Tuesday, July 3, 2012

'Day By Day' T-ara Mini Album

The digital sales queens are back!!! With much, much anticipation, T-ara is back after their last hit 'Lovey Dovey'. I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD 'Roly-poly' and 'Lovey Dovey' so I thought maybe their would be some type of continuation of that. 'Cry, Cry' wasn't necessarily a hit but it was a good song and it wasn't filled with foolishness. Also, I don't need anymore of these movie music videos but we'll get to that.
Day By Day: Great. Really basic and like a sped up version in my opinion of that collaboration song they did around Christmas time with Davichi. Anyways, it's not a dance track. It's just really sad and they lyrics don't make sense to me, but I'm used to it LOL. I really like it and the flute part is extremely catchy.

This video....yea.  I think this video was the best in terms of their movie music videos. 'Cry, Cry' and 'Lovey Dovey' were somewhat confusing because I clearly didn't have subtitles and they didn't necessarily make it easy to figure out. From 'Cry, Cry' I knew what was going on, but 'Lovey Dovey' made no dang sense. Anyways, T-ara needs to chill out with the story lines, it was cool at first with 'Roly-Poly' and 'Cry Cry' was awesome. But the 4 mvs for 'Lovey Dovey' is taking it too far and now we have the same thing with 'Day By Day'. However, I knew what was going on! They made it very evident and they had very little monologues so I got the gist of everything. It took me a while to figure out the new girl was blind haha. I was like, 'She never looks at Hyomin' lol. Anyways, great video. OH AND JIYEON LOOKED LIKE A BAD BITCH!. Maaaaaan she was WERKING that blonde hair!!! GO HEAD GIRL, WERK! I mean she looked FIERCE! She could've been in 2ne1 looking like that!!!! LOVED HER!

Love Game/Keep Out: This is the Korean version so there's nothing new here, but it's still a nice song. I especially like Hwayoung's rap in this. Other than that, it's ok, nothing all that special about it.

Hue: I don't really know the meaning of this, but the song is basic. It reminds me of older T-ara, there's too mcuh going on here. BUT I like the guitar going on in the background, but other than that, a basic song.

Don't Leave: This was in the video and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was a slow version of 'Day by Day' and it sort of is! Honestly, this is daebak! The two fit together so perfectly. I like how it started, then it slowed down, unexpectedly. It's really dramatic and I'm sorry that I don't know who the main vocalist is but she sounded amazing!!! And I'm starting to love Hwayoung more because she doesn't have 1 stupid irrelevant line. Plus I heard she wrote the raps in this so thumbs up. She sounds really good!! I think the main vocalist and Hwayoung should just do this song together, everyone else is...yea. LOVE THE SONG THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday: It's ok, nothing much though. I think I'm getting sick of these 'Hoooooooooo~~' songs. First it was SISTAR with 'Alone', then Teen Top's 'To You' and now T-ara. I can't tolerate repetitiveness. And the title of the song makes no sense. But whatever, this is T-ara lol

Overall: This album isn't bad!! I only like Day by Day and Don't Leave. I like the direction they've been going in lately!! Yayaya and Roly-Poly were ridiculous but I loved it. Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey are great and now Day By Day. I'm glad they can do serious songs and do silly club songs!! T-ara definitely isn't my favorite group, but their songs always find their way to my ipod :)

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