Saturday, July 14, 2012

PSY 6th Album Part 1

PSY is returning after 2 years since his last album and I'm soooooooo excited for it! Like PSY's music is very upbeat, his performances are ridiculously energetic for someone his age lol. His performances are more energetic than kpop idols!!! That's wrong! But anyways, this is just Part 1 and it's featuring many celebrities so here we go:
Green Frog ft G-Dragon: Rock, pop, typical PSY song. It's fun, gets you moving and everything as it builds up to the chorus. G-dragon's part is good too when he starts rapping. I love when it gets to the end because they are doing a type of screamo, metallic sound. It's awesome. Good opener!
Passionate Goodbye ft Shung Si Kyung: I love the instrumental. It's got a sort of 80's roller skating rink party! Hahaha, it's nice and fun!
Gangnam Style: The lead single! AND IT'S AWESOME!!!! I love it! Club, pop, electronic, synths, it's so much fun, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the 'Oppa Gangnam style' And the 'AYYYYYYEE~~~ SEXY LADY' I just love this song! Oh and the mv teasers are awesome, I can't wait for the video. PSY, I love you and your music. You are the coolest ahjussi lol. What is Gangnam Style anyway?? Hahaha
Seventy Seven 101 ft Leesang and Kim Jin Pyo: I love the rapping style, the singing, Kang Gary! I love it!!! Nice old school Hip Hop feel to it.
What Should Have Been ft Park Jung Hyun: A slower song but not necessarily a ballad. I love his rapping and I like Jung Hyun's soothing voice. It's a nice addition to his rapping.
Never Say Goodbye ft Yoon Do Hyun: It's beautiful! It's a GREAT ENDING even though it's not the end since this is just part 1. But it's a good uplifting song. It starts out slow with the piano, but then it picks up with the guitar and PSY's rapping. Great song!!!!

I love the album so far, which is typical of PSY. I've ALWAYS loved his stuff. Can't wait for the music videos and live performances! It's gonna be so awesome!!

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