi ja gi zig zag!' But other than that, what is this song lol. Like what is going on.
Beautiful Stranger: This is just Amber, Luna, and Krystal and it's the best song off the album. Amber's rap is really good, there's no freaking monotone, they are actually singing. It's a good song. However, the minute I saw it was called 'Beautiful Stranger', I thought of SNSD's Japanese song 'Beautiful Stranger' But the song is really good. Seriously. But there's nothing "special" about it except for Amber. She sounds awesome, finally she gets more than like 20 seconds of a song. She is definitely needed in this group because everyone sounds the same, Luna used to have a very distinctive voice, she's a powerhouse, but now she blends in. I'm sorry. And she was bias too. BUT AMBER IS DAEBAK IN THIS SONG. It should've just been her singing and rapping. Everyone else is irrelevant. Best song off the album though.
Love Hate: Versatile, finally. No freaking monotone, they switch their vocals and flip out of head voice and middle voice. It's really good. It's a nice song. It's catchy, the 'I love you, I hate you' is annoying. Wasn't needed. I love the singing in the verses, finally f(x) freaking finally. Amber's singing sounds really good. The instrumental is really cool, it has alot of stuff going on, it's great.
Let's Try: It's a "ballad" I guess, but not really lol. It's upbeat, I like it, Amber sounds reallllllyyy good singing. And once again they flip out of head voice down to chest voice so it sounds really nice. Versatile. I like the beat. It's really good!! It has a reggae theme to it sort of, it's great.

Overall: This is not a bad album. It's not amazing either. The clear person that shined in this album is Amber. Seriously. She sounds amazing, SM is making her sing and her alto voice is a great addition to the group. The reason why I won't put this entire mini album on my ipod, is because f(x) as a group, their vocals sound the same. There is no versatility except for the last 3 songs. It's not their fault. It's the producers. I'm not saying they should switch up their singing style completely, but it's nice to hear some vocal range. Luna is  really good, but you don't hear it at all in this album. I want the Nu Abo and La Cha ta Luna back. I want to hear more from Krystal and I want to hear the difference between her, Victoria and Sulli. I never know when Victoria sings except for when I see their mv. I want to hear her, and Sulli improve because I like everyone in this group. EVERYONE needs a chance to shine now, they debuted in 2009, they are idols now. They need to have their own say now. But once again, this isn't a bad album, I like all the beats in every single song, but their vocals don't make it special to me. I don't feel anything from them except for Amber. Electric Shock is the clear winner from the mini, but all of the songs seriously have a chance at being promoted, none of the songs are particularly weak. If I overlooked the vocals, this would be a really good album. If you're a huge fan of f(x) this is a great album for you. Better than the Pinocchio album.

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