Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wonder Girls 'Wonder Party' Mini Album Review

R.E.A.L.- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this is 'R.e.a.l' good!!!! Yubin sounds so awesome and sexy! Hyelim's rap skills are hella good too, props!!! The beat is realllly good, bumpin, I could blast it in the car. The production is done really good, the instrumentation, the vocals, the staccato, the sexy, impeccable. Seriously. I think it's the best Wonder Girls song that is brillaint. JYP is a genius. I don't think it should've been an opener, but it transitions well before 'Like This'
Like This: The beat. The beat. The bass. Heck. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!! If you have good speakers, bump this song and jam!!! It's a good summer song, I can see what they are trying to achieve. I don't care for how they sing in this, Hyelim didn't sound that good to me in this. I liked Sohee and Ye eun's harmonization. But, I think the lyrics and the beat don't match. But like I said, it's summer catchy, it'll get you grooving, it's meant for doing the dance they describe. Yubin's 'rap' is good lol, I found myself actually pointing to my body parts lol.

This video is so basic, I'm sorry LOL. They kept boasting about the production and all that stuff, but it has nothing compared to Big Bang's 'Monster'. Like all I saw was the crane camera to show the 'flashmob'. I really wanted more for this video. I didn't want a flashmob and for them to look basic. But I understand what they were going for. The choreo matches the song as usual in JYP lol. Fun fun.
Hey Boy: Reminds me of Beyonce's 'Work Out' the beat doesn't really fit them. It's nice, but the song is really basic. BUT YUBIN SINGING!!!!!!!!!!1 YEA!!!!!!!!!!! The way JYP and his producing team is really good! Like the stacking of voices and harmonization is brilliant. It makes me pay more attention to what's in the background. But other than that, this song is pretty basic. Nothing amazing here compared to the first 2 songs which is fine, it's slowing the party down so you can dance with your man. Haha.
Girlfriend: I feel like this is a continuation of 'Girl, Girl' from their last album. It's really pretty, the guitar adds to the somber tone, I like it alot. Ye eun and Sunye's voices are crazy good. They have the best voices in JYP, hands down. Sohee has improved alot in this album, and Hyelim sounds basic as usual. I fucking love Yubin. Have I stated that before? Well I do. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE her. This is a good song though, two thumbs up, but not a good follow up to 'Hey Boy'. We go from trying to get a man, to finding he has a girlfriend. I shouldn't be worrying about that while I'm at a party, I'd start drinking out of sadness lol. Anyways, I love the ending.
Sorry: Another slow, JYP-esque ballad. I don't need this at a party lol!! Dang. Yubin's singing is a plus. That's it. It's a nice r&b JYP song, a song that JYP should sing.
The DJ Is Mine: This was from the 'Wonder Girls Movie' soundtrack, so there's nothing new. I'm not reviewing it. I hate Sohee's english LOL, I just can't deal.

Overall: To be honest....this album is good because it's a different sound for the Wonder Girls, however, that's the flaw. I feel like JYP is getting way too experimental with his artist. I didn't like miss A's album because the sound didn't suit them, same with JJ, same with Wonder Girls. It's fine that he's experimenting with them, but, the sounds don't suit the groups. I feel like if you're gonna change an artists' sound, it has to suit them. Everything just sounds thrown together or that it belongs to JYP himself. Now THAT is what I'm getting annoyed with. I can tell (except for miss A's recent album) that JYP puts his hands on his artists' work. Apart from him saying, 'JYP~~' its too evident he produces stuff. It needs to change. Like at least in SM, they switched up their r&b/pop with EXO finally. And YG's music NEVER sounds the same to me. So, now that JYP has successfully established his artists, he needs to step away and let them do their own thing. I'm sick of his stuff and Brave Brothers sounding the same. If you're gonna do something different, make sure it works. I just felt awkward listening to a mashup of stuff from miss A, JJ, and Wonder Girls.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyways, I think you should buy the album if you must. It's pretty solid to me. I didn't want the JYP leftover ballads on here though, I wanted the party. 'REAL' and 'Like This' are the best songs. Clearly. Girlfriend gets kudos too though.

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