Monday, July 9, 2012

'Goodbye' B.A.P. Review

Help me understand by leaving a comment(you don't have to have an account to leave a comment) and explain to me how this works. I thought that 'Warrior' and 'Power' were mini albums! So they were just singles with extra songs on them lol? I don't understand. But anyways, B.A.P. has come back AGAIN with a new song from the first actual mini album called 'Goodbye'. The song is nice. It sounds like it belongs to an anime soundtrack because it's rock and their singing and what not. If you've watched anime and hear the opening and closing themes, you would know haha. But yea, this is actually a really good song! B.A.P. has remained consistent with their genre. 'Warrior' was hip-hop based sort of and it was awesome. Then 'Power' had rock infused with it and now this song is fully rock. I like it, this style suits them!!!

But seriously help me understand lol. So they are coming out for the first time with a mini album with new songs? Really??? Jeez, they've been in our faces the whole year which is a good thing. I have never experienced this with kpop before! They debuted in February, came back with a new song in May, and now they are back again!! You can never forget them!! That's a good promotion technique however, the boys must be sooooooo tired because all of their performances are extremely powerful. I hope they seriously rest after this promotion period!!

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