Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TVXQ/DBSK Reunion?

Ok soooooooooooo? What is going on. There have been alot of rumors for the past 2 years that TVXQ would reunite simply because their Japanese website still lists all 5 of them as members. But did that shit happen, no it did not. My feathers weren't rustled, and neither should my fellow Cassies have their feathers rustled. We should not believe ANYTHING until I see them tweet each other. How could there be a "reunion" when they don't even tweet each other. -___-

But, thanks to Allkpop with their irrelevant articles, they keep bringing this shit up.

At first, it said that their Japanese website has listed all 5 of them as members. Ok. And. They have always been listed as five because I remember the stir up last year when AVEX still had all 5 of them. But now, Allkpop has listed Naver and Daum as resources, showing that there may...actually be a reunion.
BULL SHIT! I'm calling it.
Apparently, Yunho has been listed as a former member, so now only Changmin has the rights to keep the name TVXQ. Really. -____- Yunho left?
BULL SHIT I'm calling it.

How...what...why? Why are they updating their sites?? WHO is updating these sites. That's like saying Big Bang Seungri is no longer apart of Big Bang because he's doing his thing in Japan so we need to update our site to show that he's leaving the group. So is GD. Like what the balls?????

These people DON'T EVEN TWEET EACH OTHER. Do you really expect for us Cassies to believe this foolishness. IT'S STIRRING UP OUR EMOTIONS. Plus SM hasn't released an official statement, so I'm sure someone probably hacked into it or something. Trying to create publicity. I'm still Keeping the Faith, but  a reunion like this can't be possible with a law suit still hanging in the air. That's not possible at all.


  1. .....Yunho and Changmin don't have twitter. the only members that do now are jaejoong and junsu (since yoochun closed his), so tweeting eachother is not really an option, also publicly tweeting each other would be rather silly in this situation. Waiting for the official statement is the right way to go though.

  2. i meant in terms of tweeting before this so some type of interaction with each other would give me hope but since we don't publicly see them interacting, i can tell. But yes, waiting on an official statement is best :)


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