Monday, July 9, 2012

'Like Money' Wonder Girls ft Akon

Wonder Girls have teamed with Akon for a collaboration at the Green Groove Festival. I wasn't expecting this collab so I was very interested in seeing how this could help the Wonder Girls' advancement into the US market. We still don't have the English album from the 'Wonder Girls Movie' which came out in February so I'm gonna need for JYP to get it together. BUT, at least this is a step.
Song: It's a basic Westernized song, which I was clearly expecting. I knew it wasn't gonna have much of the kpop flare to it which is fine. The song isn't bad. However, we only got to hear from Sohee(whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy), Yenny, Sunye and Yubin. That's 4 out of 5. Sohee opened with the first verse, Yenny and Sunye took over the chorus, Akon rapped the 2nd verse, and Yubin rapped the ending. Nothing much too it. Yubin's rap was AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE her charisma and deep husky voice, it's so awesome. Yenny's high note was amazing at the end as usual. And that's it. Lim didn't get any lines. Typical. Vocal level, Lim and Sohee are about the same, however for some reason, JYP keeps putting Sohee at the beginning. I mean it's a song in English!!! Lim can speak fluent English! Why not put her instead of Sohee!!! Jeez. But other than those flaws, the song is alright.
Video: Interesting concept. I thought the beginning was cool. I wouldn't match love and money with being robots but hey. They had to do something new. Very cool
Choreo: Awesome as always. I don't think I have EVER hated choreography from JYP's company. For real. Every single artist that's on there, from Rain to JJ Project, I have loved the choreography. Love it!!

This is a nice collab, I would never have guessed Akon to work with the Wonder Girls, I like JYP's little cameo as the doctor. I love the outfits and concept, I just wished every member had at least 10 seconds of the song. Other than that, good job Wonder Girls!!

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