Monday, July 2, 2012

'Sexy, Free & Single' MV Review- Super Junior 6jib

Woooooooooo the video is finally back and Super Junior has returned!!!!! I've decided not to do an album review and just leave that up to the hardcore ELF fans on tumblr, but I'll do a MV review!
The video is once again in oddly lit rooms. No story line. Just dancing which is fine, however, you would think that throughout their career, Suju would have an actual story line to their videos except for dancing in oddly lit rooms but, 'No One' is an exception. I guess. 
The Song: I really like it! For the first time, they aren't trying to actually produce a hit. Like Bonamana and Mr. Simple were just created for hit purposes as a follow up of 'Sorry, Sorry'. However, this isn't the case. This song is catchy and low key. I reallllllly like that, compared to the past songs from other SM artists this year. This song sticks to one theme, there's no hybrid thank goodness. However, there is that ridiculous mono tone sort of rapping/singing thing going on again which is annoyingly consistent. I'm sick of chanting SM!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR CHANTING UNLESS IT'S A GREGORIAN CHANT. Which it's not. Anyways, this is a great song to be honest. I liked all of Suju's lead singles, but this one is different. It's really good and genuine. And low key. No techno, electronic all over the place foolishness. It's just there. I LOVE IT.
The Dance: AWESOME. Seriously. Suju has always been about their choreo ever since their last huge hit back in 2009 with 'Sorry, Sorry'. I love it, I love it, I really want to do it, but I'm not athletic like that. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual. They are just dancing here, there's no emphasis of trying to portray actual choreography.
The Outfits: I'm gonna have to pass on that. With all those ridiculous looking concept photos, it isn't evident here. Just like with f(x) but they always dress weird. Anyways, this is just street wear, and then they are naked, and they're wearing space suits or whatever. It's not making much sense to me.
Overall: Great video, we can do without the oddly lit rooms and the clothes, but other than that, GREAT AND KANGIN IS BACK!!!!

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