Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jo Kwon's I'm Da One Album Review

The album is finally here! Jo Kwon from the ballad group 2am is the first to release a solo mini album. Fitting since he's been under JYP for over 7 years!! I was highly anticipating this album so hopefully it doesn't disappoint!!
Awesome Girl ft Yankee?: Electronic, club, dance track. It builds up great but it doesn't climax. Which is fine, but it's ok. I was expecting an amazing dance break with all that build up but then it goes back down. It's very catchy, I like it! Good opener to the album. It sounds like something I could hear in America and that's a compliment!
Animal ft someone I'm not translating that Korean lol-Jung Ho Suk: Love it. THIS should have been the lead single. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Another dance track, electronic. His voice suits this genre of music too, I'm glad he can crossover from ballads over to faster songs. Love it. Why couldn't this have been the lead single? All the photos and what not, I would've loved to see his kkab in this. Amazing, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Da One ft Zion T: It didn't have to be ghetto. I'm Da one. Not needed. ANYWAYS, this song doesn't flow after coming after Animal, but I guess we had to tone it down after the two electronic songs. At first, I didn't like it while I was watching the mv. But after hearing it again, it's really nice and catchy. Not what I expected from him, but it's still good. The auto-tune wasn't needed AT ALL. I have no clue what he's saying. But not bad, I don't think it should've been the lead single in my opinion because it's way too basic and happy.

This video...was all over the place. I understand the storyline, but since it just seemed rushed and all over the place. I think the song would've done just fine without the story line of the video but Jo Kwon looks fabulous. Work it honey!
Lipstick: Great transition after 'I'm Da One'. It's really nice, it's upbeat, has a happy feeling, snyths. Sounds familiar though, but his voice sounds nice. I like the production of it! Really good!
Who's Loving You Now?: Slow, but not quite a ballad. Mid-tempo, I like the drums. I was expecting a ballad, but this is good too!
Wingardium Leviosa: I'm gonna need for these Harry Potter references to stop. Tarantallegra. Wingardium Leviosa. Like, don't say it in the songs. BUT, the song is really good. Upbeat, synths, electronic. It's fun!! I don't think it's as catchy as Tarantallegra is but I would still jam to this. I can bump it in my car, it's a really fun song!! Love it!
Something 'Bout You ft Jinwoon: Love it. Like old school rock, modern pop, swing. LOVE IT! I love Jinwoon's voice in this he sounds sexy! Love it, love it love it love it.
Heaven ft Misoo of GLAM: Nice, lowkey song. They both sound really good!! I especially like Misoo and I'm really anticipating the new girl group. I like the chorus and lyrics. Really good!!
Just a Kiss: Yes, a ballad! Very beautiful, and it's in English. Beautiful!!!

Overall: Honestly, this is a really good, solid album start to finish. I admit, I was a little skeptical at first after seeing the video, but the album is really good. Nothing bad to say to be honest. Seriously nothing! I'm glad that his voice can cross over from ballads to up tempo stuff since 2am doesn't really do pop songs except on the occasion. But this album was all pop which is good! I'm glad he's versatile!! This whole album was consistent which is good. It wasn't all over the place, the composition of some songs were really genius! Great album. This should def go on your ipod. My only complaint is that I don't think I'm Da One should be the lead single. Just saying. Because this album has alot of other good songs. He should promote all of them. LOVE IT GOOD JOB JO KWON!

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