Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tasty 'Spectrum' Review

We have new boy duo under Woolim Entertainment that's just debuted! I was automatically interested because they came from Woolim because everyone under Woolim is talented. Nuff said. Plus they look fine as hell! After much anticipation, they released their mini album and now we have wait for the music video -__-
Spectrum(Intro): Sexy hahaha. The intro has a hip hop,b-boy battle feel to it. Then it transitions to electronic sounding, it's really cool. Woolim and their dope ass intros.
You Know Me: The lead single and it starts out pretty cool. Electronic, club sounding. Then it transitions to dubstep.  *Sigh* I'm getting tired of it. But the song is alright, nothing necessarily spectacular about it because it's repetitive. The vocals are mediocre. I like that whoever the singer is, he gets like 15 seconds to shine and they slow it down. Then it goes back. I like the last 30 seconds or so because it brings back the slight dubsteppy, club sounding theme. Like I'm really in a club with the flashing lights and everything. But that's it. I mean it's short, repetitive, nothing special here. But it'll be interesting to see this live.
Solo: Oh they slow it down here, baby making music r&b jam lol. I can hear the vocals, he sounds pretty good. It's a nice slow song, still nothing ATTENTION grabbing to me, but like I said, once I see how charismatic they are it might change my mind.
Buster: OH SHIT! It's HELLA GOOOOOOOOOOOD! It's so different sounding, the bass, the sounds going on in the background, it's so good!!!! It sounds like they're saying 'BASTARD' which is bad ass Lmao. And the 'WHY SO SERIOUS' it's really good!!!!! I can feel the charisma on this song. It's awesome. Best song off the album. I love when they kind of chop it up at the end DOPE.

Overall: The lead is ok, alot of people gave it mixed reviews so I'm with them on that. Solo is ok, but Buster is really good!! Listening to them, is making me interested in seeing them live. I can feel their charisma through the songs which is really good. I think they can prove themselves more as they go on, they can only improve. So, it's nice to have a competitive duo face off, with JYP's JJ Project and now Woolim's Tasty so it'll be interesting! I'm looking forward to it!

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