Monday, July 16, 2012

'The Original' Brown Eyed Girls Digital Single Review

The amazingly talented girl group is back with a new digital single! I actually wanted perhaps a full album because the 'Sixth Sense' mini album was AMAZING, I wanted moreeeeeeeeee~. But anyways, these two songs will do for now haha.
A Midnight Summer's Dream: I like how the kpop world seems to be taking from the enchanted world alot lately. Tarantallegra...Wingardium Leviosa...whatever. This song is completely different from anything I've ever heard in the kpop world. This isn't even kpop. This is classic r&b, this reminds me of their first album with the old school r&b vibes. This has a jazz, r&b, swing feel. It's probably one of the best things I've heard from Korea this year, topping Big Bang's 'Monster'. Yea I said it. And the way the vocal composition's irregular rhythm is AMAZING. Very sexy and sultry...extremely chill. I like how it builds, they don't stay in that low tone the whole song. Jea's voice and Narsha's is AMAZING. I'm glad they are still around because their music is so different it's not like typical kpop. Now, there was that album before 'Abracadabra' and during that time where they sounded just like an idol group that was extremely basic. 'Abracadabra' isn't my favorite and that's not the song that got me to like them. Yea I jammed to it, but I didn't care for it. I like when they are REAL. Also, kudos to Jea.
Come With Me: A ballad, it sounds really sad. They sound amazing of course, but I think this song would do better as the lead single because the other one is just way too different. But anyways, this is a great song!!

Overall, this is good. As usual. I was hoping for an album, something upbeat, an addition to the 'Sixth Sense' Album because I love that album start to finish. But I'm content with this for now. Now for the solo stuff!

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