Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Junior's 6th Repackaged Album Review

Once again Super Junior is back with a repackaged album because they never wanna go away after they finish promoting that one song which is the title of their current album. *Sigh* Lol.
SPY: I don't know what to think about this song. I think it's awesome, and then I think it's so cheesy then I go back to thinking it's awesome hahaha. The lyrics are kinda cute and witty. It starts off so...weird, especially coming from them because it has a 50's era to it. But then it changes. It's so cute. Then they put in the spy theme from one of the famous spies I don't know who. I could do without the low ass monotone, AS FREAKING USUAL IN SM, THERE IS TOO MUCH GOING ON. I'm sick of the hybrids. It could've been awesomely done if they just stuck to the main theme, BUT NO. They had to add all that in the background. Unnecessary. Please SM producers, stop making all your artists sound the same. Granted, this is very different but at the same time, typical of a Super Junior sound! I like that it's different, but it still has the annoying tidbits that SM always has!!!
Outsider: It starts out very popish and hip hop ish with the 'outsider' but then it changes to something low key and cute! Reminds me a little of 'No Other'. It sounds like a fun, summer song. I think they should promote this too along with SPY.
Only U: A ballad, everyone sounds good. It's very uplifting! Apparently it has something to do with Leeteuk? Leave a comment and tell me, has he already enlisted in the military or have they released the date when he does??I've been gone for a week so I don't know what's happened in the kpop world.
Haru: It's nice and uplifting, popish sounding, good song for the summer too haha.

Even with these songs added, it still flows well with the other songs on the album! Once again, this is one of the best Super Junior albums I've heard since the 'Sorry, Sorry' album. It's very consistent, they aren't trying to prove anything to anyone anymore. They sound very care free and mature as a whole! Good job Suju!!

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