Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Pandora' by Kara Mini Album Review

Kara is back!!! After many failed attempts at reaching the top of the kpop scene since 'Mister', Kara went to take on Japan and boy were they successful!! I mean they are really popular there! So now, after the 'Step' Mini album which also wasn't that successful, Kara is back after returning from Japan with Pandora!!

Way: It's a pretty good song, very low key, soft, not that upbeat, but pretty fast and it's not a ballad, just mid tempo. It's pretty good, nothing all that special. I would not have put that as the opener though because it's not that strong. But whatever, it's not bad either. Would I put this on my ipod? No. Nothing special here.
Pandora: This song....it's really good. Like it comes in close second as my favorite Kara song, right behind 'Lupin'. Omg, it's really good. I wasn't expecting this. It's got a retro feel to it, with the pianos, infused with the typical Kara sound, it's really good! I almost might put it on my ipod, seriously!! The rapping is really good, vocals are stable, Seung-yeon sounds realllllllly good, she's improved so much!! Love it!

They look GORGEOUS, Hara is absolutely gorgeous, uh!! Jeez, the choreography looks really good, I kinda wanna learn it!!!

Idiot: What the fuck is this, that's what I immediately thought when it started lol. Like it has the caribbean sound that you hear when they play those drums from Little Mermaid during 'Under the sea' then it changes to a accordion, like wtf. I hate it, no consistency, they sound ok. It's very cute sounding, if you're into this then this is find. It sounds like the members were having trouble reaching a couple notes. No. Don't like it.

Miss U: Now this song has the old, rag time, sound, it's slow, with the trumpet having the mute in it sound. Its nice that it's got a great instrumental, but it also has jingle bells in it lol.  It has a nice Christmas feel to it lol. It's ok.

This album is not very consistent, which isn't good for me. It's nice that they are experimenting with different sounds, but it doesn't fit, it sounds immature, like I want to hear a more darker, mature sounding Kara. But of course, you want to keep doing songs that have the similar feel to what your last hit was. Whatever. This mini album...it's weird. Nothing consistent. 'Pandora' is the CLEAR winner here, it's great!!! Everything else, is...yea...they could've kept 'Idiot' in a vault somewhere, 'Way' is really good too, but Pandora is better.

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