Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Loving U' Summer Special Album Review - SISTAR

The girls are back with a new single titled 'Loving U' and I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! I love the video, I love the choreo, I love the song, I love SISTAR. Now, there are alot of hater comments on youtube, saying that they're sluts, and the choreo is still pushing sex, and their songs aren't' meaningful. HOL UP. They do have meaningful songs and they have amazing vocals!! Unfortunately, yes, they do push the sexiness factor alot, but they've been doing that since they debuted. It's the role they took on to be sexy. If they wanna be sexy, let a girl group be sexy, they aren't sluts!!!!

Anyways, 'Loving U' is great, the other song on the album called 'Holiday' is a nice song. Not as good as 'Loving U' but it's pretty good. The rest of the songs are just remixes of their lead singles.

Hyorin is amazing. She needs to go solo and let the rest of the members stay as a group.

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