Friday, August 24, 2012

G-Dragon 'One of a Kind' MV Review

Awwwwwwwwww shiiiiiii, guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!!! G-dragon! Kwon Jiyoung!!!

After much much much anticipation and teasers, GD has released his first music video off of his 2nd album, 'One of a Kind'. No word on when the album will be out yet but at least we can watch this video over and over to fuel our cravings.
The song: Dope, he's AMAZING. His flow is amazing, truly talented, a REAL rapper, not the fakes that keep getting put into other kpop groups. I love it. I love the beat even though it's all over the place, the lyrics...not so much. I already know that GD can be quite cocky, this isn't the first time he's talking about his money and bringing girls to his bed and all, but this song was too much for me. Like we get it, you make alot of money...and? But it's kind of witty, read the translations whenever you get a chance. Also, alot of people are giving mixed reviews about the song because it has the hip-hop element. I guess some people were expecting him to go back to singing 'Heartbreaker' but no. I enjoy THIS side of GD more, because that is his roots. His inspiration was Wu-tang Clan, not Justin Timberlake! He is a RAPPER, before he became a SINGER, therefore, of course he's gonna come out with a HIP HOP song. 
Anyways, love it love it love it love it love it.
The Video: Hella dope, so much swag lol. I don't understand ANYTHING but I love the tiger and the bear, that just shitted on everyone in the kpop industry. I love the outfits, I love the female dancers, but I HATE HIS HAIR. AND I HATE TAEYANG'S HAIR. I don't know what POSSESSED them to do that foolishness, but I'm gonna need for it to end. I don't want to see GD promoting this song looking like Bret Michaels.
Other than that huge flaw, AMAZING video. YG continues to impress me, nothing is redundant with these artists.

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