Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Mercy Mini Album Review B.A.P.

The boys are back again!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 3rd time this year! I love that they are in our faces sooooo much, they only take a month off and that month is spent on preparing for another comeback! Jeez. I have never experienced this in kpop before! Usually someone will come back twice a year and spend the rest of the time abroad. But not BAP. They promote in Korea, spent a little time abroad touring, then came back! I love how resilient and talented they are!
Goodbye: I already did a review for this song.
No Mercy: Lead single obviously and it's awesome. Like seriously. It's once again like 'Power' and 'Warrior' with the hip-hop/rock sound, very powerful and in your face!! It's good, however, they've established their theme so early in the game that it's almost predictable. It's really good that they are going in a different direction with their sound, but 'Power' and 'Warrior' already sound alike, why put 'No Mercy' in that bowl?!! I like that when an artist has a particular sound, it's good that they stick with it, but that doesn't mean they can't venture into something different! But, since they just came out and they still have room to grow, hopefully I will get to see a different side to them musically. 
This song, has followed the same format they've been doing which is annoying. Opening with Youngguk, followed by Zelo, then the chorus with the Daehyun singing those same high ass notes lol. I think that since these songs are so powerful, they shouldn't have any singing at all. Like 'Warrior and Power' are pretty much the same. But Daehyun's singing in this is so awkward. He has such a great voice but it's not a powerful, manly, eat your face voice. It makes no sense to keep randomly putting him in there. You know how Big Bang and 2ne1 successfully put Dara and Seungri in their songs, it flows right? Here, the vocalists that don't sound so gritty don't flow right in this song. Sorry. That's the only flaw here.

Awesome as usual. It's not as amazing as 'Power' was and it's not as in your face as 'Warrior' was, but this video is definitely still in your face! The choreo is AMAZING, as usual. It freaks me out how good all 6 of them are at dancing, like there's not a weak individual. They can go toe to toe with B2st and Infinite because ALL of their members are talented. All. The outfits are blah. Very hip hopish as usual. But great dancing, they have soooooooo much power and energy it's incredible. I have NEVER seen a kpop group this POWERFUL. Kudos to the choreographer and Jongup bc I know he choreographs some of their stuff.
Voice Mail: A r&b ballad, verrrrrrrrrry good. I love it. It sounds sad and powerful thanks to the rapping. I think that the producers can't transition the members well. We don't always need to start off with a rapper then awkwardly transition to a vocalist. Once they get this down, the group in my standards would be considered flawless like Big Bang and DBSK. Seriously.
Dancing in the Rain: Lame. Why would you do such a girly weak song for a very powerful boy group?? I don't understand. Not needed. It's not a bad song, but it's so irrelevant.
What My Heart Tells Me To Do: A ballad. Which doesn't make sense in this album, but it's really good of course.

Overall: here's the problem with the production team for B.A.P. You have a very charismatic, powerful, badass boy group with amazing talents. When their image is to be extremely powerful being 'Warriors' who have 'Power' that show 'No Mercy' it makes no sense to include such lame ballads showing their hearts. Yes, boys can fall in love and sing ballads, but it just doesn't fit the groups image!! BAP's image is so strong, that it makes no sense for me to listen to ballads from them because they are a hip hop group. I know they are experimenting and they have to have songs about pain and love, but it doesn't cross over well. You have the amazing Daehyun with amazing BALLAD vocals, but that doesn't mix with the powerful RAPS of Yongguk and Zelo.
It's hard to explain. I'm just saying that ballads don't suit them. Now, when they tone down their image, eventually, I will like to hear songs about love and pain like 2ne1. But with all that in your face hip-hop, it doesn't cross over well.

Sorry, this review is long. I have nothing but love for B.A.P. they are incredibly awesome and talented. Their skills in my opinion are almost up to Big Bang's , DBSK, B2st, and Infinite. They are the best rookie group I have ever seen since Infinite debuted. They constantly improve and I'm always looking forward to them. If they don't win Rookie of The Year at MAMA, there will be hell to pay. Because they seriously deserve it. Like, they are INCREDIBLE for rookies.

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