Tuesday, June 26, 2012

G.O. and Mir's 'Wild'

So G.O. and Mir of MBLAQ decided to form a little unit and created the song 'Wild'. I like this unit, they took the main vocalist and the main rapper together and made a great song. G.O.'s voice is soooooo amazing, I love it with MBLAQ and I love Mir, I wish he had more rapping opportunities and he finally gets it in this song! I admit, this wasn't what I was expecting, but it's definitely MBLAQ song. It's not as badass as I wanted it to be, but it isn't bad either! It's a throwback, retro, groove, and a little modern pop. It's catchy and they sound awesome! And there's breathing in the song. Of course lol. They're under Rain lol.
The fact that it sounds really different in the kpop world makes this song special, but that's also it's flaw. I'm all for uniqueness, but there isn't much to this song. We all know GO has great vocals and Mir is extremely charismatic when he raps, but I was expecting something different....

But still, it's a great song!!! Is there gonna be a music video or any promotion? Or is this just for touring purposes??? Feel free to leave a comment

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