Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Hwayoung vs T-ara Issue!

If you haven't already heard, shit is about to go down with Hwayoung vs T-ara vs CCM Entertainment. If you don't know, then here's the story:
During T-ara's first Japanese concert at Budokan(which is amazing, Budokan means you're almost big time) Hwayoung, the rapper of T-ara was in a wheelchair. She hurt her leg or something so at least she was able to be on stage. I don't know when the accident happened but everyone in the group had to quickly get it together and change formations and what not before the concert. I can understand how tacky that would look, performing in a wheel chair while everyone else is doing their thing. Honestly, they should've blinged out that chair and created a special chair for the stage or SOMETHING lol. But, it's not her fault you get hurt. If you're dancing and giving it your all, of course there are injuries! That's inevitable!
Anyways, immediately after the concert, the members of T-ara started tweeting about determination and something like that. Nothing mean or bad, just tweeting about determination. Well it's been retweeted and members started adding to it and then Hwayoung responds. It's something different, but not bad though. However, it does appear that it's become T-ara vs Hwayoung. Also, her twin sister from CO-ED/5Dolls stepped in for Hwayoung. So it actually kinda looks like the members are bullying Hwayoung. Now, when I saw the article on Allkpop, I was like, this CLEARLY isn't a fight or whatever, it's stupid. Yes members fight, but whatever.
Then, more is revealed, when it's announced that the CEO will make a major announcement in a couple days. 0.o, oh?????????? Whatever could that mean lol. Everyone in the Kpop world knows that shit is about to go down when a CEO makes announcement, good AND bad. So that's when it becomes evident that there's gonna be some member changes because clearly it's not gonna be a comeback lol.

And THEN, another article came out via Allkpop(we can only take things like a grain of salt with them) that Hyomin, uploaded her profile pic that says, 'There's a reason for everything' 0.o oh??? So it's pretty much evident that Hwayoung's leaving. No doubt now.

At first it didn't seem like a big deal, but put the pieces together people!!! Earlier this year, CCM decided to add 2 more irrelevant girls to the group. And why. Like every promotion period, there's new members coming in and old members going out. For no reason. And then, I find this extremely dumb, every year a new person becomes a leader............why. If someone CLEARLY doesn't have leadership skills, why would you make them a leader. I'm sorry, but everyone is not meant to be a leader. Some could be bitches, some could be wimps, some could be leaders. So I'm sure there's always been bickering in T-ara. And also, people seriously only know 3 members in that group, therefore, vicious competition. So, I already knew, that someone was gonna leave, when they announced 2 more members would join. That's how it is, get rid of 2, add 2 more.

I actually like Hwayoung, I don't think she deserves to be bullied but then again we don't know the situation for what goes on behind closed doors. I just don't understand how this could happen out of nowhere. Like could her being in a wheelchair really upset the other members that much? It seems like there was an argument building up and they took to twitter to send subliminal messages. Not cool.

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  1. lol it's not only the wheelchair thing, there are lots other incidents like this too. if you watch their variety shows, it seems like the members still haven't accepted hwayoung since she was the first member added to the original group and you can clearly see them bullying her trying to pass it off as a 'joke' because the cameras are rolling but hwayoung does not seem amused at all. hwayoung hwaiting~~~!!

  2. Wow really?? Yea I saw on tumblr that this has been going on for a awhile now and it's ridiculously stupid. So it's pretty evident that she's choosing to leave because she was being bullied.


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