Saturday, July 21, 2012

Midnight Sun 5th Mini Album B2st

B2uties!!!! The boys are backkkkkk!!!!!! I'm not a certified B2utie to be honest but I do believe they are incredibly talented and I always have nothing but praise for them!! So now, after their return from 'Fiction and Fact' from last year and Japan, B2st is back and everyone is excited!!! Here's a review:

Midnight: The song came out a week ago along with a short music video or whatever, making everyone go crazy with excitement. At first, I didn't really like the song, it was ok. But after hearing it, I really like the intro and the little dubstep, electro beginning. It's a nice song, Hyesung sounds really good, his voice has improved greatly! Everyone sounds good, Junghyun's rapping sounds reallly good, I love his deep voice. I just wish the song had more of that dubstep, electronic section because it makes the song more interesting in my opinion. It's nice that there's a distinct contrast in the song, but it's too tame for me. But it's good nonetheless.
Beautiful Night: The lead single off the album and it's really good! They too released a music video teaser for it and what not, stirring everything up but we'll get to that later. The song is upbeat, I love Junhyung's 'Something good, nothing bad' rap lyric haha. It's all over tumblr!! It's fun, nothing all that special about it in terms of sound, but it's still good! Hyunseung is clearly the main vocalist in this song. He has improved alot!!

Ok, so there was a lot of controversy concerning this video for the casting call that was posted on Craigslist 2 or 3 weeks ago. The casting call said only white females allowed for the party scene in New York and boy did tumblr blow up! Alot of people were mad because that's racist. And so was I!! I was mad, that even Asians couldn't be in the video?! I was disappointed that you would go to America to film a video knowing that America is the melting pot and you specifically only want white women in your video. What does that mean. But that has nothing to do with B2st, just the director. So I gave them the major side eye. However, once the filming actually took place, alot of the models and extras took to Twitter and said that's not true. Not only were white people there, but so were black people. Oh? And apparently that Craiglist post was fake, set up by some troll. Really. So I was like, lets just wait for the video to come out and then we can judge. 
Well now the video is out and WTF. You have cars with hydraulics which show case the Black and Mexican community WHICH IS TRUE, there were BLACK AND WHITE skateboarders, black dancers, and in the infamous dance scene, there black females!! I saw it! Even though the camera focused in on the white females, it still showed more black people! There was a mixed audience. Case closed. 
Apart from that, I hate Hyunseung's red hair, like it's horrible I'm sorry. Not everyone can pull off Cherry Red nor does everyone need to. Doojoon is fine as fuck, Dongwoon is sexy, Junhyung can get it too, Kikwang is always fine as hell I just hate that hair and Yoseob is forever cute even though he's not the maknae. Great video.
It's Not Me: I loved it the second it came on. It's got the Oriental flavor mixed with r&b. Junhyung's rap is really good!! Again, I seriously only hear Hyunseung. He's not the main vocalist, but in this album he's all of a sudden extremely relevant.

When I Miss You: A ballad and they all sound really good as usual.

The Day You Rest: This was used on the teaser for Beautiful Night mv, it's extremely funky and 70's ish LOL. It's very interesting, I've never heard this in kpop before. They sound really good, it's fun and what not! Kudos!!!

Dream Girl: R&b based, slow and what not. Very sexy. Oh and Junhyung is singing LOL. They sound really good. Kudos!! And whoever was hitting on those high,  Mariah Carey notes is amazing. I'm just gonna assume that was Yongseob.

Overall: This is a good album. All of B2st's album are good to be honest. However, I'm not a HUGE fan of B2st because their music isn't necessarily my style. But I don't deny them of their talent, because they are incredibly talented. Junhyung wrote almost every song on this album. Kudos. Hyunseung has improved alot! I've been following him since 2010 because I watched the Big Bang documentary when he was supposed to debut with them. Now, is he my favorite person? Not really, but he has a great voice. I don't understand though why I mainly hear him in this album. Yongseob is the main vocalist yet I only catch glimpses of him except for 'Dream Girl'. It's nice that they're giving people more lines, but it's not evenly distributed now. Whatever. This is a good album, it's not my style, but it's a good album. Really. I love B2st, my favorite song from them is 'Fiction Orchestra Version' but that's irrelevant right now lol. I will post the videos later once they are PUBLIC! Cube freaking privated the videos all of a sudden so we'll have to wait. Also, feel free to leave a comment!

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