Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wooyoung's '23, Male, Single' Album Review

2pm's Woo Young is the first member to come out with a mini album and it's highly anticipated on my end. I am looking forward to see if any members apart from Junsu have creative juices and let me tell you, Woo Young DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Check out the review:

2Nite: He premiered this song at the Mnet 20's Choice Awards and it was pretty lacking but I knew that he tried his best given that's his first time on that stage as a solo artist, plus the STAGE IS ALWAYS LATE. I hate that. Anyways, now that I get to hear the song clearly, IT'S AMAZING. The quality is MAGNIFICENT lol. You need to hear this song with high quality headphones because it is BRILLIANT. It has the old school, jazz, feeling that you would go to the clubs in the 50's to hear. It's great. This style suits him however, it reminds me of something JYP would do. Once again, JYP's sound is infused into one of his artists' album. It's gotta stop. But other than that IT'S AMAZZZZZZZZZINNNNNNNGGG. Great job!! The band, the saxophone riffs going on in the background, the way he stacks his voice and his falsetto!! It's very much like Justin Timberlake but that's ok. THIS IS AMAZING. Great opener, I love it!!!
Sexy Lady: The lead single off the album and it's not that bad. Since I'm listening to it again, I'm liking it more and more. It is pretty basic though, like a typical kpop song. I don't really like his voice in this, I normally love it because he has passion in it, but not that much here. I really like the chorus part because it's catchy, but it's something I've heard before.
The beginning bored me, like I wasn't really paying attention WHICH IS SOOOO BAD! But I'm sorry! How many times do people have to be in a car, dancing in an oddly lit room, it's nothing surprising here! It wasn't very eye opening. HOWEVER, when it got to the club, he turned things up a little. He's an AMAZING dancer. The things he can do with his waist is impeccable lol, I'm serious. Look up his dancing on Youtube and you won't regret it lol. I love the slow motion, matrix camera that's been overused in kpop thanks to SM which has started this trend. It's great that he did it, however it was used to many times. WE GET IT. But apart from that, his dancing is amazing, I loved the break it down part.
DJ Got Me Goin Crazy ft Jun. K (Junsu of 2pm): I wasn't really expecting it to be a dance song because I love when Junsu composes things, but then again, he composed a dance song off their 'Hands Up' album. So did Junsu compose this song??? Leave a comment and tell me. This song is basic and catchy though. I love the 'Stop and go' and Junsu's voice. I like the rapping but I'm confused. What is the main melody here lol. Are we singing, rapping? What lol. But ohhhhhhhh my goooooooood when there's the break, that was PURE GENIUS. It was a switch up that always does, he's like the king when it comes to switch ups lol. They did it again at the end, that was cool!! But other than that, this song had too much noise and was all over the place. I like the random switch up though, kudos to that.
Be With You: We slow it down here, it's like a ballad and it's seeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyy. MANNNNNNNNNNNNN Woo young baby.  Yesssssssssssss. It's r&b, like the typical 2pm stuff that I used to love. Ohhhhhh, his voice. It's lazy and slow and SEXY. Go head Wooyoung baby go head!!! I love it, I need to see the lyrics lol. I wanna see this performed live!!!! Perfect! Then when he starts rapping, oooooooooh Lorddddddddd, help me. Just DANG. It's amazing!! But for some dumb ass reason, people are disliking it on Youtube. The morons.
Falling Down: More upbeat but it's still a sort of ballad. His voice sounds really good here, I love his falsetto. I love the composition!
시작도 없던 것처럼(As They Did Not Start): I think that's how you translate it hahaha, if not, leave a comment. This is upbeat but still has the sad ballad vibe. It's nice. Not much to it but very uplifting.
Only Girl: The last song and it's a ballad. It's a great closer, I love it!!! He sounds amazing, it's a great song to fall asleep to.

Overall, this album has it's high and low points. It's not great but it's not bad. The highlights in my opinion were '2nite' and 'Be With You' everything else sounded really typical. But this is a great starter album and hopefully he'll get better!!! Good job Wooyoung!!!!



  1. After reading your review, I decided to give Woo Young a chance. It's not that I disliked him (he's not my favorite in 2PM), but I really just saw him as a cute face, not a good singer. Then I saw the Sexy Lady video and I was like "meh"... but I listened to the rest of the CD, and I actually like it. I also prefer the song he performed at the 20's Choice thing. :)

  2. In 2pm he's mainly a dancer but he does have a very passionate voice, it just isn't evident anymore imo. But yes I LOVEEEE the song he performed at the 20's Choice it's amazing haha


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