Saturday, July 28, 2012

Update for the Hwayoung vs T-ara Issue!!

Hyomin has changer her profile pic to a sunset -____- and Boram isn't or probably never was following Hwayoung on Twitter, but Hwayoung is following her. Coincidence??? I think not.

Honestly, this drama is childish and entertaining. This is first time since I've been into Kpop that I've seen something like this unfold!!! Everyone is shown this image that girl and boy groups get along when in reality, it's fake. Just like the Disney Channel Stars(old). They put on this front like it's real but behind closed doors, it's ugly!

It's becoming more and more evident that Hwayoung has been bullied into either announcing herself that she's withdrawing from the group or the CEO is cutting the strings. We shall find out tomorrow!!

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