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Sorry I'm just now getting to this.

So, as you all may know, Hwayoung was KICKED out of T-ara. Something we all knew was gonna happen based on the events of last weekend. I was still shocked when I read the articles this morning.

Here is what the CEO is saying:
Hwayoung was not bullied in T-ara. He agrees that the members had conflict but there is no "bullying" going on within the group. -____-
Second, he's saying that the reason why Hwayoung was on the chopping block was because of her arrogant attitude. I will explain the "incident" at Music Bank later. Because of her lazy and arrogant attitude, she made all the staff members upset. -____-
Because she did not get herself together, she was cut from the group however there was some type of offer to bring her back. Whatever.

Here is what the netizens are saying:
Hwayoung was bullied. Blah blah blah. They are bringing up all this 'evidence' that the members bullied her and what not. They demand the truth and created "Tajinyo" 'we demand the truth from T-ara' is what that translates to. Similar to the Tajinyo with Tablo. It has become an all out witch hunt.

It has now become CCM vs Hwayoung vs Netizens. Crazy stuff.

My opinion:
I'm sure this has already been said, I read some of the comments on Allkpop and what not. I don't necessarily agree with the CEO, but I also don't fully agree that Hwayoung is innocent however I will defend her.
On T-ara: It seems that there was jealousy between the members because like I said, the nation only cares about Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon. Everyone else is basic. That's the truth. Now, Hwayoung was recently added while some where chopped off too. I went over this. Of course, living with 6 other girls all of a sudden with different personalities who want the spotlight more than anything, would treat you as an outcast. That was to be expected. But the problem is that, that shit was never resolved. They NEVER liked her. They would smile and treat her like family on screen of course, but after those cameras stopped rolling, it became a different story. All that glitters isn't gold.
I think that as a team, even though there is bickering, you HAVE to resolve that stuff, because it will just continue to fester into something like this. I don't think her departure has much to do with the staff but I'll get to that. I believe that, if I'm in a group of girls, I would try my best not to make them upset or try to resolve it. I know what it's like to be the new kid on the block, but honestly, that's just disrespectful to constantly outcast a person. Like really. That's rude. GET OVER IT. I'm here to stay bitch lol, that's what I would've done.
Also, apparently, the SISTAR members knew it about T-ara. Don't you think it's sad when another member has to sleep over in another idol group's dorm just to get away from the bullying??????? That makes me infuriated!

On the staff: Bullshit. It's your job to cater to the every need of a celebrity, get the fuck over it. If you didn't want to get harassed or yelled at or whatever, then you shouldn't be working as a staff member in the first place. End of story. What a freaking excuse the CEO pulled out of his ass. Music Bank issue:
Apparently right before T-ara was supposed to perform, Hwayoung decided not to perform, threw a fit and what not. I agree, that's unprofessional, but I'm pretty sure something happened we don't know about that caused that foolishness.

So, I'm leaning more on the case that there's more to the story that we won't ever know. It's probably for the best that Hwayoung got out of that situation even though it didn't end on a good note. I would like to relate this to Jay Park and how he's better off alone. I wish Hwayoung the best and that she should release a mixtape and say the truth!!

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